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  1. why not add like all the nrl teams while your at it
  2. does this mean that you can finish your mls concept serties
  3. maybe Sutherland shamrocks - largeish Irish population or Cronulla captains - after captain cook
  4. can you give us an idea of what other teams are coming
  5. are you going to do expansion
  6. can you please do australia
  7. maybe try and jazz up the colours a bit. blues and whites are good but you use it a lot.
  8. it's college football why would there be if a majority of the players leave the league
  9. i was thinking qubec city, hamilton, saskatoon, second toronto team, hartford, houston, kansas city, atlanta, clevleand or indianapolis
  10. is there going to be any expansion teams that havent been announced?
  11. maybe Townsville cutters because of the sugar cane industry in northern queensland
  12. Next project?? or will MLS continue