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  1. We just want silver pants for goodness sakes
  2. Aren’t we getting a new Nike template this year too?
  3. It looks like it identical to the statement jerseys but with a darker green instead of black. I think maybe the leaked picture was over saturated and it gave off the vibe that they’d go neon green
  4. I will be shocked if the Nike heads don’t screw this up. There is too much room with this design for them to go full Nike
  5. They won’t have the choice. SB set has to be your primary home or away uniform down to the pants
  6. I wonder if Carolina rolls out the rebrand this year
  7. Austin FC jersey dropped. I like them a lot
  8. That white on black is an all time great combo for that era
  9. I just wish they had silver and white as alternate pants. They may have those saved for when they finally unveil the red alternates once the NFL eases the one helmet rule. Or at least one can hope
  10. Great idea on the patch to make it look like a NASCAR driving suit. I like the red I just don’t think it fits the Colts branding
  11. It’s also silly that they have the logo on the jerseys THREE times if you count the word mark on the chest
  12. They’re testing how they’d look before implementing it onto game jerseys huh?
  13. This gives me hope that the Patriots have some white or silver pants stashed away
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