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  1. The last part is the sad part of what the kit is. Yes, it looks good, but only when you wear it as a T-shirt and not a football kit. I mean, come on. Football kits are already fashion accessories. Why make it complicated than a fashion show dress?
  2. That sucks. Because otherwise, I'd love to pair this with the Ads current colour scheme, but I knew it didn't turn out well. I could try darkening the light blue part to at least give it a little bit contrast to cream.
  3. I made a simple recolouring of the logo with their modern colours. Turns out the light blue details would be lost when it's on a white base. Doesn't hurt to try, though!
  4. I would love to see a standalone image version of this logo. He looks incredibly badass for a faux-vintage cartoon.
  5. Where's the purple? I can't consider it to be the Raptors unless you give me purple in their colour scheme.
  6. I wish you can get the fog element out of here and make the Golden Gate Bridge the WHOLE part of the design. Why not do it in front of the jersey instead of being relegated to the sleeves?
  7. I like it better than Leeds' current logo for how unique the overall shape it has, but I doubt if the modern generation would even know Leeds' other nickname besides the Lilywhites. I buy that for a pound.
  8. May I recommend a white jersey for the Metro division? Black didn't contrast well enough with dark gray as it's more likely to blend in.
  9. I get that you wanted (and gave) them to have a unique nickname of their own, based from their previous franchise, but I can't help but preferring the simple, but elegant name of Toronto FC. I can accept Toronto SC, but it'll be taking a while before I can settle for a name like Blizzard.
  10. I'm sure those fanbases would get used to it by now. Vegas being the exception as they are barely 10 years old. I mean, last year I threw a hissyfit because I want them to win the Stanley Cup this time, only to get denied by Dallas (who are way down South, btw). Speaking of which, how long till they drop into mediocrity?
  11. Can't the loon just be by itself? Me thinks the crest doesn't sit well with me.
  12. The change to navy is where the orange now shines the brightest, which isn't a bad thing. Oilers in navy look just as fine as them in royal blue. However, with so much great history associated with royal blue you're technically messing with what's perfect. It's funny to me how a change in colour shade can piss off some people within the hockey community (or any sports fandom in general).
  13. Thank you for updating the Florian cross without going back to their original logo. This is much better than all of the other logos Chicago has used.
  14. That's why I said I doubt it. I'm not that naive when it comes to these issues. Whether or not it happens depends on the higher-ups, because they lack jersey design taste and aesthetic.
  15. I'd update the overall shape and design of the Florian cross so it won't feel out of place in the year of 2021.
  16. That's what I said about the need of regulation. It's to prevent and put a stop on the practice. Of course, it'll take a million voices for the NHL to notice, but I doubt that.
  17. Until Southgate moves away from playing too safe with his squad, England will settle for another third-place finish judging from the first two group stage games. In this era of football, offense-based tactics are more likely to win you games (and attract crowds, too). Especially when you can successfully capitalize on good chances.
  18. Then that's the fault for some people who aren't thinking it carefully. Mistaking the logo for the CFD is just disrespectful to the intentions of what the original designers had in mind, and it shows people aren't paying attention to what soccer crests are (Hint: it doesn't have to be a roundel). Although, the team could've endorsed the connection so I'll get to see the new hypothetical fireman jersey anytime soon.
  19. NYC and Vancouver are the only ones utilizing light blue as part of their identity. Philadelphia also used that colour for the new away kit. And Colorado also did it too. Other than the four, that's pretty much it. I wouldn't mind seeing light blue everywhere, though it can get a little tiring.
  20. That philosophy is what I subscribed at the beginning of the season. When I realized they weren't as intrusive as I make out to be, I stop complaining and I just accepted the fact. That said, someone has to regulate the amount of sponsors in said jersey. Like making the logo smaller so it wouldn't look horrible when the cameras get close to the players. Unfortunately, sponsorships on hockey jerseys aren't the same as sponsorships on jerseys.....
  21. Revbusters? That's a cool nickname if I ever read one. I say out of all the rebrands existed in MLS, the Revs done a good job upgrading their logo to a more respectable one. Take notes, everyone!
  22. That was an overkill. Nike has gone so ambitious that I think the design is too much beyond our brains. Basing your striping design on a club badge is just gnarly to look at. I think the white details are the only good part for the home kit because the rest is just bonkers. The only way I can improve the design is to the switch the sleeve colours so it's red on the right sleeve and blue on the other one. Then again, by far the ugliest jersey of 2021.
  23. Then the me why did England went with a blue away kit instead of red?
  24. They better be home kits, because they look damn fine to me. Even without the marketing blurb, I'll highly rate them in a way Adidas should've taken lessons with.
  25. This would fit well with a team like Arsenal, or any team tied to the military.
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