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  1. The black and gold concept is beautiful. Excellent work
  2. Love what you’re doing with the socks. I always felt like almost every team’s designs would benefit from striped socks
  3. They wore it once during preseason last year but with blue socks instead of black. Looked pretty good IMO
  4. Came here to post the same thing. It’s about time too. The Reebok template did not do Carolina’s jerseys any favors.
  5. Thanks for the response. I wonder if it may have been delayed an year
  6. Any word on if Carolina is still changing unis next year? I would’ve imagined an announcement be made by now if they were
  7. I personally feel like the silver is the perfect contrast for the blue and black. White anywhere on then uniform other than the numbers would be too much of an eyesore with the black jerseys and black helmets would make them too monochromatic. One of the reasons the black tops/black bottoms work well on Carolina is because the silver balances out the uniforms. The only real changes Carolina needs is a reimagined stripe pattern. Also, keeping a silver helmet lets them keep the option open for throwbacks complete with the 90s word mark and redzones.
  8. It looks like they also finally moved on from the old Reebok template
  9. Best spot on the jersey for an ad honestly
  10. I might be in the minority that likes both the helmet wearing dolphin logo AND the new one
  11. Honestly... i love MSUs new uniforms. *puts on flame suit*
  12. White tops/white bottoms in that leak would look beautiful