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  1. What about teams in Germany and France that were promoted and demoted over the past few seasons?
  2. So, which one of the other three teams you listed are you planning on displaying next?
  3. As an OC Resident, I am a big fan of OC United’s update. Good work! Also, I checked to see what Mammoth Mountain’s beanie for 2020/21 is, and it’s primarily red, so @FlyingLamprey’s clash idea isn’t out of the question!
  4. I would like to thank you for considering and implementing my idea! Minor quip, though, Mammoth Mountain is a landform/ski resort, and not a town. The actual town where the team would likely play is nearby Mammoth Lakes. With that out of the way, the wooly mammoth idea is amazing. I feel like either brown or gold with powder blue would work well as colors. Mining could work for a side-motif, as the Mountain and Town were not named for Wooly Mammoths, which have never been found there. Instead, they were likely named after the Mammoth Mining Co., which discovered gold there in 1878. The sponsor would probably definitely be the ski resort, and you can make up lore saying that the team and resort are owned by the same people. Hope this Helps!
  5. If you need a team replacement, why not think of the Mammoth area?
  6. Man, welcome back! anything else to expect from you?
  7. Change the whole thing to retro LA Rams, and this is a T-Shirt I’d buy.
  8. Oh god, I hate that potential Seattle update. Also, can I have the link to that OOTP thread?
  9. Have you tried putting any of your logos and uniforms into OOTP?
  10. I think number 1, except maybe with Athletic gold instead of gold.
  11. Blue/Green and Maroon/Navy/Gold are the best ones.
  12. “Inuits” seems like a good choice as a name for Edmonton to me. It’s more politically correct, they don’t have to change much (just change the logo to “EI”) and it’s the same number of syllables. They’d just have to keep fans from dressing up like Inuits.
  13. What happens to the Coastal Fog League in the years after the baseball centennial?
  14. Rams unveiled their new uniforms today. I guess they liked your idea of a blue face mask.
  15. Binghamton Triplets is a pretty major league name, and I think Gold Sox is the name that everyone in Amarillo loves the most. As for Madison, it doesn’t have much baseball history (at least not that I know of). I think the name “Northern Alabama Rockets” or just “Alabama Rockets” works pretty well, and that they could have a 1950s space age-inspired brand.
  16. If you’re gonna do more MiLB teams, could you bring back some of the old PCL clubs? Those had some really nice names and logos.