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  1. I think this set looks pretty great. As I Marlins fan, I am super envious of the San Diego and Milwaukee fanbases right now. In both instances they were suffering with terrible designs all the while yearning for the teams to re-adopt vintage looks. They didn't get those precisely but rather new, elegant identities that are modern interpretations very much in the spirit of what they've worn in the past. I would give anything for the Marlins to have gone in this direction instead of what they ended up doing.
  2. I'm really ecstatic about this. I thought that Bregman was going to win MVP for sure.
  3. The way the Marlins wore teal from 96-02 looked amazing. It was the perfect amount, although I would welcome teal caps, even with a black brim, to make a comeback. If the Diamondbacks move away from their turquoise, I hope it accelerates possibility that the Marlins readopt teal down the road. Hopefully by that point MLB will realize that teal is a sorely underutilized color in the league right now. There are definitely some similarities between the latest Marlins rebranding and what the Diamondbacks have been wearing for the last few seasons especially in terms of color palette. I do wonder if the same person or group of people had a major hand in both designs. I would not be surprised in the slightest.
  4. To my eye it looks like the same shade of red used in the [inferior] purely red and black version of the cap more commonly worn. I believe the one above was designated an alternate and might not have even survived their recent soft rebranding?
  5. For what it's worth, I think that this cap is absolutely gorgeous:
  6. It enrages me that MLB seems to be stuck in the mindset from the late aughts that teal is nothing more than a 90s fad color. Sure, it was popular during that decade but I don't think teal carries nearly the same level of distaste that it did 10 years ago. Teal would be a welcomed addition to a league swimming in blue and red. It's slightly comical that the Marlins abandoned a unique and beloved color scheme to become yet another blue and red team, even if the shades slightly deviate from those worn by most other teams.
  7. They're not perfect, but maybe a good sign that the worst thing about them aesthetically is that obtrusive Nike swoosh.
  8. I can't imagine that the Marlins will be wearing the current logo and uniform for 10 years, but I am certain that we will have to wait several for significant changes. I fully expect them to make adjustments, such as fixing the hideous black on black jersey, adding a blue jersey for game use, and likely introducing new cap color options. If the Marlins ever do follow what the Brewers and Padres are doing, that would also entail ditching the red/orange red color. It wood be good riddance too. It's hard to believe that the Jeffrey Loria Miami Marlins set lasted for eight seasons without any real modifications aside from the frequency at which some items were worn.
  9. We can only hope! The Marlins will probably have the worst uniforms in MLB now that the Diamondbacks, Padres, and Brewers are all upgrading their sets.
  10. I was just about to say this! While I don't dislike the current Astros set, I far from love it, either. I really wish they had tried to capture more of that vintage 1960s space center/Astrodome kind of vibe and it's unfortunately very absent from their overall design. I appreciate that they have brought back the original cap logo from the 1960s, but to me the star is more suggestive of the Lone Star state or a Texas Rangers badge, not of aerospace at all. Adding a modernized take on the shooting star (while preserving a vintage aesthetic) would be very welcomed.
  11. Maybe I need to see better photos to be convinced but the shade of brown still looks way too much like black to me.
  12. It's brown but almost black. Not zoomed in it looks black to me.
  13. I'm going to withhold my judgment until something official comes out, but if ends up being that darker shade of brown, I'd be incredibly disappointed. It looks way too much like black to my eyes. I know people here are scoffing at the Pirates comparisons, but that does not at all seem unreasonable to me if that shade is indeed accurate. MLB needs to start being open to more colors beside black, blue, and red.
  14. Not to mention the Scherzer scratch. I wouldn't say luck is on their side at the moment so would have expected them to don the traditional home whites ASAP.
  15. I can't imagine the Marlins making any significant changes for 2020, but it wouldn't surprise me if they drastically overhaul the black alternate for 2021. Eventually either MLB or the team will give in (I do believe they are more amenable to fan feedback than Loria was). It'd be nice if they wear the black jersey much less than 43 games, though. I could see that happening. I'd also be surprised if the blue jersey enters the regular season rotation in 2020. I know it gets much more love than the rest of the set does, but it looks way too much like a practice jersey as is. It is a very nice vibrant shade of blue (and that's presumably why people prefer it), but it's not ready for regular season games until they add some piping and replace the cap insignia on the breast with a Marlins wordmark. Frankly they are wasting a perfectly good color with their the barren design work. It reminds me more of a cool dri workout shirt than a baseball jersey.
  16. I've seen that 73-77 Indians cap on the shelves of several Lids stores (outside of Cleveland) since they ditched Wahoo.
  17. "Overdesigned" is the perfect word to describe those Rockies concepts. They are downright hideous although I'm not exactly in love with their current set.
  18. I have to give a "please, NO!" to all of these, I'm afraid. Although I do like Oakland's kelly green alternate.
  19. That's definitely an upgrade from those vintage Brewers designs. For some reason I could never stomach the combination of yellow with true blue. Something about it just seems very garish and unsettling.
  20. Count me in as someone who is not fond of that new Chi Sox wordmark and prefers it not be used. There's something a little too faux vintage about it. I also fail to see how it really improves or adds anything to an already all-around solid uniform/logo set.
  21. I for one would love to see the swinging Friar make a comeback as a primary logo and possibly even a sleeve patch. Having said that, I wouldn't be opposed to them coming up with something new that is mission-themed.
  22. If the mascot name has become so taboo (not getting into whether it is or isn't) that they cannot even tastefully wear it on their home whites, then they need to change it entirely. I see no point in adopting a band-aid solution along the lines of what you suggest. If there's one practice in MLB attire that peeves me more than anything, it's when a team wears the name of the city/region/state instead of the mascot on their home whites. I'm looking at you, Marlins.
  23. I'd love to see Nike overhaul the Rays. The Twins need to join the Padres and presumably the Brewers in re-adopting vintage identities. The Indians need to reimagine their logo/caps for the post-Wahoo era. The Diamondbacks need to bring back their early 00s look. And the Marlins need to pretend their most recent rebrand never happened. Otherwise things look pretty solid out there.
  24. Every one of those looks like a minor league baseball logo.
  25. I've never been fond of any of the Brewers brandings since their inception. I do admire the cleverness of the BiG logo, but I consider the combination of true blue and yellow on the jerseys/wordmarks to be a bit of an eyesore. There's just something so harsh about it visually. It also doesn't feel very timeless, despite the simplicity of the design. It's easier for me to envision a vintage Padres look sliding into 2020 full-time than a vintage Brewers one. But if the majority of the Milwaukee fanbase is passionate about bringing back that retro look, I'd love to see it happen despite my distaste for it. I do agree with a point made by someone here earlier, though. I used to think I preferred a navy BiG cap, but something brighter would be much better under the Miller Park roof. A lighter blue (than Navy) could work for Milwaukee if they scrap those 70s/80s wordmarks and come up with something new. Those spring training complex fonts displayed here would be a step in the right direction.