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  1. I'm sad that one of the sea lion / seal / fathom concepts didn't make it to your final 4. But I love the hoody with the plaid sleeves. That's such an awesome idea.
  2. You can see the three logos without needing to log in at
  3. I hadn't noticed this earlier, but check out the Tacoma team's 3rd logo:
  4. It looks like Tacoma Defiance has snagged the Kraken concept : I'm not sure why they chose that ship profile. They should have hired you, Sparky.
  5. These are amazing. I'm not a fan of the Evergreens nor Emeralds I love the Sawbucks (or Stags) concept, but it doesn't strike me as very Seattle. The beavers remind me of a school in Oregon, and I don't know why Seattle would ever use that logo or color scheme. The Nor'Wester logo is odd to me. It reminds me of the Whalers "W" initially, and secondarily it reminds me of the Nordiques. And visually, the "W" is prominent and that doesn't bring Seattle to mind. Washington state perhaps? But that name is always confused with the city on the other coast. Your Totems logos and color schemes are a vast improvement over the original local team. I really like the most recent version with the thunderbird at an angle, as though ascending. Surprisingly to me, I think I've fallen in love with the Sea Lions and the Kraken logos. This is not what I expected - my first instinct would be to go with the Metropolitans - and if that name and logo were chosen today, I'd be happy. But the recent Kraken stuff is a ton of fun and very unique. The "eye" alternative on the shoulder reminds me of the use of the closeup "hawk eye" in the Seahawks logo. The Sea Lions logo is fierce, and you're right about the trident. It's a great design element. One thing that was confusing - a couple of the stylized "S's" that you've created with the hockey stick incorporated look like the musical notation "G Clef" My one wish for Christmas is: the new franchise owners would consult with you on creating and selecting the actual team name and logo.