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  1. This might be an unpopular opinion but I think the Dbacks finally nailed it. I love that the dbacks added teal/turquoise to the red and black. I would be in favor of dropping the primary home and road unis and make the teal accented ones the primaries for home and road. I also love the re addition of the snakehead with the ball in the mouth.
  2. I wouldn't mind a scenario where the hawks color the feathers lime green and navy on the white pants to be able to pop out more with the navy blue jersey at home. i think that could work if they ever decided to not go monochromatic at home anymore.
  3. Might be biased but I think the seahawk uniforms are in the top ten of the league despite the monochrome. I like these better than any uniform they have had; expansion 76 & steel blue.
  4. The monochrome is the only thing i hate about the seahawks uniform and I am a seahawks fan. I would love if they wore grey wolf or white pants at home permanently with their navy jersey.
  5. The Marlins should just get it over with and change their name to the Miami Raiders/Renegades/whatever name goes well with all black uniforms if they want to own black so darn bad. Just go BK Nets black and white if you are too afraid to use any color.
  6. I agree! And the navy jersey with navy pants is so gross! I hate that the seahawks do that leotard look at home and wish they would go with navy jersey and white or grey wolf pants.
  7. This is why it was so stupid to switch to navy blue helmets. They should have switched to powder blue helmets or just kept the white ones.
  8. 1 million times yes!!!!!!! I have been wanting this forever! Chargers are better in powder blue.
  9. This! Sometimes I wonder if it would be best to just get rid of replay entirely and let them play.
  10. If MLB is going to do this series they need to spread it out through Mexico and not only put it in Monterrey. I think MLB saturated Monterrey with so many series and the price may have been too expensive for the average Mexican worker to go. Next year they should put a late march/early april 3 game series at Estadio Sonora in Hermosillo then put a series at the new Diablos Rojos stadium in Mexico City and then put the last one in Monterrey. Estadio Sonora and Diablos Rojos stadiums are fairly new and are MLB approved. They should take advantage of this while the facilities are still modern.
  11. If the eagles want to use kelly green either change the uniforms completely to kelly green or shut up and deal with the midnight green bad decision from 20 something years ago.
  12. I can definetely agree on that it looks better on certain college teams even though my father doesn't agree. But yeah in the NFL I don't like it at all.
  13. I saw a concept of a new Panthers uniform here on Sportslogos awhile back. I think it may have been designed by the actual sportslogos owner but not sure. Anyways I loved how that turned out and it addressed the sleeve stripe problem with the nike templates. Also included a black helmet.
  14. Yes but for the NFL it looks stupid to put that on the front of the jersey.
  15. I loved the new Jet set not being a jet fan. The only thing I didn't like was the huge "NEW YORK" woodmark. Like my dad used to say about certain college teams when I was a kid, "That Colorado Buffs jersey looks like a little kids jersey with "COLORADO" at the top of the numbers." So I would eliminate the woodmark. The other thing I would have loved is the triangle jet above the jets and football woodmark on the helmet. Other than that it was an awesome set.