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  1. All remaining Vancouver Whitecaps home games in Portland. I guess for this year they are now the Vancouver, WA Whitecaps.
  2. No, you don't want to do that. We may see many teams with uniform redesigns for 2021 now that New Era has their foot in the door. The Roughriders have really nice alternate uniforms that are throwbacks. Not to late to be a Riders fan. If you ever end up in Regina, SK and see a game there live, the atmosphere is second to none in the league. It means something there. It is clear that your best choice is to cheer for the Riders. Plus the Riders used to have really awesome uniforms with wraparound helmet logo back in the day.
  3. The double-flag Canes logo is an example of a good-looking secondary logo and shoulder patch. To me, it does not work well as a primary crest on the jersey. Maybe it is the symmetry of how it looks on the front of the jersey, but just don't like it as a primary crest.
  4. Not a bad look, but it would have looked better if they kept the kelly green trim like they did with the original version of this uniform. They did the right thing by widening the stripes but the green was a bit too dark as a trim colour on the black uniforms. I do prefer today's uniform because we finally have a team back in the NHL what wears a kelly green jersey as their primary look. A downside with it is it looks like a green version of a Chicago Blackhawks uniforms. Could use a minor redesign and add some silver trim in the uniform to go with the black trim.
  5. The socks did match better and had black when the jersey was strictly their alternate. When it became the regular dark jersey, the socks changed.
  6. Rhinos did have a logo and it would have been the worst in the NHL. Would have been a purple and teal team.
  7. I know the school loves having the NCAA designation, but I would be way more interested in following what the football team was doing if they went back to playing Canadian ball in Canada West. Been to SFU football games and would so much rather go to UBC ones because of who the opponents would be. Would have more of a vested interest if SFU was playing UBC, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba for example rather than Azusa Pacific and Humboldt State.
  8. You are totally right. What really boggles my mind is they have now abandoned this uniform not once, but now 2 times. When you see fans wearing this blue jersey side by side with another wearing the current orange jersey, you question why they would ditch this classic blue jersey.
  9. Whatever the end up doing for the name, we know they will remain green and gold. Just hope they make the right choice and drop the black trim they have been using on the helmet striping and number shadow. No more black trim gets my vote.
  10. Reasons to love Elks as a name: -Elks name has some history attached to it. The Edmonton Elks played in the 1922 Grey Cup. -Can keep the EE logo. -Plenty of Elk in Alberta. Fits the region. -Team name not commonly used. Keeping with feature of how CFL teams have quirky names. -The name feels just so Canadian it fits. -Imagine the 3rd uniform helmet with antlers on it! That could be damn awesome. Better than the gigantic EE they have on the helmet now when they wear their thirds. --------------------------- When I hear Express as an option, I cringe. It reminds me of a couple of teams in the USFL and AAF. A fill in the blank team name for the next start up football league.
  11. True. Us Canuck fans have the luxury of different fashion options when sporting Canucks gear. Has been blue and green the last 13 years and I think (hope) it will remain that way. Can wear different colours when wearing alternate throwbacks. I think the Canucks want to keep a consistent look now instead of being the poster child for a team that radically changes uniforms like in the past.
  12. This is a difficult situation. I have always loved my hometown teams and remain loyal. Though I like some teams more than others I cannot get on board with being a huge fan for teams elsewhere. Though I live in Vancouver now, I lived basically the other half of my life to this point in Regina. So when it comes to CFL, junior hockey, university sports - I still am a loyal fan of the teams from Regina. That will never change. However, for sports that we did not have back there that have teams in Vancouver, I have grown into a big fan of my new hometown teams (except not the Grizzlies anymore because it does not even feel like the same team). So love teams in my city such as the Whitecaps and Canadians but could never be a BC Lions or Vancouver Giants fan. It seems confusing but feels right to me. So you know what my answer is Johnny. You must stay a Canucks fan! Blue and green for life! Do what feels right, see how it goes. You will probably really like the Kraken as time continues. A team destined to become a huge rival for the Canucks.
  13. It's OK. Elks can be used. I mean, isn't Maple Leaves the plural of Maple Leaf?
  14. I am a definite proponent for Elks. For reasons mentioned in first post. Elks is the best option.
  15. Probably. Would not be the first time for the playoffs right? I am hoping that it is a permanent profile picture change rather than just for playoffs. Like they should go back to the retro reds and whites as the permanent jerseys for 2020-21.
  16. Back-to-back Memorial Cup champion Medicine Hat Tigers. Won in 1987 wearing Cooperalls: Were champs again in 1988. Changed to short pants and socks:
  17. How about some major junior hockey ones. Rouyn-Noranda Huskies won last year's Memorial Cup wearing this: Played with new uniforms this year. They decided to do a redesign with switch to CCM Quicklite:
  18. John Ducey Park/Telus Field in Edmonton known for turf infield and grass outfield. http://www.littleballparks.com/Stadium/2004/Edmonton/Edmonton.htm
  19. Here is a list of the 10 cities in the running for 2 spots. Does depend on the criteria they listed including what local government will allow. Edmonton has been pushing hard. I know the BC premier has been pushing hard to get Vancouver as a hub city too, but our provincial health authority has stated that they have not been given a plan to review. My hunch is it may be 2 U.S. cities. Will be interesting to see how it shakes out. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vancouver-edmonton-toronto-nhl-hub-cities?auto=true
  20. The "home" and "road" games will likely all be in the same building. Rumour is Las Vegas may be the frontrunner to be the hub for Western Conference.
  21. NHL rinks are too standard now. The same old everywhere now. Always a big team logo in the centre of the ice. I miss when centre ice used to to vary more at different arenas. Like how the Oilers had the Northlands Coliseum logo at centre ice and their team logos outside the centre ice circle. Always yellow kickplates on the boards now. I miss when some rinks had the blue kickplates. With the CFL, everyone has yellow goalposts now (except Calgary). Miss when many teams used to have goalposts that matched their team colours. Like the green and white goalpost at Taylor Field in the 1980s. I also miss seeing Rough Riders vs. Roughriders.
  22. 1992 Ottawa Rough Riders. Wore 1991 old uniforms with a black helmet featuring no stripes and decaling. The Eastern Riders starting wearing the Flaming Double R logo in 1992.
  23. This one is more an old look in training camp. 1997 Vancouver Canucks. Mark Messier practicing in the Canucks' skate logo that he never wore as they had switched to the orca logo.
  24. 2010 Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Riders wore black facemasks in 2009, along with silver pants at home. In 2010, they made the change to white facemasks and white pants at home. Here was the new look in 2010: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/Gallery+Roughriders/3224740/story.html However, in the 2010 preseason, they kept wearing the old silver pants before retiring them at the start of the regular season. http://www.leaderpost.com/news/Lions+beat+Riders/3150123/story.html