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  1. That’s a great point. I looked around online and I can’t find anything. The statue is 19 years old so there isn’t a whole lot of material online surrounding the statues unveiling.
  2. I have one more add on to my Votto remark. There are threads here about players in wrong uniforms. Like Unitas as a Charger. The second cousin to that could be Player X in a uniform that doesn’t reflect their career. Prime example is Dan Marino. Career Dolphin but his last three years were the years that they added navy and thick drop shadows and made the dolphin cartoonish. That’s not THE Marino look. The Dolphins put a statue of him in front of Hard Rock stadium wearing the dropshadowed navy laced uniform. For me that was a major mistake.
  3. Agreed! I can’t remember if I saw it here or on another site but I think the time has past for anything new to happen for next season. But regardless of where I saw it, it is rumor. I think there is room for another alternate at the very least. Tampa Bay has their blue alternate and they also trotted out a Devil Rays jersey several times this year. The Reds could easily keep their Red alt and have a sleeveless they use on a handful of Sundays a year. It occurred to me the other day that the first season of the current set was the year Joey Votto was called up. This is the only primary uniform he has worn. He’s a generational player and his career is an era marker of sorts. I wonder if they’d be better off waiting until he retires before they do another uniform. This could be the uniform of Joey Votto. He’s really not that far off from retirement. If not put me down for the 1969 set with regular sized letters and numbers
  4. That’s an excellent point. That’s not a cactus. It’s something you’d see living in a coral reef. Also you can’t use the color orange to depict a grapefruit. From a graphics point of view you now have a picture of an orange instead of a grapefruit. I would accept yellow or ruby red for grapefruit.
  5. I understand why there is a cactus for the Cactus League. I don’t understand why there is an Orange for the Grapefruit League
  6. They are god awful. It’s a joke. The Authentics are inconsistent but you can find good ones. The rest are terrible
  7. I don’t think you are wrong. But I’d also add that the MLB on field Authentics are a cut above the rest of NewEras offering. I’ve found that all their Mlb fashion hats and everything else they make are extremely inconsistent and a clear cut below the MLB authentic hats.
  8. Good idea. In fact I’m retroactively happy they have to wait another four seasons before even considering bringing it back full time. Perhaps this reboot, rebuild, or whatever you want to call it can also serve the purpose of permanently tarnishing the cruise ship logo
  9. @McCarthy These uniforms were a strange byproduct of chance and circumstance. As you surely remember the Reds were the last team to move on from the pullover sans-a-belt uniform when they debuted the vests and pinstripes in 1993. Up to that point it had become standard practice for a team going back to the button-down/belt uniform to just take the same uniform design and apply it to the belt and buttons uniform. The Reds probably would have done that had it not been for two turn back the clock promotion in successive seasons prior to 1993. Funny enough neither of these promotions happened in Cincinnati (which actually isn’t shocking since this wouldn’t have been the sort of thing that Marge Schott would want to spend money on. The first was June 16, 1991 in Philadelphia. The Reds wore a 1957 grey vest with an empty wishbone C. The second was on August 30, 1992. The Reds wore another vested uniform from 1962 in a game at Shea stadium. Rob Dibble famously got knocked around this game and ripped his uniform apart leaving the field. These uniforms were very popular with fans. Why? Who knows. Maybe it was because the Reds were the only belt-less team. Maybe fans wanted to look like other teams. Throwback uniforms weren’t a big thing yet so the nostalgia probably got a bigger reaction than expected. I seem to remember at this time a bunch of old style merchandise becoming available. There was a guy I knew that got his hands on a white pinstriped yankees cap which I thought looked extremely cool (or as cool as one could look wearing a yankees hat). A lot of the 1992 baseball cards even featured Reds players wearing the uniforms from the 1991 game against the Phillies. So when the Reds went back to their belts in 1993 it was on the heels of all this stuff going on. I really feel that those forces played a big part in the design choice for the 1993-1998 set. I really liked them at the time. When they added black in 1999 I was really upset. I remain upset about black being part of their color scheme. But looking at these things yesterday I have to agree with you. They aren’t good uniforms. I think this season has really driven home the point that the Reds aren’t a pinstripe team.
  10. It is so strange because all the communications the Reds put out about the throwbacks indicated that they had such a great attention to detail for each uniform. They claimed to take painstaking measures to recreate uniforms while making them playable in the modern era. An oversight like this is shocking. I guess all that time spent on details was for the oldest sets
  11. The Reds screwed up their font size today for their 95 throwback
  12. If the submissions can include one time special use uniforms, by far the most hideous uniform any of my teams have ever worn was the alligator costume UF wore against Texas A&M Of course by opening the submissions up to all uniforms then this thread will be filled with players weekend uniforms and color rush stuff. If I’m limiting my submission to the worst primary home or away uniform This specific uniform form combination has all the worst: 1. Aqua pants. Aqua pants look terrible for every version of Dolphins uniforms 2. Navy accents 3. A washed out coral 4. A white face-mask 5. A cruise ship helmet decal 6. No stripes on the socks. Fortunately the team darkened the coral and jettisoned the navy accents in the jersey and pants. This has made a massive difference. I’m still holding out hope they ditch aqua pants. I see no reason why they can’t use all white on the road too. I’m beginning to give up on the helmet. Ownership seems to love it. Their creative people all seem to love it. Basically everyone else hates it. I am actually far more interested in baseball uniforms but none of my teams “bad” uniforms have offended me as much as that dolphins uniform.
  13. Honest question here, not trying to be cynical. What’s the deal with Sugar skull? Hat Club has a whole line up sugar skull hats right now. The Day of the Dead isn’t a new thing. Was there some recent pop cultural phenomenon that has made it more popular? Just curious
  14. I don’t love or hate the shield. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about it. It seems like it would be a great helmet sticker
  15. Failure is a bit harsh. Maybe...came up a bit short. Whatever... i prefer the leaping panther and I don’t think I’m alone
  16. They really need a third jersey with this logo. Part of me feels like they don’t have it already because the popularity would indicate their shield was a failure
  17. Every time I see that moment revisited on TV it bothers me.
  18. Uebberoth was the first commissioner that really schooled the owners on how to maximize their return. Bart came along and he was more of a “best interest in baseball guy” as was Fay being as that Bart and Fay were tight.
  19. Between spring training and batting practice paraphernalia I think there are ample opportunities for MLB and their merchandising partners to extract money from eager consumers. The NHL does special event uniforms that teams only wear during warmups. The league needs to keep the actual in game uniforms as they are designed to be on a regular basis. Fans that want to spend money on merchandise can get their freak on with BP and ST designs. Mother’s Day Fathers Day and patriotic holidays can feature appropriate BP designs and teams can wear their normal uniforms. It still allows for merchandise sales. The games aesthetic doesn’t have to be compromised
  20. Actually part if the Reds throwback extravaganza kidding obviously
  21. This sort of thing needs to be mentioned more. Imagine if some guy strikes out 22 batters tomorrow. For the rest of eternity the highlight of the moment will be in these abominations. Also for a league that prizes the aesthetic to the point where they had Boston and New York both wearing home uniforms in London one would think they wouldn’t allow this. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Imagine if you were an overseas fan of some MLB team and as fate would have it your first and maybe only chance to see your team was this weekend. What a letdown. The window dressing of sports matters. I think we all agree and it’s why we post here.
  22. If they did finally remove the dropshadows having white be the outline would be logical. They already have it in place. It’s technically used as an outline even on the white jersey. If you look closely you can see here. I completely agree on the mix match comment. If you do white trim you gotta incorporate it all over
  23. @McCarthy Taste plays a big part in all this, but I agree with you on these Reds design. Recently the Reds Instagram account posted a video of Adam Dunn hitting a home run off Jose Lima at GABP when Lima was on the Dodgers. At that time the Dodgers road uniforms had white outlines around the letters and numbers and it had a headspoon on the road uniform. For me the dodgers road uniform is more attractive without the white and the headspoon. With the Reds, I’m with you, I prefer the white trim on the letters and numbers for the road grey. Also, that red/white/red piping on the road greys has carried over to the current road design’s pants and sleeves. It is one of the things I like about the road design. They could have included that on the home uniform too.
  24. I know there is some discussion over on the 2019 MLB thread, but I prefer to keep my remarks in this Reds thread. While acknowledging the shortcomings of double knit pullovers and elastic waistbands, and while acknowledging they’re never coming back, I wanted to note that it was very fun to see the Reds in them this weekend because of the memories of the uniforms. I’ve got a couple posts in here suggesting that I’m open to conceding on a couple elements in the interest of making a lot of people happy. Well when you see the 69, 76, and 90 throwbacks in action….all red and white and a no frills font….it is really hard to beat that for the Reds. The discussion about the oversized names is interesting. I never noticed before this weekend where others have written about how the Reds moved to a larger number and slightly smaller name in the later version of their pullover uniform. I think v 2.0 is pretty strong on the name/number. Having a name that is slightly larger than league average is an attractive uniform element that would be in keeping with history and make them unique. Check out Aquino in both versions. The 1990 uniform is an upgrade over the 76 IMO.