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  1. Seeing them all together there makes me hate the bottom points of the W not meeting the circle even more. It doesn't look right. I think this is a case where the logo as you'd see it on the cars - chrome - will look better than this black print version. Here it looks very flat/plain, whereas the chrome logo will give it some depth and "texture". The previous blue one looked too busy with the beveled edges for my liking. But that W not meeting the circle........ugh.
  2. I don't mind it. Though the bottom of the W not meeting the circle is odd.
  3. It appears they used the O as the starting point for the C and just cut out part of the O instead of the approach you mentioned with starting with the E.
  4. I think it looks great. I'd agree with the "mouth" comments. My only other thought is it's a tad large on the helmet for my liking.
  5. The old one looks very 90s clip art.
  6. To me, they seemed the complete opposite of what they went for the last few years, where they were going for something more fun, colorful, and out of the norm. This they went completely lifeless and bland.
  7. Haha, I just posted this in the other thread without seeing your post.
  8. The link above isn't working, so here's an image: I honestly think it'd take a while for it to register that they were the same company, I'm so used to seeing the old logo.
  9. I wonder how they'd have looked if they went all white and all black, but instead of the silver outlines, they use the team color outlines. So Cardinals like that pictures would have a red outlined wordmark with a white middle for home teams/white jerseys, and black middle for away teams/black jerseys. The Marlins would use blue. The Yankees navy blue, the Astros orange, etc.
  10. I like the honeycomb stripes, but not a big fan of the hive logo.
  11. To avoid having to click the link: I think they simplified it too much. The green seems too dark, and I think the text should've been white.
  12. The whole set so far has looked great. My only comment is on the shiny glares on the crown - so if/when they win more, they're supposed to add more glare lines?
  13. Hmm. It's too Astros for me. I honestly initially thought it was some sort of Astros alternate scheme before I saw the Vegas branding. I'm also not getting the Vegas/Aviators connection......though after reading the minor league team is owned by the Howard Hughes Corp, I get why you went with that, but still don't understand the Hughes (and therefore Aviators) connection to Vegas - did he live there or something?
  14. Then why not have all players wear completely blank jerseys. People know what teams are playing, why have that on there? lol