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  1. Why the road is usually light grey? It's very common in the majors. Why don't try more unique like blue-tint grey or powder blue? People were so up in arms about the Dbacks trying something cool and different for the road uniforms and look what happened? People would have been wanting the blue-tint grey to go away just as quickly.
  2. I think that a lot of people have a misunderstanding about teal/turquoise. teal/turquoise is another color of the southwest but one can only understand it if they live here. It is on a lot of SW Indian art down here. The teal as an accent color makes the hats and uniforms pop really well. It would be a shame to someday eliminate teal and go back to sedona/black/sand like it was before.
  3. I was a fan of the first D logo they made in 1998. The D logo they redid in 2007 looked too much like a garden snake. I actually prefer the snakeface logo over the D logo.
  4. I know I am in the minority but I liked the snakeskin on the shoulders (only), the dark grey road uniform and the teal. Teal makes their color scheme pop really nice. It would be a shame to ditch teal one day because then they would essentially be 2007-2015 all over again (bland).
  5. That is my main concern. They absolutely nailed it and because of it I am scared they will mess it up by doing another change here, another change there and bam we are back to Silver/Blue/White mess again.
  6. I think everyone is being nitpicky here. I would much prefer this new BiG logo a millions times more than the crap they current wear.
  7. It is because green is a neutral seat color that a lot of teams implemented in the 90's for the retro park era. Even the White Sox ditched their royal blue seats and walls for dark green to what they thought would "add character" to their park.
  8. A lot of these people on this site have never been to San Diego much less to Petco Park to know that they built the stadium tying in the uniforms at the time Blue and Sand into the design. And no this is not an excuse to say they should not use brown and yellow. I love the brown and yellow but being someone that has been to Petco it is blatantly obvious on how they tied the construction colors into the uniforms at the time. Time will tell once the seats have been bleached by the California sun into a weird blue that sticks out even more against the brown than navy on a day when people don't show up to the park.
  9. Seat Colors is a very touchy subject with this crowd...might have to put it in the category about talking about native american mascots LOL
  10. Green seats are a neutral seat color in many ballparks; Indians, White Sox, Astros, Dbacks, Angels, Giants to name a few. Green might actually look better at petco with the brown uniforms.
  11. I am also thinking about how it is going to look in a ballpark full of blue seats and blue everything else.
  12. I am glad they went back to brown and yellow. It was a long time coming but honestly I would have preferred that they had taken the 2016 ASG blue & yellow and expanded on it as their new permanent identity. On the home uniform I would have a nice navy padres script with yellow outline, same with the numbers and the swinging friar on the sleeve. Maybe as a Saturday or Sunday alternate make a blue jersey with the swinging friar on the chest or interlock SD in yellow. An alt swinging friar hat with a blue alt SD yellow interlock on Sunday or Saturday home games could have been pretty cool. Then on the road a grey uniform with San Diego written across in navy with yellow trim. Heck maybe even go Oakland A's with a yellow alt SD navy interlock with white trim. Nevertheless I am anxious to see what brown and yellow will bring.
  13. I am actually getting to the point of reverting to snapbacks because of the quality decrease on fitteds for MLB & NFL. Quality gets worse FOR fitteds and price increases. At least the snapbacks you can still get at a good price and know what to expect from the Quality. Also here in Arizona the 5950 fitteds create this heat box between my head and the hat during the summer. I ended up selling every 5950 online that I owned except for my Dbacks and Blue Jays hats since those are two teams that I root for. Its unbearable.
  14. I wish they would put a bulldog on one side of the helmet to honor the dawg pound & the jersey number on the other side? Then the can finally have an identity on their helmets. Yes I know they have been doing it this way for decades as a tradition but maybe its time to break tradition and step into a new era.
  15. How many uniforms have the sixers released this summer? Seems like every couple of weeks I turn around they announce a new uniform.
  16. I wish the Arizona Cardinals would change those god awful fubu templated jerseys.
  17. I would just replace the current home red jersey with the color rush jersey. And then put it with some updated pewter pants or even white pants. I think going back to the creamsicle will be like when the Jets went back to the Namath era. It didn't age well and eventually the enthusiasm for the creamsicles will wear off too.
  18. That was pretty awesome! I would have loved to see a game here. It reminds me almost of Duke's arena from what I see on TV.
  19. NFL: Oakland Raiders & Seattle Seahawks (lived in Wa state for awhile and love the latest uniform and colors), LA Rams (to show solidarity to the wife when my teams are not playing them). MLB: AZ Dbacks (home team), Toronto Blue Jays (fell in love with the 92' & 93' World Series teams when i was a kid),Boston Red Sox (wife's team to show solidarity) and I for various reasons i kind of like the Astros and Cardinals. NHL: Detroit Red Wings & Arizona Coyotes (home team worked at the arena for awhile - I have not been able to get into them since the rumors of moving and losing millions has come about, if they announced they were staying forever I would be willing to jump on board), Overseas Soccer: Flamengo (Brazil), I have not been able to latch onto a European big club, World Cup (Brazil & Mexico) NCAA: Boise State University (alum) & University of Arizona Wildcats (living in Arizona) Liga Mexican del Pacifico (Mexican winter league ball): Yaquis de Obregon Liga Norte de Mexico (Mexican summer league rookie ball): Tiburones de Puerto Penasco (I vacation quite frequently in this tiny mexican beach town just 4 hours from Tucson,AZ & met spouse here.) NBA: My interest faded during the superteam era but recently my interest has come back. I like the Utah Jazz (my original home state) and the Toronto Raptors. As a kid fell in love with the purple Raptor jerseys.
  20. I think that powder blue helmets could actually work if they can execute it well.
  21. I am not a Reds fan but holly molly I love these throwbacks just as much as I love the 1986 Angels pullovers. In the past few years I have become more of a pullover fan. Alot of the Teams in the Mexican Pacific League are tending towards these type of jerseys.
  22. I was reading the SB Nation article about Mel Hall and I am still not done but damn......This dude needs more than a chemical castration.....