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  1. Two teammates who belong in BC Lions orange, but both wearing green this year. Solomon Elimimian spent all 7 of his prior CFL seasons as a BC Lion. Now with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Emmanuel Arceneaux spent all 8 of his prior CFL seasons with the Lions. Still not used to seeing him in Roughrider green this year.
  2. They did switch to the black jersey as the full time jersey prior to moving to Memphis. It was the full time road uniform for the last season in Vancouver in 2000-01. Small tweak in Vancouver. The white stripe along the bottom of the short was removed when it became the full time road uni.
  3. Boston Bruins logo on centre ice and banners at Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum. For the TV show A Million Little Things. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/boston-bruins-logo-ice-pacific-coliseum-canucks
  4. Another one for CFL fans. It is such a wrong uniform, you can barely find a photos of this Canadian Football Hall of Fame quarterback legend in this uniform. Tom Clements with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1979.
  5. This player spent a lot of years in a Laker uniform. Spent one year a little farther north on the West Coast.
  6. Some more grey uniforms on the Canadian gridiron. From the university game, Western Mustangs light grey worn with their alternate purple helmet. Not bad. From the junior game (CJFL): Winnipeg Rifles from Prairie Conference cited due to their unique pant striping. Okanagan Sun from the BC Conference have not a bad look with the grey, but I really prefer them wearing their traditional brown jerseys.
  7. Well, truth be told, the Rough Riders could not even afford the one pair of pants they were wearing at the time . I liked the update to the uniform back then. The mono-black was a new twist on the classic Rough Rider look. Jerseys included the quirkiness of having a depiction of the team helmet in the sleeve stripes and every player having their first initial in the nameplate.
  8. Morgo, from what I have seen from the new branding directly from the team, the arched "Vancouver" is gone. There is a display in my gym (Steve Nash Fitness World) related to a Canucks' ticket prize and it is just the orca without the wordmark. Notice the backdrop at the Tyler Myers signing. No arched "Vancouver" over the orca. There used to be last year. As well, while on a fly by on SkyTrain, I noticed the banners outside Rogers Arena have been updated to show players in the new uniform. I am pretty certain that the new large logo on the arena now does not have the arched "Vancouver" over it.
  9. When the Ottawa Rough Riders started wearing the mono-black at home in 1989, I thought it was an excellent uniform. Loved the change from black over white. Not many teams were doing the mono-colour back then and it was an intimidating look. Nowadays, so many teams wear a mono-colour uniform and we've seen Ottawa football teams do it for so long. I've had my fill of the mono-black. I now wish Ottawa would switch back to the black jersey over white pants as the primary look.
  10. Here is one for some of the more hardcore CFL fans: BC-born DT Rick Klassen played 1981-1987, and 1989-1990 with the BC Lions. Spent one year in between with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1988.
  11. Yup - and it looks great. They should keep doing it. I hope the Roughriders executive is watching. Give us the green jerseys over white pants at home instead of mono-green all the time.
  12. Some good CFL ones: BC Lions old gun-metal grey alternate. 1992-1993 Ottawa Rough Riders silver road jerseys:
  13. Phoenix Suns a few years back. Purple road uniforms. No purple in the white home uniforms. White with orange and black trim.
  14. BC Lions 2016 to 2018. Orange and black at home Orange and white on the road
  15. That black Pittsburgh Penguins jersey looks familiar:
  16. Edmonton Eskimos at Winnipeg Blue Bombers looking really good tonight with the pant stripes fixed for both teams compared to last year. Match up looking especially good now compared to recent past, considering this is what it looked like in 2015.
  17. I would think it is a safe bet we will see the black pants with the orange jersey at sometime, and the orange pants with the white jersey. Was really surprised after the uniform unveiling that it was orange pants at home with the orange jerseys. Just assumed it was going to be black pants. Then thought it was just going to be orange pants both at home and on the road. Surprised again after seeing the black pants on the field yesterday.
  18. Good observation! Totally missed this. I noticed the New Era logos on the hats now but did not pay much else attention to it. No announcements about it I saw. Also in line with other levels of football in Canada. Canadian university football has had the ref in the white hat with other officials in black hats. I wish they would have kept it the other way. The fans got to boo the guy in the black hat when penalties called.
  19. Hopeful that after New Era has their foot in the door for a season, we may see a redesign on the jersey away from the adidas template that was inherited. Best move for them would be to get rid of the black shoulder on home jersey and orange shoulders on the road. Also consider white pants at home. Would be like a modernized version of the uniforms the team wore in the early to mid 1970s. Keep the orange pants on the road.
  20. Agree with that. They are not bad owners. Canucks Sports & Entertainment is a fine operation. Even little things like remembering the concession staff being really nice every time I have been at a game. Can't say customer service is that good many other places in the city. Very thankful they bought the Vancouver NLL team and moved them back downtown. That rebrand with name change to Warriors is under their watch and is a good look.
  21. Yup - nothing for the team to be proud of there. That was not one of the better uniforms the Tiger-Cats ever wore. Present ones definitely an upgrade to that mess.
  22. Looks good! Been enjoying the designs. You know Bo's last name is Horvat.
  23. I acknowledge that. I was thinking about the present when it was mentioned. They also used to wear some red striping in their yellow pants many years ago:
  24. Saskatchewan Roughriders since their uniform change in 2016. The team has black in their logo, but the uniforms now are strictly green and white.