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  1. Love these Throwback Thursday posts Johnny! Loved the old orange and brown BC Lions look. Of course was a good change to white helmets with the colour scheme change. Imagine if they would have changed the black helmets to brown? Would not have worked. Put the Lions back in the orange and brown beauties and I would pretty much love it. Same colours as the Cleveland Browns but a much different looking uniform. This was the uniform of a powerhouse Lions team in the mid-1980s, especially the 1985 Grey Cup Champion team. Back in the days when huge crowds would gather at the state-of-the-art dome at BC Place (with the air supported roof) while the Canucks could not draw flies to a game. Crazy how the sporting landscape in Vancouver has changed. This logo was also the inspiration for elite provincial champion teams for curling, like you would see on Team BC jackets at the Brier.
  2. We would have to tell then that end zones were only 20 yards deep now instead of 25 yards. Also, the Grey Cup trophy is a helluva lot larger than it used to be.
  3. I actually like the 1990s royal blue Patriots look better than the current one. A least favourite old school uniform for me? Early 1960s Ottawa Rough Riders. So busy. Square design in pant striping. Shoulder yokes mixed with UCLA stripe design. Also piping between the digits on the shoulders. This uniform worn with lightning bolt design on the helmet, which was strange because it really did not mesh with the team nickname/identity. http://www.packershistory.net/1962PACKERS-YEAR-CFL.html
  4. Yes, if it is going to happen, NFL needs to restrict it to throwbacks so that we can see the iconic vintage uniforms again for some teams that have not been able to give us this. Don't fall to the temptation of having 2 helmets (home and road) that are different colours. Something many CFL teams did in the last decade before that league switched to their own one shell rule. The team's traditional helmet colour was the home helmet but a different colour road helmet was introduced As a CFL fan, I hated it.
  5. We seem to be missing some Canadian TV content. Happened many times on Corner Gas with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Including an episode in 2009 when the Riders were a focal point of the episode. https://play.google.com/store/tv/show?id=qF66fZTPb4Y&cdid=tvseason-6ff0JnBWsuD1hPbKA4TcWg&gdid=tvepisode-1vFOXdr5Y6Y
  6. Was referring to the rumours about the inverted jersey look for the 4th jerseys as indicated by Icethetics. If that is would happen, suggesting it opens the door more for the possibility of a green jersey. I would be all for the Canucks having a green alternate. However, would want an original design rather than an inverted jersey. Besides my earlier suggestion, the Canucks are a team that has a simple answer to what they could wear as the 4th jersey. It is the 4th uniform they wore this year 3 times for 50th anniversary. It could just stay around and become the regular 4th uniform. Think many people would be happy with that.
  7. It is not a bad jersey and some people might be for this. A Canucks fan myself, I will pass: -Looks too much like the New York Rangers. -I would love to have some time seeing the Canucks without script on the upper chest of a jersey. Had to deal with that from 2007 to last year. The upper chest script was an ugly pimple on an otherwise great uniform and they have that fixed now. -Jersey is associated with WHL Canucks and it does not include Johnny Canuck or a logo at all. Think there would be interest in having Johnny involved if we are going to harken back to the WHL days. -The NHL Canucks have more throwback options to choose from than a team normally should. We could have a throwback they have not worn yet from the NHL days. Or possibly, if there decision is to have the inverted jersey look as rumours indicate, we could end up with a green alternate jersey.
  8. Pretty much like the WHL's Medicine Hat Tigers sweater that they have been wearing for decades. Close to at least 40 years. A signature look for the Tigers.
  9. The maker's mark on the pants for the Devils, Maple Leafs and Islanders. It is the Lou Lamoriello effect.
  10. The piece de resistance was the wraparound logo on the helmet. Bold move by the Riders and a team celebrating its 75th anniversary. At that time in the CFL, all 9 teams has the centre stripes on the helmets prior to the Riders making the change. Was not a fan in 1991 when they ditched the silver pants for green pants. Going mono-green in 1991 (unfortunately they are in the mono-green today). However, was a fan of what they did in 1992. Brought the silver pants back for just at home and kept the green pants for the road. I did like that.
  11. Regardless of if it is the Stamps new uniform or an alternate throwback, I am optimistic that this could be promising. Would love this to be the new uniforms. Let me just hope.
  12. Definitely underused and looks good. Famously worn proudly by St. Pauli in Germany.
  13. A bit disappointing to promote the team will be wearing their new kit like the Whitecaps did and we do not see it in proper fashion the first time. We all know this kit has the light blue shorts based on all the promotional material from the team. Kansas City's shorts look grey. I guess the shorts don't clash enough? Maybe they should have waited a home game to debut the new look.
  14. You are absolutely right. If there was support for the AHL to be there we would be hearing about teams considering it. Saskatchewan is Dub country. That is what the province knows and loves. You can see the highest level there is for players in their junior hockey years, rather than minor league pros. The Pats and the Blades fans can enjoy the longstanding, tense rivalries they have with each other and the other long tenured teams in the WHL (damn you Moose Jaw Warriors!) . Not sure many fans would be clamouring to go see the Rockford IceHogs when they come into town for a game.
  15. This is really funny because if this is from an executive of the XFL, it is plain and simple embarrassing for the league. CFL free agency started Feb 11. Why would the XFL wait a week to start looking at CFL free agents? The big ones have signed. I'll stay tuned for more chuckles Captain XFL.
  16. Linden as well. His final season was the Canucks' first back in blue and green full time.
  17. True that all of Smyl's regular season games were in the black, yellow and salmon. IIRC, I remember reading somewhere the Canucks did not unveil the Flying V uniforms until the first game of the regular season in 1978-79? Stan Smyl's rookie year. Smyl would have worn the blue and green in the 1978 preseason.
  18. BC Place in Vancouver does the same. No adds on field or logos in end zones during BC Lions games.
  19. I do remember the Roughriders wearing white at home in 1989. Riders did it a few times in 1989. http://www.thestarphoenix.com/news/Photo+gallery+1989+Roughrider+season/1826633/story.html
  20. Will the OHL's future include the Burlington Bulldogs? https://globalnews.ca/news/6513811/burlington-mayor-hamilton-bulldogs/
  21. I have really like the idea of Seattle Breakers as the name too. The major junior team has not been called the Breakers since 1985 so I don't foresee there would have been an uproar to not use it. I like Seattle Breakers better than the few options it appears it has been determined will be the ones to choose from.
  22. I won't believe it until the official name announcement.