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  1. Why stop at those teams in Calgary? Love seeing old football photos/footage of U. of Calgary Dinos in just the red and yellow. That would be fabulous!
  2. I have to respectfully disagree, The early aughts IMO were not the greatest looking years. Seemed like every team wanted to wear navy blue or black if they could. Some teams did Vintage jersey program well (Canucks and Rangers) by having at least matching pants. Some teams Vintage looks were damaged by not wearing matching equipment.
  3. 1992-93 was a fun year if you like uniform changes. New designs from the Maple Leafs, Devils, Penguins, and Whalers. New uniforms for first-year Senators and Lightning. Smaller changes like the Kings wearing black-based numbers on white and Canucks' orange trim becoming more salmon red.
  4. I wonder why the took the Cambridge blue centre stripe of the helmet? It looked great and would look better with the stripe on this helmet.
  5. Agree. I think it is clear to everyone that the elk antler needs to be more substantial. We need more antler. Hoping they get it fixed maybe in 2022 after the feedback.
  6. If Lions are sticking with black helmets, I am for white pants at home. Switch to orange mask. Some jersey adjustment to get rid of shoulder yokes. The home uniform a new look but with a nod to the 1970s look.
  7. That used to actually exist if you think a decade and a bit more back before Ottawa rejoined. BC: White Calgary: Red Edmonton: Yellow Hamilton: Black Montreal: Silver Saskatchewan: Green Toronto: Blue Winnipeg: Gold
  8. Agree with having colours that relate to the club but also having its own identity. Which is why I would have loved to see the AHL team go with black uniforms trimmed in salmon and yellow. Colours of the Canucks back in the Skate logo days.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on this. If there is a new jersey, the organization should have a media event to unveil it. No disrespect to the recruits pictured in the jersey, but this is not the way a team should unveil its new look to its fans.
  10. More Argonauts. The striped home socks worn in 1993 and do not believe it was not for all the home games that season.
  11. In 1991, it was the 25th anniversary of the first Grey Cup win for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Traded silver pants in for green pants like the 1966 team. Silver pants came back in 1992 for the home uniforms. One season with mono-green at home in '91. 1991 Toronto Argonauts. New uniforms but white pants still had the striping fit for the old uniforms. There was new striping on the white pants in 92.
  12. Lets do some CFL ones. The Montreal football team became the Concordes in 1982. New uniforms. Wore blue helmets in 1982 before switching to white helmets. 1990 BC Lions. New uniforms this season. Black socks at home and orange socks on road. Wore the orange socks just in 1990 before the black socks started to be worn on the road in 1991.
  13. For at least a couple of seasons in early to mid 1980s. The WHL's Regina Pats had the unique look of the nameplate below the numbers instead of above. Might have been from 1983-85?
  14. It was done last season 2 nights before the Sedins had their jerseys retired. 4 new banners for Smyl, Bure, Linden, and Naslund that more properly reflect the Canucks uniform they were known for. The banners for the Sedins then went into the rafters 2 night later.
  15. @QCS I see this is your hometown team so you may have more of a pulse on this than I. Are we looking at a name change too? I'm not a huge fan of Checkers as a team name.
  16. Los Angeles Kings too during most of the 1970s.
  17. Love these Tampa Bay uniforms. I would have preferred them wearing blue helmets instead of black and bringing in proper black/blue/white gloves like they used to wear to match with this set.
  18. Cannot have this topic without these favourites.
  19. Something I think would be an awesome idea but will never come to fruition. The Canucks need to move their farm team back to Vancouver. Have them play at Pacific Coliseum. Have the farm team wear black, yellow, and salmon red like the Canucks used to before they left the Coliseum.
  20. Alberta Golden Bears have recently worn their yellow jerseys with an number of uniform combos. With white, yellow and green pants. Also with white alternate helmets.
  21. My understanding is the 2 Lake Tahoe games will be RR vs. RR. Orange vs. yellow has been done numerous times in the NHL. Think back to the 1970s and 1980s. Flyers at Golden Seals, Flyers at Kings, or Flyers at Canucks was orange vs. yellow for many years.
  22. A minor issue preventing this. NHL teams do not have the helmet manufacturer mark on the sides of their helmets anymore. Haven't for years. It is only on the front. They would not cover it with an ad. Good idea as long as it was subtle and NHL teams had the helmet manufacturer mark on sides again.
  23. Would want Seattle and Vancouver. Think it would be Seattle and Las Vegas. Think Vancouver could be a successful NBA city for a number of reasons, but the expansion fee price tag I heard will be through the roof. $2.5 billion USD. The Aquilini family own Rogers Arena. They have looked into trying to purchase a franchise a decade ago inquiring about the New Orleans Hornets. However, 2 years ago Francesco Aquilini was saying the increased price for a franchise is now too rich for his blood.
  24. The Avalanche have an issue with their white jersey with the equipment change to the slate blue. The numbers and the name on back are in black on the white road jersey. I would expect that is being changed? If not that is a huge problem because it will not work anymore if the black equipment is gone.
  25. Purple pants with black socks way better than the black yoga pants with black socks on the road.
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