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  1. Tomorrow’s game against the cardinals will be televised. The marlins are saying they will wear home white uniforms for the game so we will get a good look then
  2. I remember this being a big thing with the Buccaneers 97 rebrand. Warren Sapp in particular was vocal about how much the players disliked the orange and white uniforms.
  3. Looks like the Reds are using the old English C on the jersey this spring which is also new
  4. Must have used Bill Pecota for their silhouette
  5. My post was a joke. I don’t think the nationals should be doing anything Montréal related on their uniforms. It’s in poor taste.
  6. Damn. I’m a grown man and until I read this post I thought that horse was getting poked in the face with some sharp object.
  7. Their hats are particularly really terrible. As much grief as people have been giving New Era over their China/Vietnam/polyester hats they’re still a better hat than anything Fanatics has made. Fanatics has a giant share of the NHL hat selections and none of them are good. I can deal with this for hockey but need halfway decent baseball hat options.
  8. None of these guys are showing socks. So I guess they didn’t do anything with them?
  9. Jeter is too cheap for embroidery so he just uses negative space to save money on thread
  10. It is flat embroidery. The upper part of the marlin is the only raised embroidery on the whole logo
  11. I agree with your reaction to the hat. I do think it was a nice idea conceptually but the execution doesn’t do it for me personally. Maybe if the ocean blue and caliente red of the M were thicker the negative space idea would work. Fortunately us fans do have the 3930,option. I happen to like the rebrand and the more I wear the new stuff the more I like it. I hope the hat looks better on the players on TV. We got a glimpse of the away shirt during the AFL all star game but the players had their AFL team hats instead