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  1. I know it is a small thing, but I really wish the Capitals would get gloves with royal blue instead of navy when wearing their throwback alternates. So that they can match the colour scheme. Other NHL teams seem to be able to manage that with gloves and alternate uniforms these days.
  2. Yep, this Stampeders look of red with silver trim was nice. Some other CFL uniform observations. -Since we are speaking about silver pants, lets mention the abandonment of them by the league's clubs. Currently no CFL team wears silver or grey pants. Only 15 years ago (2004), as many as a 3rd of the teams regularly wore silver pants, at least at home (Lions, Roughriders, and Alouettes). -By 1985, only a few season after teams started to do this, each team wore their logo on the sleeve or shoulders of their jerseys. A 3rd of the teams these days do not.
  3. As a fan who has attended many Whitecaps games, BC Place is fine. I did also go to a Canada vs. Mexico World Cup qualifier there in 2016 and they opened the upper deck. Had just under 55,000 in attendance at that game. Seeing the crowd in Seattle today. Thinking if the Whitecaps could actually do something about getting a decent team on the pitch, maybe we could get close to 55,000 at a game in BC Place for an MLS Cup Final. One can dream.
  4. A bit unexpected. Calgary Stampeders out there in mono-red during Western Semi-Final warmups.
  5. We did get to see some Calgary Stampeders games in the red masks again when they wore those throwback alternates in 2010.
  6. Good eye on that. Another really small thing since the change to CCM Quicklite that has fallen under the radar. Just noticed this today. Sudbury Wolves no longer have trim colour around the edges of their shoulder yokes. Present: Old jerseys. A bit of white trim around the shoulder yokes:
  7. True it would be quite beautiful, but getting the land, upgrading traffic infrastructure would not just be a nightmare. It would be pretty much impossible. Small bit of land surrounded by water. A lot of the park would need to have forest cut down. It would wreck the park. The Whitecaps proposed stadium was going to be waterfront with glorious view of the North Shore and the mountains. Would have been ideal and the location located at a major transit hub.
  8. It was really too bad that the Whitecaps had not been able to proceed with their stadium plan. It was to be privately funded with the initial plan for it to be completed in 2009. All sorts of city planning red tape and resistance met it along the way. I thought it would have been great and was hoping for it. The location was great in my mind and it was not going to be a huge stadium. I guess the critics felt that it did not fit the Gastown district as it was not some shop in an ancient building selling cheap souvenirs for cruise ship passengers. It was easier to scrap the plan after the full renovation of BC Place was completed in 2011. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitecaps_Waterfront_Stadium
  9. Of course it was the Seahawks and USFL Jacksonville Bulls as the other pro teams that already had similar wraparound helmet logos as the Roughriders when they introduced theirs in 1985. I give a nod to the 1985-89 as a fave because of the sleeve stripes. The sleeve stripes were removed in 1990, which was becoming a trend at the time. Then in 1991, the Riders brought in green pants in favour of silver pants to acknowledge the 25th anniversary of their first Grey Cup win. Wearing mono-green (like the 1966 team) at home just for that 1991 season and being a definite downgrade compared to 1985-89. Silver pants were at least back for the home uniforms in 1992. And now we are stuck with the Riders wearing mono-green at home today. Really hoping the Riders go with green over white at home for their next uniform redesign.
  10. Good stuff Johnny! Thanks for sharing it. I remember first seeing the uniforms in 1985 watching CBC's TV show Switchback, the Regina edition. Have tried to find footage of that show on YouTube or other articles and not much out there.
  11. Was really, really not pleased with the uniform change for the UBC Thunderbirds this year. Much prefer the old uniforms: Compared to the new ones:
  12. I saw some old highlights on a CFL broadcast recently with that old helmet (showing S.J. Green's first catch which was against Saskatchewan). Realized I miss that helmet when seeing it. The logo design for Saskatchewan was based on the idea of having the wraparound logo on the helmet. When that helmet was revealed before the 1985 season with the new uniforms, I thought it was such a cool look. I remember seeing some early training camp footage in 2008 and thinking something did not look right, like part of the decal fell of the helmet. Then realized the Riders had made the change upon closer look and the wraparound logo had been retired. I get that the Riders are sticking with just the green and white uniforms and their current look. I think bringing in a 3rd uniform based on the 1985-89 look would be a way to go. At least let us see the wraparound logo with some silver and black trim again maybe a couple times a year.
  13. Talking about worse before a number change. Something about Wayne Gretzky wearing #20 just does not seem right. As seen in WHA photos prior to the 1978-79 season.
  14. Roughriders did make changes to their helmet for 2008. The wraparound helmet logo eliminated in favour of just the shield logo on the sides, but the black mask stayed around for 2008 and 2009. Riders switched to white masks in 2010, same year they dropped the silver home pants for white home pants.
  15. Yep, good points. Those schools could be added if all would work out right. It was disappointing about UQTR. Would have loved to see the green and orange of the Patriotes on the RSEQ gridiron. That hope seems to have died at the end of 2016. Have not heard any news about trying to get that going again. https://canadafootballchat.com/final-decision-for-football-at-uqtr/ Heard about talks for the Okanagan Sun of the Canadian Junior Football League to become the team that would represent UBC Okanagan and move to U Sports. Regina Rams were a junior football team before become the U. of Regina Rams and adding some gold to their uniforms to match school colours. Would hope the Okanagan Sun would continue to wear the brown and orange in university football. However, those talked are snagged too. Have not heard and news about that going ahead for a while. Unless there is some news? https://news.ok.ubc.ca/2014/07/17/canada-west-defers-decision-to-add-football-at-ubc-okanagan/
  16. I was surprised it took the Lions so long to wear the black pants at home, considering it was a regular home look for them with the old uniforms from 2016-2018. Was a safe bet it was going to be subbed in at home at some point. I don't mind the orange over orange either, which is surprising to me. If someone would have told me before the season that the Lions would switch to orange over orange at home, I would have checked if it was April 1. However, still feel the black helmet and orange jersey would look better over white pants. Disappointed that the Tiger-Cats sound like they are going mono-black for the East Final. Does not look good with the lack of stripes on the black pants and the solid black socks. Their home uniforms are so much better when it is the black jersey over the yellow pants.
  17. We do have the 27 schools but might be hard pressed to get more to play football. Smaller population in Canada will mean less schools play U Sports football than one may see in the U.S. We may be lucky to have 27. A few of the schools in the Atlantic that commit to playing football are really quite small in enrollment (Acadia, Mount Allison, Bishop's). Out west here, we realistically could have at least 2 more schools. Simon Fraser plays NCAA Div II football and started playing U.S. football in the 1960s. They did spend an 8 year hiatus from 2002-2009 playing Canadian rules in Canada West. I'm sure the school does not want to give up its NCAA designation, but I would be way more interested in following and going to Simon Fraser games in Burnaby if they were playing teams like UBC (in regular season) and Saskatchewan rather than South Dakota School of Mines and Azusa Pacific. Having Simon Fraser in Canada West was good while it lasted. Also, University of Victoria has healthy enrollment and there is a stadium there that is fit for hosting U Sports football. They play every other sport. Seems a shame to me that there is no Victoria Vikes football team in Canada West.
  18. This post might sound similar to what we have seen recently in the NHL thread . Calgary Dinos might look better if they dropped the black trim and went with just red and yellow like the old days. Aside from the helmet logo, those red and yellow uniforms from back in the 1983 Vanier Cup were sweet.
  19. Hey Johnny, I love this topic. As a fellow hardcore Canadian football fan, have regularly followed Canadian university football for decades. Have been some interesting uniforms over the years. Conference semi-finals were today. All the home teams won.
  20. So I'm guessing we will probably see this uniform in the West Final?
  21. Man, those Flames uniforms were awesome (and Jets ones too). The Flames uniform last night head and shoulders above the current road whites. There is no doubt in my mind now that the Flames should just go back to the traditional red and yellow uniforms full time after seeing that. Please do it for next year so we can finally get rid of the current Flames eyesore with the wide pants stripes and the logos on the shoulders. I love the Canadian flag but I do not need to see it as a shoulder patch on a Flames uniform, along with an Alberta flag that does not match their colour scheme.
  22. Edmonton Eskimos have 2 mascots. I would be more in favour of sending in Nanook rather than Punter. I'm taking the polar bear over the grimacing, walking football. https://www.esks.com/mascot_bios/
  23. As I posted back in February: "Filtered through this thread. Montreal is a top candidate. Portland looks promising if there is a group of investors behind the cause. However, after seeing the list of other cities being brought up as potential spots, I am feeling Vancouver is not getting serious respect. Lets look at some basis to back that up: http://vanmag.com/city/vancouver-mlb-team/ The short season Single-A club outdraws many Triple-A clubs in attendance: https://theprovince.com/sports/baseball/the-canadians-are-packing-nat-bailey-with-record-numbers There is still a downtown waterfront spot for a stadium (with mountain view and near a public transit hub), as there was a proposal for that site to be a new soccer stadium before BC Place was renovated in 2011. Build it in the 40,000 seat range and throw on a retractable roof: http://www.6717000.com/blog/2006/06/heavyweights-join-team-promoting-gastown-soccer-stadium/ Vancouver is a growing, cosmopolitan city. There can be money found in the city if the right investors step up. If Seattle can get an NHL team and Vancouver has one, why can that not be the same in MLB? Vancouver got an NBA team when Seattle had the Sonics." --------------------------------------------- Thing about this - think it could work but just not likely to happen.
  24. Seeing the Roughriders wearing the green jersey under the dome at BC Place on Friday night was a rare site. Got me thinking when was the last time the Riders wore their green jerseys under a dome during a meaningful game, regular season or playoffs (not counting pre-season). All I can think of is 1989 Grey Cup in Skydome.
  25. Love the tie-in with it being the 25th anniversary. Back in original colours, Not a Hitmen fan myself, but curious about how their fans would feel about a return to the original colours full-time. I like the pink and silver trim better than the red and copper trim they have going on. An uncommon colour scheme that works. Always liked this past uniform they wore as an alternate. This idea with tweaks such as making the stripes on the jersey like they are on the socks would be a good primary look.