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  1. Is there a 20-21 thread coming up soon, or a transfer thread? Especially would want to see opinions in the latter one
  2. Belarus’ football league started last weekend and has no plans to stop says President Aleksandr Lukashenko... "It [coronavirus] is just another psychosis, which will benefit some people and harm others," he said last week. "The civilised world is going nuts. It is absolute stupidity to close state borders. The panic can hurt us more than the virus itself." To add to that, he suggested that instead of panicking "like those in Western Europe," one should have 40-50 grams of vodka daily, go to a banya [Russian sauna] two to three times a week and keep working on a farm, as "tough work and a tractor can cure anything."
  3. I was just coming here to report that so long, EPL (Unimportant side note, does Liverpool still win? Imagine if the year they finally do it they don’t award a winner.)
  4. And the NHL has postponed too. This thread needs a name change
  5. Gobert got the karma he kinda deserved, but this is monumental and everything really should just be cancelled
  6. NBA could announce tomorrow that they’ll play without fans.
  7. The whole shape of the logo is reminding me of a paw, like a bear or cougar logo would have. Other than that, looks good! I’d like to see the rest of the Territorial Twelve first.
  8. Warriors playing against the Nets Thursday with no spectators after San Francisco health requested no crowds of 1,000
  9. NBA has limited locker room access as well, and media must stay 6-8 feet from players
  10. It’s been mentioned a lot, but it really is the chargers but worse
  11. Hasn’t been mentioned here yet, but no surprise Liverpool lost to Chelsea 2-0 and bowed out of the FA Cup in the 5th round. Will they still beat Atletico? Now that they’ve lost in the EPL, will they even win by double digit points? Lots of questions to be asked.
  12. I worded that wrong, meant the money that bettors would lose. The sports books probably did make a lot this week
  13. The first time (And maybe I missed some others, haven’t been a big football fan for very long) since Brazil v Germany that I thought the score was an error. I now think to how much money was lost at the sports books.
  14. If it starts canceling more events it might warrant its own thread, but COVID-19 has stopped Japanese J-League games until March 15, Italian Serie A has seen 4 postponed games, 5 games to be played with no crowds, and Inter Milan’s Europa League game with no crowds. UEFA has also said they’ll keep an eye on the virus to see if it will affect the Euro 2020 this summer.
  15. Well I’ll replace that with this for today https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2877010-french-footballer-suspended-for-5-years-for-biting-opponents-penis.amp.html
  16. Games like today gives me confidence in Spurs just for them to, say, lose to Southampton in the replay Wednesday.
  17. If you change it from link to direct link on Imgur, you can post the image to here without it being a link. With that said, I like the idea. The NY and G are all present, and it uses the imagery of the building quite well. Nice job!
  18. Kobe was more than a basketball legend. He was more than a cultural icon. He was more than an academy award winner. He was more than a businessman. He was a father. A husband. A human. This is a sad day for not just the basketball world but for even more than that. He inspired so many and made do many lives better. He will be missed.
  19. You do realize that this thread hasn’t been updated in about 2 years right?
  20. I’m shocked at the Kuechly news but I’ve seen it a lot recently so it brings the surprise level down a bit
  21. Losing to the blues in Game 7 at home this past June really hurt. The postseason was so fun and being in Toronto during Game 7 of the first round was great to show it to the Leafs fans. But after all that, losing to the blues, the BLUES, who were in last place in January, that was awful. Also, Villanova winning the 2016 National Title on the buzzer beater watching it live, after the Marcus Paige shot that was absolutely ridiculous, just going from “I hope OT goes well” to just a blank stare was tough. The whole season had ended like Thanos’ thumb in Infinity War. But it helped that they won the next year, so that made it easier.
  22. Can the Celtics catch the Bucks? I know they’re 5 games back but the C’s have played 33 games while the Bucks have played 37. The Celtics handled the Bucks in their first matchup. If not, it’ll be a big race to stay ahead of the Heat/Raptors/Pacers/76ers to get the reward of playing the Nets/Magic or whoever instead of one of the 4 mentioned earlier. Either way, love seeing a PG that can help the team out and the development of Tatum the way he did in the first season, and how Jaylen Brown has finally improved to the level I expect him to be at. The seasons been fun so far.
  23. You me an @AustinFomBoston. A thing to think about is a lot of people’s happiest moment this postseason will be the patriots losing, because their own team is so bad they can’t make the playoffs, while I’m happy to see the patriots there again. Also, Manning’s 2015 was horrendous. 7/17 (I think?) TD/INT ratio and a Benching and injury, then 11/21 for 141 and an INT in SB50 is bad. Brady is at least competent, and I don’t think it’s a physical decline. The offense saw a lot of turnover this season from years pts and that chemistry in the personnel matters more than you might think. Also, knowing how the teams play calling works as a former player/coach helps a lot and that’s why they have a .500 record in that scenario. Was a fun ride with Brady and I hope he returns.
  24. The running the clock down on penalties should be talked about in the offseason. It’s a stupid loophole that doesn’t need to exist.