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  1. Still seems like such a stupid concept.
  2. I don't like it. The S doesn't fit with the other characters. Or the C - one of the two needs to change. I also feel it went too simple with the background shapes. They could've removed the yellow background and done yellow outlines of the shapes behind the SONIC text.
  3. Rumors are potentially next month. They are? I've liked what I've seen.
  4. It certainly looks like pink shorts. These may not look too bad after all. I still think the shade of pink is a tad too light, but the contrasting shorts will definitely help.
  5. Love the Marlins look. While I can live with the current red accent, the blue should at minimum be used for an alternate and not relegated to a ST/BP jersey. It's a complete waste of their most unique color (barring a switch from red to pink).
  6. I agree with both of you that it's disappointing how they relegated the most unique color to an accent. The Marlins did the same thing with their blue - easily their most unique color, and a unique shade of blue - yet they just use it as an accent on their otherwise black/white look.
  7. I can't zoom enough on the image in the link, but something looks different about it - almost looks like it has a navy outline.
  8. I find it funny that the Marlins one is the only one with the normal logo.
  9. So the Rockies - which came into the league the same year as the Marlins - just got their first player in the Hall, so now that's suddenly additional proof that Florida baseball was a mistake?
  10. Yeah, that's true too. But that also gives you the option to do a few smaller different items instead of one big one. I'm not really seeing what you're seeing. yikes, that sounds like a trainwreck for most logos.
  11. I know I'd buy more at the concession stand if the prices were cheaper. At Marlins park, the new food is all around $14 for the main food (not including a drink). They did introduce the "3o5" menu that has a few items like hot dogs and popcorn at lower prices, but they still have the other things at high prices. That said, it's all much better than your typical ballpark food after the Jeter revamp of the park.
  12. The inclusion of the MLS logo within each number seems unnecessary and ugly.
  13. Oh, now I understand.
  14. Maybe I'm missing a joke, but what's backward about that P?