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  1. Deion mask reminds me so much of HS. At my school everyone had that mask unless they were linemen
  2. Grey helmets would let Carolina have a throwback uniform which would be amazing if they paired it with the old 96-10 wordmark in the end zones
  3. Great work. Can’t wait to see what else you have
  4. Keep the OG blue and white numbers on the black jerseys and I’m sold. I love the jersey stripes
  5. They actually won in Week 9 with the all black look which was the first game of the season with that look
  6. I was playing with the NFL playoff machine and got a graphic for Jets season tickets with KELLY GREEN helmets. Maybe a leak?
  7. What are the chances Carolina got special permission for new uniforms next year? The league deadline for new uniforms was spring of this year and they got a new owner in June
  8. Black on black for Carolina this week I think they’re also going with white socks?
  9. Idk, the silver really brings all the colors together. On the white uniforms they need to change the stripes so the helmet doesn’t clash too much too much with the colors
  10. No mention of this? Probably one of the more recent ones and it was done pretty well.
  11. Carolina in black tops black bottoms again I think my theory of the Panthers switching over to black/black as their primaries might be true. They haven’t worn the silver pants once this year. This might be an indicator of silver being gone from their branding once they get new uniforms. They have a new owner wanting to make changes, and they can get the process started in March 2019 to have them ready by the 2020 season. I’m probably in the minority when I say I love the way silver contrasts with the colors. That silver helmet really pops off the black and blue
  12. Those Magic throwbacks are the most beautiful sets in the league. I wouldn’t change a thing about that uniform
  13. Panthers wearing black tops and black bottoms again. They’re gonna wear black socks to go with it