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  1. @Est1980 I agree. I like the one with the Shula profile. But the Dolphins have been making uniform designs mistakes for 25 years now so this shouldn’t be all that surprising.
  2. Agree with everyone about the washed out pink shorts. need:...
  3. yea. I think it has promise. Let’s see it on the field. Pink shorts are a big plus. I think the badge should have been just the shield with the herons inside and not the roundel.
  4. There are five white helmets in the league now. Is six too many? EDIT. Actually I think there are six now. Maybe seven would be a lot. I don’t. Know.
  5. I’d love to see these Miami kits in normal light. The pink shorts may actually make this a nice set afterall.
  6. I like how the logo looks. I’m not crazy about the stripe or the black on the stripe. But this is the most promising looking white helmet design I’ve seen that incorporates the 97-present scheme
  7. I guess I wasn’t clear. I know these were actual practice uniforms. What I meant was It would seem the team fiddled with number fonts via practice shirts instead Of actual uniforms.
  8. I’m not advocating for this at all but the Bucs did a test run with special number fonts in their practice uniforms prior to the redesign. I don’t recall them being well received
  9. Pink would be a ton better but I don’t dislike the white as much as others seem to. The biggest problem with the kit is the Qatar sponsorship. It really should have been either Palacio de los Jugos or El Rey de las Fritas
  10. is it possible that this is wishful thinking? Seeing as that if pewter were to be eliminated then “Pewter Reports” name will become antiquated.
  11. Orange jerseys Orange pants The old Bucs and all Dolphins Incarnations look best in their white jerseys when paired with white pants. it seems a certainty to me that the uniform will lean heavily into the red and pewter branding but it will utilize a white helmet so they can do the throwbacks. It’s the way things are in sports now. It’s why the Dolphins will probably never do what 90% of the fans actually want with their uniforms. Designers and marketers place value on things that fans don’t.
  12. I don’t get this. Majestic did the same thing with Reds jerseys. It’s actually worse with them because the number is more critical to the overall balance of the shirt. All Reds throwback pullovers lack the number
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