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  1. 4 hours ago, Megildur said:

    I don't know much about soccer design, unfortunately, but I like these and I like your style. The meshing of hand-drawn and the photos are impressive too, and your level of detail earns my respect! Well done

    Thank you! 

    1 hour ago, vtgco said:

    I'd be curious to just see a straight on drawing of the pattern, because from the angle and distance you have right now it mostly looks like white 2000s piping.  Also, I assume the green on the socks wouldn't present in your vision. Anyways, it's an interesting idea to include subtle pink details on a red jersey... might be nice!

    Thanks! Maybe at some point I will do just a template version, but I think what you might be seeing is where the red meets the pink, I wanted it to be visible so there ended up unintentionally being a lighter pink line which I liked how that turned out.  And your right, the socks would be different, I considered doing socks but I didn’t feel they were too important to the design, and because cutting them out could mess up the image and all that. 

    On to the next!


    Tottenham Hotspur FC

    Shirt Sponsor: AIA 
    Sleeve Sponsor: Cinch

    Player Model: Harry Kane


    Now onto the club I support. I’ve come to like the current kit, but mainly that’s just because my team wears it and I’ve seen it since September. I looked more to the 2017-18 and 2019-20 kits that were just white with navy, that’s it, I like the simplicity of them. However, that’s not really much of a concept if it was just a white jersey with navy shorts, and that would be too simple and easy to do. So, I was inspired by France’s 2018 white clash kit and the pattern featured on it, and did something similar here, then washed over it with white pencil. I added navy to the sleeves, neckline, and a gradient pattern on the shoulders. Now, navy is tricky to do when there are no navy colored pencils, especially when the color paired with it is the same as the paper, but I think I worked it out. 

    That’s all of the ones I have already completed. My spare time is limited, especially for the next month, so if I get to 1-2 per week I’ll be happy with that. 



  2. Wow. Was not expecting anywhere near this form of dominance by the bears. Vital was, well, Vital. (Sorry, I had to do it haha). Mitchell shot well, and the Bulldogs were so uncharacteristically bad with the turnovers, and they constantly let the Bears into the paint. Baylor are minutes from a well deserved title.

  3. Liverpool FC

    Shirt Sponsor: Standard Chartered

    Sleeve Sponsor: Expedia

    Player Model: Trent Alexander-Arnold


    I really like what Nike has put out for Liverpool this season, simple and classic. Wasn’t too big of a fan of what New Balance did for them. However, I still wanted to incorporate some design and not just copy the current kit. For this, I looked to the Liver bird, the symbol of the City of Liverpool which features on the logo of the Liverpool City Council and the Liverpool FC badge. I added a dark red/pink-ish feather design to the sleeves and the sides of the jersey, and to the shorts, though it isn’t visible. The neckline is also the same color. The Standard Chartered sponsor logo is also updated to what it will be on the 21-22 Liverpool kits. 

    C+C is welcomed, next team will be up tomorrow! 



  4. 24 minutes ago, vtgco said:

    Quite a nice drawing, and it's a fun idea to overlay it on a photo. Is the gold meant to be more of a yellow "athletic gold," which I think pairs well with light blue, or a metallic gold like they do for the World Series, which feels more championy? I can never tell with gold pencils 😅

    Haha, yeah the gold is more of an athletic gold I would say, not super bright but not golden, however I outlined the sponsor and numbers in black which makes it more readable, but also darkens it slightly. In the end, I think it turned out to be sort of a combo of those, but I would say lighter, I think super metallic might’ve been too dark for the light blue. 

  5. I’ve returned! Not that I was too notable on the boards, but I haven’t been active on this site for over a year. However, I recently got back on here and was inspired to make some concepts. I had an idea of a way to make some kits, something that I don’t think I’ve seen on here before for hand-drawn concepts (FYI, I do things hand-drawn because of what’s available to me and because of preference, I enjoy art and sports logos and uniforms so I combine my two likings to do hand-drawn concepts.) Basically, the process is that I print out an image of a full body player wearing their 20-21 kit. Then, I cut out just the kit part and trace it, then create my design, and when I’m finished, I lay the image over, and hence I call it “Hand-Drawn Photoshop.” I will also include the version without the player to highlight the actual kit. I thought this was a cool way to show the kit in live action, and also to work on my shading and realism skills as I improve my artistic abilities. Because of the long weekend, I’ve had time to work on some. However, I have a busy schedule so I cannot promise how fast updates will be after I release the ones I have completed, or if this will even be a series, I may just limit it to these and be finished, though I would like to continue and do some more. Well, that was a long intro, so here is the first team!


    Manchester City FC

    Shirt Sponsor: Etihad Airways

    Sleeve Sponsor: Nexen Tire

    Player Model: Kevin De Bruyne


    I am a fan of the current home kit, but I also really like the previous ones without patterns. For this kit, I looked to the club badge, and the alternating light blue stripes on the bottom half, and used this on the bottom half of the jersey, with a gradient. There’s also a very good chance that the Citizens win the treble or even the quadruple this year, and for design’s sake let’s say they do (sadly). I outfitted the sponsor and neckline in gold to represent this unprecedented triumph, as I really enjoy when gold is applied to any team in any sport who’s just won, like the World Series champion’s Opening Day uniforms.


    C+C is welcomed, next team will be up tomorrow!




  6. 18 minutes ago, stumpygremlin said:

    I have to ask, in a situation where Publix is the title sponsor of your league, I can't imagine that Winn-Dixie would be able to get a shirt sponsorship in the same league, being the biggest competitor in the region.


    Other than that, great stuff!

    Well, the English Premier League was and still is sponsored by Barclays, yet other financial companies sponsor the teams, such as AIA with Tottenham and Standard Chartered with Liverpool 

  7. Another Spurs fan here:


    I don’t like the current home kit as much as the past couple, because there’s more going on the kits, the 17-18 and 19-20 kits are really plain and clean and I like that, so if this was the kit they actually released, I wouldn’t be too sure about it.


    However, this is just a concept, and oh wow, I really like that home kit. It looks like one of those shirts a fancy designer would release, I like how the blue works with the gold. Great work. The Third kit is really good as well, and I appreciate the boldness of the away kit. 

    Edit: I may have mixed up the third and the away kits, so that boldness is for the third kit I imagine.

  8. Was really disappointed when I saw the new Inter logo. I mean, the logo itself isn’t bad I guess? But the old one was really good. I think these are my problems with the new one:


    The IM: The old one it said FCIM, which is complicated but that’s not the issue. I think my issue is that the letters are much thicker than before since there’s only 2 of them, and it looks cartoon-y to me, not something I want for a historic Italian club that wears the same striped design every year, not cartoon-y.


    The colors: The loss of gold is sad, because it added some pop to the logo when it was on a black and blue kit. But the bigger issue for me is the blue actually. It’s much brighter, now a royal blue. I think that’s too bright to go with black, and the old blue was toned down and it worked with the gold so well. Is this shade of blue going to be on the kits now? It’s also darker than before, so I just don’t think I would like this blue on the kits. 

    Nike, please make me like the kits. 

  9. Oh. My. Gosh. 

    I don’t even know what to say.


    All of your previous concept series (Los Altos, the CSL, all of that) were some of my favorite things I’d seen on these boards ever. I was even sad I wasn’t around when you were making them. I haven’t been very active on this boards in almost 2 years, but several times I have came back to reread specifically your concepts, but also hoping that one day you would be back to make more. I have also gotten very into soccer in the past year or two, so I understand the design in kits better now. 

    Today I came back to view your old concepts again, because I just enjoy them. And what do I see, but a new thread with updated concepts, and what a sight to see. I have just read through all of it and it’s all just fantastic. I really enjoyed the hand drawn versions, partly because I have only done hand drawn stuff before, and partly because I know the limitations in hand drawn stuff. But there’s also something about professional, computer designed and digitized work that is just so much cleaner and pleasing to the eye. 

    I really enjoy the CSL 2 ones, I think with the smaller towns you can get a bit more wild with the designs. Temecula, Arrowhead, Delta Union, and most of all, East Los are my favorites- the color schemes there really work well. 

    I’ll be active now to check on this series, keep it up! Excited to see what you have in store for the rest of the league!

  10. Belarus’ football league started last weekend and has no plans to stop says President Aleksandr Lukashenko...


    "It [coronavirus] is just another psychosis, which will benefit some people and harm others," he said last week. "The civilised world is going nuts. It is absolute stupidity to close state borders. The panic can hurt us more than the virus itself."

    To add to that, he suggested that instead of panicking "like those in Western Europe," one should have 40-50 grams of vodka daily, go to a banya [Russian sauna] two to three times a week and keep working on a farm, as "tough work and a tractor can cure anything."

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