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  1. It's more of them doing it Against the MLBs wishes. Theres nothing really stopping teams from switching seconds before the first pitch
  2. Has anyone attempted to watch highlights? With not every home team in white, it feels like I'm stuck in this cycle where everything is the same. Deja Vu. Except for the score bug, these dozen plus games feel like one endless game. I've never experienced such a thing as a fan ever, in any sport. It has a generic shirts vs skins pickup game vibe Spotted this article The dodgers were denied twice for a one game let up. They know it's terrible but are truly forced to wear it. They need to go all out now and embarrass MLB. Wear undershirts that are terrible or cleats that make them look bad. Maybe someone can accidentally color in the dodgers wordmark with a sharpie. Maybe someone accidentally throws a colored shirt or sock into the wash. Sabotage is real..... Or maybe it's not they serious lol Watching multiple game highlights is trippy. I think I heard 2-3 mistakes from.commentdtors on names and such.
  3. Commentators have started to lay low a bit. I think they may have been told to not be so negative. Sugar coating begins.
  4. So the white out cap has a tonal flag, making it look like no flag at all. Anytime that happens I'm happy. Yet the black out cap has a white flag. I guess there is no rhyme or reason here. The LOVE YOU TY name plate is nice but it makes the other guys look like complete you know what's. I don't think it's fair to be doing that to players. The Diamondbacks A looks to be shiny silver. It sort of works and sort of legible I'm seeing most guys not going crazy with anything. In fact it's just odd seeing all black uniforms with basic white cleats. Everything is so muted yet these accessory mismatches make it that much more ugly. It's not giving players creativity at all. It's a joke. The clean palate freedom was a failure from the onset.
  5. Looking at Twitter, from veteran columnists to players to regular fans, this weekend is an absolute joke. But it's getting talked about, right? Sadness at dodger stadium Players sort of seem to like it
  6. Wow. Just saw black team vs white team highlights. OMG. SO ILLEGIBLE. How can this happen? Highlights were of the Cubs and nationals. The nationals looked like the marlins out there lol. Cubs wore their normal blue caps. Odd stuff. Right as WC heats up, they pull this crap
  7. That gold outlined 40 looks to have legibility issues on the ice. These board room photoshop artists dont get out in the real world often huh?
  8. Lol nice. Who's the dummy now. That look looks so foreign. That was near the beginning of the season, right? Of the year these were unveiled? First or second home game. Did they wear them at home any other time I wonder? I wonder the same now with these third jersey alternates after all these years. Did the bulls wear black pinstripes at home at least once. Twolves and sixers with their blue alternates in the late 90s-early 00s. Maybe my perception of reality is super skewed. I guess it was true then as it is now. New colored sets, you still want to show off to your home fans once in awhile. Time to search YouTube an Getty images
  9. Wonderful. Another year of seeing Charlotte in a colored jersey at home. As an older NBA fan who remembers Mourning and Johnson and crew battling other teams, seeing those guys in purple, you knew it was a road game. Nothing will ever change that opinion when the current NBA wears these throwbacks at home. Why not keep the white pinstripe for home, and a purple for away? The aqua around the wordmark looks too bright. The aqua should be darker to where it's nearly the same shade as the purple, so that it blends in. But that's a small nitpick. The bigger issue is obviously the thicker pinstripes
  10. Decent. I feel they need that yellow or orange as minimal accents to really cement that look. Otherwise the helmet looks bare from a distance. And your pants are bare as well. How this sort of uniform gets to be talked about so much is a bit crazy. It looks like a blank template in Madden's create a team Give me a yellow O on the helmet, a yellow swoosh/pac12 patch, yellow accents on the gloves, and yellow accents on the shoes and you have a complete look. A solo white and green is almost too basic. Nike doesn't know how to stay in the middle. I still contend the practice set is better than the real deal. Here's some yellow on the gloves and shoes from a few years back. Something's missing from the bright green set.
  11. LIU thinks their slick. Southern University has something to say about that I'm sure. ^older photo from a different year. Gotta say, those numbers hurt my head. Legibility issues for sure. Yellow numbers on anything but Navy, black,'or.dark green/red is dreadful. LIU does have nice helmets. That's one contrast vs Southern. I don't like that the white NEC logo is also white on the white jersey. It's the little things. I love the LIU basic helmet logo. Hate everything else. This is what you don't want to do if you're the NFL chargers lol.
  12. Are the numbers on the ASU set smaller than normal to anyone else? The star Az flag concept looks better on the player uniforms than the fanatics fan cut. It looks more like a shelves end cap sort of design. More here White =selfless? Yet Tillman mostly wore their maroon and gold loud and proud. They need a real retro tribute throwback. Nike and Adidas really flubbed up ASUs identity. It's always been this for me If you want a real Tillman tribute, add some color in there.
  13. Never been a fan of the wings on the shoulders or helmets. I do love the basic O though. For me, it has real staying power. It's sad that they've never had a traditional jersey set with their basic O on the helmet. Maybe that 2015 Rose bowl set coming closest or The white set shown a few posts up with white wings is the closest we may see. My problem is a lot of these sets have wings that don't translate well to the cameras. Color on color may look cool in person but it looks like a no logo helmet on TV. Do fans and the majority love the wings? I can't stand them. I'd be happy with this in every color combo possible. Basic O. No frills. How is their practice gear better than in game stuff ?
  14. Zenni’s logo in other avenues has always been cyan. This is a bit of a natural brand creep. Start with a white and black logo. By year 3, go back to your core color. By year 4-5, we’ll probably see a cyan bulls jersey and red zenni logo. Nike will be creating jerseys based on their sponsorships colors and wishes.
  15. These teams never learn. They treat their biggest fans like they are stupid. Dont call them year specific throwbacks if they if they are inaccurate. Maybe just retro inspired or throwback style. UA has been lazy for awhile now. I hope they get called out more often. The number size size on the BC Jersey is the definition of what’s wrong with sports jerseys today. The 150 patch is so out of place. This will be that one year we’ll remember in 20-25 years as being a symmetrical mess. What happens when bowl games happen or someone dies? I hate more than 2-3 patches on jerseys or sleeves. We don’t need a conference and uniform manufacturer patch on every single jersey.
  16. Is that sort of logo application accurate to that era? It sort of looks like the bottom is glued on with raised lettering. Sort of a cheap 3d effect. Looking at 1969 photos, the entire logo should be stitched on in regular 2d fashion. I guess the 3d adds a bit of new flair.
  17. So they had thousands of caps made, also for the typo? I don't believe you. They also added a pug logo to the already wrong IRON PUGS wordmarked shirt? That's laying on the lies thick to correct one mistake And 3,000 shirts is nothing. This is all a ploy. Was this also a spell check issue too? INOM PIGS
  18. As others have mentioned, terrible idea. I actually own a NFL all white cap from 10-11 years ago. This all mono color aspect has existed for years. I don't think it's exactly getting more popular or less popular. They've definitely thrown us a curve ball The white jerseys and caps definitely have a coloring book or Color by numbers aspect that has a bit potential for customization. Imagine each player getting to use fabric pens to color in their teams wordmark in any way they want? As it stands, I sense we'll see some teams with players using all colors of the rainbow. We see it with accessories in all other sports. ie players wearing green shoes on the Lakers. If they really wanted this to work without fabric dye, each team could've offered players 4-5 options with different wordmarks/colors, and still kept the jerseys all black vs all white. They would've been truly unique game changing stuff. If the wordmarks are already illegible, why not go with different visible wordmarks for the same team. The differentiating factor will be vastly different jersey colors. I'm thinking home or away wordmarks, with 1-2 different subtle color options. That would make for a fun weekend. What we have now is just sad and colorless
  19. Speaking of major league, check out the demographics of the fans. A good 60-70% women and kids. It makes sense trying to get any type of stand ins available. The reality is 60-70% men attend games, so there are elements of these movies where the full immersion factor is not quite there.
  20. Could they not have gone a tad smaller to get STATE within the general guidelines not to cut off any letters? Like they had to be SO BIG that they went to the uniforms limits? Sad crap and Boise. Is that really black on black BOISE STATE above the numbers? What a waste of time and energy. Black on black is is one thing. This has matte black. Plus it has chrome face masks. This is 5-6 years in the making and it’s blending it all together to make it all up. Nike, you disgust me. Boise, you’re late to the party. But they don’t care. Blend it all into one.
  21. Makes sense. The old football logo with cleats was super generic. The old dunking logo looked like converse chuck Taylor’s. But having the three stripes on the court in the corners and subtlety on the mascot at dozens of feet wide, for some its an easy show that product placement is real. Is this the first logo with a brand on it?
  22. This feels like Adidas had some involvements. A logo with product placement? Not so shocking anymore.
  23. Uhhh. I already have a headache just thinking of the possibilities with two yellow jerseys. For sure we're gonna see 15-20 black (home) with GSW going yellow on the road. And then to put some balance into the mix, they'll themselves wear black at home, and throw in some blue. They essentially become a yellow based team. White jerseys are becoming extinct, so I don't think we'll see white vs yellow at all. A lot of classic footage actually has them in white. Maybe they're trying to get away from the Durant era?
  24. The lonely island did a mockumentary on the bash brothers. It released on Netflix in May. It's tough to rate accuracy on obvious spoofs. They're wearing snapbacks and the cap is obviously wrong. The A's should be White. An all dark green cap with yellow A wouldn't have shown up until 1994. Unless it was their choice, it's almost harder finding that hybrid snapback than the real thing. I wish I could remember a few other examples. I tend to see the new era flag on the side of caps in movies, when that design element wasn't introduced until just recently. Like the Brad Pitt and eazy e example, a mis timed era cap is common in movies. For the LI example, I would've been fine if the caps were accurate and the jerseys were fake. Or generic. But they kind of did opposite. Which makes it a tad puzzling.
  25. Will this be the first ASG logo with a corporate sponsor incorporated into a logo? Not a single mention of what the odd red and orange balls are at the bottom of the logo? Obviously MasterCard, right? Unless I'm clearly mistaken, they added those in pretty quietly. I for sure thought they would have gone with a sunset palm tree theme in some regard. Edit: apparently I haven't been around to see the other prior years unveilings. They all include the master card logo, and then are mysteriously taken off later on. It just seems off that these LA ASG logos are centered and balance other elements with the master card logo, as if it's supposed to always be there. Color me surprised. Beach, trees, sunset would've been a perfect unique side patch for a cap. HOLLYWOOD sign anyone? They literally used a Hollywood star for a all star game and called it. I like their scoreboard in the design. But sunset and palm trees man. Odd thing to not use honestly.