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  1. @BrandMooreArt one more thing. The more modern design is a thousand times better with the updates. The passage of time I believe will be kind to that design and provided the team can continue to show the original uniforms on the field it can give the team two looks to showcase which is good for sales and helps to cater to multiple audiences. We all have our favorites though
  2. Thanks for the insight. The process you describe sounds very thoughtful which is good to know.
  3. Off topic but I’d love to see the Florida panthers roll out a third jersey with the logo in your avatar
  4. The throwbacks are amazing. People love them. They’re my favorite too. I know there was some disappointment from certain circles that they weren’t made full time last year. But I wonder perhaps the team knew when the first redesign rolled out that certain elements really hurt the jersey (the washed out orange and the adjacent navy) and that maybe before moving on from the logo and basic uniform structure of the modern look they should give it another try and fix what didn’t work with it. I think the new uniforms are very nice. But it’s biggest drawback is the existence of these sublime throwbacks. They’re so great that it is just sad knowing they’re sitting in the closet most weeks. Also aqua football pants pants are atrocious.
  5. Its true that some numbers filled negative space that way in certain seasons however the dolphins uniform in the 70s experienced many nuanced changes. There was a discussion on some thread here a while back on it. A lot of those changes focused on pant stripes, socks, and the dolphins head position. But the negative space on the numbers was another element that changed. The photo above was from 1972. Here’s s another year. Not certain which one but it was post 72 pre 80
  6. There is little to no interest in South Florida sports teams in central Florida. The two areas don’t identify with one another
  7. That’s a great book. Very comprehensive history of the pursuit of bseball in the TB area. Wish there was a companion piece that updated it post Giants bid. Maybe there is. The one I read ended with Naimolis lawsuit after his Giants purchase was voided
  8. I agree with your feelings on this. I don’t see a need for expansion from ownership’s point of view. The expansion of the 1990s was done to collect expansion fees from new ownership groups to pay off the $280 million debt owed to MLBPA from 1980s collusion. It also created more jobs for players which also helped mend labor relations post 1990 lockout. The existing 26 owners didn’t need those four markets to increase the value of their own investment. You look at the four other years where the American League and National League expanded, there were clear incentives for each League (which don’t forget operated as separate entities at the time). In 1961 the American League expanded to get into Los Angeles. In 1962 the National League expanded to get back into New York. Both Leagues expanded in 1969 into smaller markets: the NL got into Canada and the AL replaced the Kansas City franchise. In 1977 the AL got into the Canada market and back into Seattle (which settled legal matters they faced in the wake of the Pilots bankruptcy and move). It was a 15 year period of growth in which each league sought to get market share in all corners of the country, and ensure they could compete with one another. In the modern game I don’t see how a physical presence is necessary to extract value from a place. Sport is global now. MLB.TV brings every team to your television.
  9. Tomorrow’s game against the cardinals will be televised. The marlins are saying they will wear home white uniforms for the game so we will get a good look then
  10. I remember this being a big thing with the Buccaneers 97 rebrand. Warren Sapp in particular was vocal about how much the players disliked the orange and white uniforms.
  11. Looks like the Reds are using the old English C on the jersey this spring which is also new
  12. Must have used Bill Pecota for their silhouette
  13. My post was a joke. I don’t think the nationals should be doing anything Montréal related on their uniforms. It’s in poor taste.
  14. Damn. I’m a grown man and until I read this post I thought that horse was getting poked in the face with some sharp object.
  15. Their hats are particularly really terrible. As much grief as people have been giving New Era over their China/Vietnam/polyester hats they’re still a better hat than anything Fanatics has made. Fanatics has a giant share of the NHL hat selections and none of them are good. I can deal with this for hockey but need halfway decent baseball hat options.
  16. None of these guys are showing socks. So I guess they didn’t do anything with them?
  17. Jeter is too cheap for embroidery so he just uses negative space to save money on thread
  18. It is flat embroidery. The upper part of the marlin is the only raised embroidery on the whole logo
  19. I agree with your reaction to the hat. I do think it was a nice idea conceptually but the execution doesn’t do it for me personally. Maybe if the ocean blue and caliente red of the M were thicker the negative space idea would work. Fortunately us fans do have the 3930,option. I happen to like the rebrand and the more I wear the new stuff the more I like it. I hope the hat looks better on the players on TV. We got a glimpse of the away shirt during the AFL all star game but the players had their AFL team hats instead
  20. I have a Side by side 3930 and 5950 but the site isn’t letting me upload attachments
  21. I think this is the reason. Also none of the M is raised. (You and I have discussed this already but for the benefit of readers here....). In fact the black on the inside of the M isn’t embroidered at all. The 3930 has embroidery and I think it’s nicer than the authentic on field version. The stitching choices on the fish don’t bother me