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  1. I just wish they had silver and white as alternate pants. They may have those saved for when they finally unveil the red alternates once the NFL eases the one helmet rule. Or at least one can hope
  2. Great idea on the patch to make it look like a NASCAR driving suit. I like the red I just don’t think it fits the Colts branding
  3. It’s also silly that they have the logo on the jerseys THREE times if you count the word mark on the chest
  4. They’re testing how they’d look before implementing it onto game jerseys huh?
  5. This gives me hope that the Patriots have some white or silver pants stashed away
  6. I think the driving point was the families of victims who would be left out
  7. Gold can work as a small detail. Like on the swoosh and on the lettering of the helmets
  8. I have faint memories of the Italian Celtics jerseys. I almost thought I made it up. Thanks for a trip down memory lane with the country jerseys. I forgot all about preseason jerseys
  9. I’m fully expecting Dallas to completely botch it
  10. Back on the #1 dilemma... Cam definitely made it a lot more mainstream. Dude embraced it and owned it after Clausen wouldn’t give up #2 because he was bitter towards Cam for the team drafting a QB after only an year. Since then we’ve had guys who look up to Cam rock it like Tua in Miami, Jalen hurts in Oklahoma, Kyler in Arizona, Justin Fields at Ohio State, and there’s a few other examples but those are the big four I know are huge Cam fans. It’s a breath of fresh air to see obscure numbers worn. I love the WRs who rock #19, #15, #16 and TEs and LBs who wear #40s. Give me all the ugly numbers!
  11. Guys are seriously coming at Cams leadership skills? Isn’t he the same guy who voluntarily flies out every skill guy down to the practice squad fillers for offseason workouts for two whole weeks on his dime? He also didn’t cry to the media once when the Panthers overreached for Will Grier? Also, he’s never cursed out refs or thrown his teammates and coaches under the bus like some of the other “leaders” in the league.
  12. They look really good in action and on person. I’d honestly give these a 8/10. I like them a lot. My only knock is the chest tag and mono socks
  13. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but that’s exactly what the tags and random squiggle remind me of. It could’ve been executed a little better but now I see what they were going for. Should’ve called up Virgil Abloh, the originator of the look, if they wanted to do it right. Nike already has him on their payroll and the Rams having Abloh on board with the redesign would’ve really helped cater to the LA crowd
  14. Blue over bone and bone over yellow looks good