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  1. Noah Fant wearing #87, his college number, for the Broncos. Don’t think the rest of the picks have been formally assigned numbers yet tho
  2. Forgive me because i haven’t been on these forums lately. I always tune in around now (uniform unveil time). About a year ago, this Teal gentleman was getting roasted almost daily during the Jags 2018 unveil; but now he works for Nike? I’m very confused. By no means am i trying to put-down anybody; just genuinely lost here
  3. Thank you guys. I’ve been searching for some sort of font name to go off of. Attempting a nameplate swap but wanna be super accurate and detailed w/ it
  4. I had one quick question about Washington Redskins’ nameplate font. Is their’s the standard traditional nameplate font that most teams use? Or is it unique at all, ala Denver, Tampa Bay, etc. Didn’t think it was necessary to post a whole new thread for just one question; so hopefully somebody can help me out. Much appreciated!!
  5. I apologize, “forced” wasn’t the best word to describe what i meant. “Squeezed into” might be better wording. Some of the teams that agreed to use the new Nike template had previous tricky/unique Reebok templates that didn’t transition over well. I hope that didn’t make it even more confusing haha As for the 2013 comment; i was incorrect it was indeed 2012. Someone corrected me almost immediately but i was too lazy to Edit sorry
  6. I think the uni's themselves look very good/visually appealing. But I agree that these just don't look anything like the Lakers (sans Wordmark + number font) I think this design would look great for another team with purple, black, yellow as their primary colors
  7. W/ the Jets changing uniforms in 2019, my upcoming thought has become irrelevant. But i still wanted to get this off my chest. In 2013, Nike took over as NFL uni outfitter; and they essentially just forced team uni designs into their template. Specifically for the Jets, this caused an atrocious look when the arm sleeves/caps seams and the shoulder seems meet up Since 2013, this has always bugged me. Because I could instantly see the quick fix; but 5 years later, it still looks the same. please bear with me Here's the away uni for example. Nike/NFL simply used the shoulder sleeve stripes ALA the Colts, and stuck them onto the Jets. Which is completely fine. Solely speaking on these shoulder stripes, the colors go Green/White/Green. Using MS Paint, I just swapped the sleeve colors to W/G/W. Now there isn't that hideous transition from arm sleeve/cap to shoulder seam. On the primary home Green jerseys, just swap the colors around again
  8. I apologize in advance if this has already been brought up. I noticed during the Rams game last week that Andrew Whitworth (LT) was wearing a gold Captain's patch. The gold Captain patch is used when a player has earned rank of Captain for 5 years or more. I found this strange because Whitworth has only been on the Rams for 2 seasons (this current season included). This whole thing made me realize that the captain's patch, and the # of (gold) stars associated with them carry over with the specific player. For example, I assumed Whitworth would only have 2 stars on his patch. But the patch seems to carry over all of his years as captain for the Bengals. Has this always been a thing? Why didn't Peyton's years of Captain carry over to the Broncos? Sorry again if this has been brought up before, or if simply nobody cares. Thought it was interesting nonetheless. I'll go back under my rock now
  9. new to the forum; i apologize for not reading through all 232 pages. with LA's Carson stadium delayed to 2020, any news if Rams will hold off on their new uniforms too?
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