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  1. I love this. Excellent job. I hate that I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t end up looking this
  2. Really interested for your Panthers mock up. They’re a few changes away from having a modern classic and you’re direction looks like it would make them look great.
  3. Panthers rumor mill says that the team has a big announcement and a lot fans are speculating uni changes. Team stopped restocking elite jerseys and never ordered fan vapor untouchables. Be on the lookout for that announcement tomorrow or Thursday
  4. I was thinking the same. Next game is vs the clippers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wear them through the playoffs
  5. Would not be mad if they implemented some gold touches
  6. They don’t need a change but a clean up would be nice. Maybe rework the stripes. A darker silver would work nice too.
  7. Really thought Carolina would change over next year
  8. White numbers with a blue outline on the home and white numbers with a black outline on the alt would really bring the uniform together since you’re adding a white outline on the logo. Great job though. Best non silver take I’ve seen on Carolina
  9. Would love to hear the story behind those
  10. 2,1,3 The sword as the stripe is a great idea
  11. The black and gold concept is beautiful. Excellent work