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  1. Vancouver Giants moved from Pacific Coliseum to Langley Events Centre at the start of the 2016-17 season. Now in their 4th season there. https://www.vancourier.com/sports/vancouver-giants-announce-move-to-langley-1.2245214 Not great for me as I live in west side of Vancouver. I grew up watching WHL hockey as a kid going to Regina Pats games. Love the stuff. Used to go to a few Giants games a year at Pacific Coliseum, but even getting there by transit for me took some time. Now that they play in Langley, only been to a couple of games out there. It is just really far for me, but seems to work for the team.
  2. This has worked well for a couple of WHL major junior hockey teams. Can play games in a smaller arena and some in a larger one. The Portland Winterhawks have been doing this for years. Spreading games between the older Veterans Memorial Coliseum and the newer, larger Moda Center. The Vancouver Giants play in the cozy confines of the Langley Events Centre, but will play a game or two a year at a larger arena in Vancouver proper. Like for Teddy Bear Toss games when they try to get a really large attendance. Played a couple of games last year at Pacific Coliseum. This year had the Teddy Bear Toss game at Rogers Arena.
  3. How about some NHL ones. Lots I would overhaul, but just some real minor tinkering noted to current primary uniforms to keep with the theme. Bruins: Switch back to yellow socks Flyers: White nameplates with black letters on the white jersey Stars: Make the switch to green helmets Kings: Put hem stripes on the black jersey like you have them on the white jersey Blackhawks and Canucks: Get rid of the solid colour gloves and go back to the tri-colour gloves like you used to wear.
  4. Also Montreal struggling to get a GM likely as a result. Interesting to see that Wally Buono just could not stay retired and will be helping out his old club from decades back. https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-alouettes-suspend-gm-search-1.1415126 Interesting to read that the Wetenhalls may still have some involvement in ownership moving forward. https://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/it-appears-wetenhalls-have-re-entered-alouettes-ownership-picture
  5. That blue jersey (stripes and collar) is our solution to improve the current blue third that lacks white, but has too much white in the collar. Slap the Stick-in-Rink logo on. Wear the regular pants with the stripes down the sides. Get an alternate set of gloves for the thirds that are blue/green/white - a nod back to the original glove colour style. There is our fixed third uniform.
  6. That might not be too far-fetched. The Touchdown Atlantic 2019 used purple and teal as a colour scheme for promotions marketing the game. A hint of something to come?
  7. We will see alternate jerseys from the Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers soon.
  8. The only time I would be for this is if the Penguins wore their yellow helmets a couple times a year with the white jerseys. Would be a throwback nod to their white uniforms in the 1980s.
  9. Like the maroon and sea form green idea. I like the idea of maroon with silver trim. No CFL teams currently have silver pants. Lets get one back in the silver pants. Would want them to be shiny silver like the Raiders have and not grey. Also like the idea of maroon with light blue trim. See that colour scheme a lot with English Premier League clubs (well, claret and blue). Don't really see that in North American pro sports. Would look good on a football uniform and have some uniqueness.
  10. Did anyone notice the helmet that was used at the Toronto Argonauts' press conference announcing the hiring of Ryan Dinwiddie? Would expect a team to use their primary helmet with primary logo for this type of announcement. The Argos made the decision mid-season in 2019 to use the Football with Sails logo for the rest of the year. A possible sign that this is the new primary helmet and primary logo moving forward?
  11. Another new head coach hired today. Ryan Dinwiddie will steer the good ship Argonaut. https://www.cfl.ca/2019/12/12/report-argos-part-ways-corey-chamblin/ As of today, now 4 of the 9 head coaches are former CFL quarterbacks.
  12. So what colour uniforms will the Atlantic Schooners end up with? I would be for them going with a maroon uniform. No other CFL team wearing that colour and it would tie in with the university team in the Halifax Region (Saint Mary's Huskies).
  13. That logo (and the BC flag)was the inspiration for the current shoulder patch adopted by the WHL's Kamloops Blazers.
  14. The look fits in well with Canadian football. Reminds me of and looks similar to the Canadian junior football powerhouse Saskatoon Hilltops. They were wearing the blue jersey and yellow pants back in those days.
  15. We are going into the uniform memory vault for this one. For some odd stuff from the early 1980s Western Hockey League. Favourite uniform quirk: The Regina Pats wore their nameplates below the numbers for a few seasons. Maybe because when the jerseys were made there was no room for the nameplates above the number? Really odd in hockey in North America but I kind of dig it for its uniqueness. Hard to find pictures. Can see it starting at the 40 second mark of this video about the 1984 WHL Finals: https://cfjctoday.com/2019/05/09/35-years-ago-may-9-1984-jr-oilers-win-first-whl-championship-for-kamloops/ Least favourite: The Lethbridge Broncos wearing the Cooperalls striped to look similar to short pants with socks:
  16. 1992-1993 Ottawa Rough Riders. Not a bad logo with the flames. Did not really fit well with the Ottawa Rough Riders' identity: 1994-1995 Ottawa Rough Riders. Red, gold and navy blue not a bad colour scheme. Did not really fit well with the Ottawa Rough Riders' identity:
  17. Thomas Gradin looking good out there. Looking like he could still play a shift or two.
  18. They were fun. If green is your colour, might as well be double green right? It was wheat on the helmet, but the fun thing about it is the helmet looked a bit like a watermelon on the field as well. Too bad we never got to see the prototype plaid Redblacks signature helmet on the field. Best signature series uniform was BC Lions for sure.
  19. Can't think of any teams that permanently changed their facemask colour for their regular uniforms in mid-season, except for one. The Roughriders started wearing their white road helmets in 2012. It had a green mask initially. They wore the green mask on the helmet during a lot of the 2013 season. By playoff time during the 2013 season, they started wearing the white mask on the white helmets. This was a permanent switch. Continued to wear the white mask until the white road helmets were discarded of after the 2015 season.
  20. When I see the new Hurricanes white jersey, sure it has the lettering like the Rangers, but it reminds me of the old early 1990s WHL Moose Jaw Warriors uniforms with its similarities.
  21. Thinking that there likely was only ever one 2-colour facemask in CFL history? From the infamous Signature Series alternate uniforms. The Saskatchewan Roughriders helmet.
  22. Yep - the Bruins alternate does look good. Wish it was this design but in brown instead of black. Would still be a really sweet looking uniform, but in their original colours. Rather than just having another black and yellow uniform.
  23. I love WHL hockey but don't see it much live anymore since the Vancouver Giants moved from Pacific Coliseum out to Langley. Too much of a nightmare commute to get out there. The Dec 8 game is at Rogers Arena. Really easy trip for me, but if the Giants are going to be wearing that uniform, I am passing on going to that game.