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  1. Linden as well. His final season was the Canucks' first back in blue and green full time.
  2. True that all of Smyl's regular season games were in the black, yellow and salmon. IIRC, I remember reading somewhere the Canucks did not unveil the Flying V uniforms until the first game of the regular season in 1978-79? Stan Smyl's rookie year. Smyl would have worn the blue and green in the 1978 preseason.
  3. BC Place in Vancouver does the same. No adds on field or logos in end zones during BC Lions games.
  4. I do remember the Roughriders wearing white at home in 1989. Riders did it a few times in 1989. http://www.thestarphoenix.com/news/Photo+gallery+1989+Roughrider+season/1826633/story.html
  5. Will the OHL's future include the Burlington Bulldogs? https://globalnews.ca/news/6513811/burlington-mayor-hamilton-bulldogs/
  6. I have really like the idea of Seattle Breakers as the name too. The major junior team has not been called the Breakers since 1985 so I don't foresee there would have been an uproar to not use it. I like Seattle Breakers better than the few options it appears it has been determined will be the ones to choose from.
  7. I won't believe it until the official name announcement.
  8. We do not need more expansion. 32 teams is enough!
  9. You are in Vancouver right? Check out Vancity Sports. They do have fitted hats in retro colour scheme on their website. Might be able to find what you are looking for with them. http://www.vancitysports.com/hockey/
  10. How about the one game when the Edmonton Eskimos were wearing stars on their uniforms? 1988 CFL All-Star Game. The All-Stars playing the defending Grey Cup Champions, the Eskimos. Hard to find pictures of this rare one-off, but we do have the YouTube footage.
  11. To be fair about one point - the Philadelphia Eagles started wearing these pants with black trim in 1985. NFL season starts in September. http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=teams-season&team_id=PHI&year=1985 The Roughriders adopted the silver and black trim in 1985 and started wearing this same pant design in 1985. 1985 CFL season started in July. So really, the Saskatchewan Roughriders wore this exact pant design before the Eagles did.
  12. We do have the Vegas Golden Knights.
  13. K/P Lui Passaglia was #5 in the BC Lions lineup in 4 decades. Wearing the number from 1977 to 2000. The number is retired by the club in his honour. It just looks really not right seeing Passaglia wearing #18 in 1976 rookie year. The iconic #5 an upgrade.
  14. The Calgary Stampeders were really red, with silver and black trim for the majority of the 1980s until dropping the silver in 1989.
  15. The Blue Jays were royal blue with powder blue trim from 1977 right up to the early 2000s. Had powder blue as a trim colour on the home white uniforms.
  16. Would have preferred it was the royal blue used with the powder blue throwbacks, rather than the introduction of heavy use of navy blue. I guess the new hat was inspired by their city's football team?
  17. Calgary Canucks should just admit they made a mistake with the uniform change this year and go back to this. I am really not a fan of the new Calgary Canucks primary logo or look after decades of have the blue and green and this classic logo as the primary logo.
  18. I have some good news for you! The black helmet was dropped last year when the teams went with the one-shell rule. It is just a red helmet now and was all of last season.
  19. Love seeing this uniform for a moment each year. Only reason I might try and make an effort to tune into or see highlights of a Hurricanes game. Realize that the Hurricanes cannot wear this as a regular third, but why the heck are the WHL's Seattle Thunderbirds not wearing this uniform as a regular third? The Thunderbirds currently wear the navy Whalers-style uniforms. This green uniforms is a throwback for the Thunderbirds too. A real shame they do not wear it as a third.
  20. Myself, I'm all for the Stampeders going back to just red and white. Think of it like a modern version of the 1971 Grey Cup uniforms. Unfortunately, I cannot make that happen. I can't write a cheque to buy the Stampeders. Many of us reading this topic have likely been watching CFL closely for decades. Even observing sports uniforms for this and other sports, you can get the feeling when a change is imminent and what a team is leaning towards. Feeling is that the black trim is not going away. I can more realistically hope that the black pants go away. Would like to see the white pants at home again and red pants on the road is fine.
  21. Yeah man - love that helmet. With a white mask. Difficult conundrum for me as a Riders fan. Love that they just wear green and white again but there are problems with the current uniform. Love when they break out the vintage thirds but would not be on board with them going back to that as a full time look. A switch back to this helmet would mean a switch back to silver and black trim colour being prominent in the uniform. I became a huge fan watching the Riders in the late 1980s and loved that uniform. If they were to bring back this helmet, they should go right back to a modern version of the 1985-89 uniforms. Complete with shiny silver pants and that striping on the sleeves. I would be for it because it would be better than the current uniforms.
  22. A brown uniform with silver trim could look pretty darn good. Nobody seems to wear that colour scheme today that I am aware of.
  23. It has been pretty quite. You may remember that there were some changes to pant striping for teams with the New Era uniforms last year (which the kept quite), but most teams remained with the same jersey template as the prior adidas models. The adidas template did not work well in some cases with the stitching of the New Era models (thinking the adidas-template striping and side panels model seen on teams like the Stampeders, Roughriders and Redblacks). Also thinking about the BC Lions. The switch to the one helmet rule meant that the Lions had to made changes to incorporate black into their road uniform, but still had the same white jersey template from their previous uniforms. It did not mesh well. So thinking we may see now some redesigned primary jerseys now that New Era has been in the game for a year, as well as introduction of alternates. We would not likely see these until May. I just ask my favourite team to listen. As a Roughriders fan, I do not want to see the mono-green at home as the primary look. Never have. Give us the green jersey over white pants as a primary look at home.
  24. The old Plymouth Whalers in the OHL had a little bit of what you are looking for with their alternate uniform.