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  1. Would you consider either doing a different sport or doing different swap, such as Celtics/Pistons with the piston/tin-man that @mjrbaseball showed in Celtics style and the basketball with “BOSTON CELTICS” in it?
  2. The 76ers logo is fantastic! Definitely some logos I could see on the court.
  3. Well done! A simple and similar swap but clean.
  4. I’m definitely a fan of the color scheme. Nice work on the series!
  5. This was another one I though might be coming. I think the pelican is good, but maybe have the grizzly have outstretched arms as if it’s attacking, like how a pelican’s wings would be it’s arms.
  6. Do I predict a Suns/Heat swap coming soon?
  7. I think it’s amazing how I would never think this would work, but this is one of the best concept threads I’ve ever seen. I will say, it’s pretty hard for me to think of which teams match, so kudos to you for figuring that out. Fantastic work, @ldconcepts
  8. I guess I was kind of overthinking it, all you would need to do is put 24 on the outside and 16 on the inside. Well done!
  9. Uniforms look fantastic as always, the reason I’m guessing why FIFA has never considered this is that it would most likely be UEFA beating CONMEBOL in a close final after the two wreck OFC, and also put the hammer down on CONCACAF, AFC, and CAF.
  10. Hey, I’ve been really busy with the start of summer and I am finally able to start on France and Korea. I have tossed around a few ideas so all I have to do now is put it on paper. Any more comments about England?
  11. I clicked on this when I saw Mexico City added, wondering whether it was Aztec themed or something else, but what I saw was totally unexpected... and I love it! Teal and (sand?) work perfectly together and I love the stingrays logo.
  12. I definitely like it, but as others have been saying, claw marks on the logo... I’m not quite sure about it. At first when you showed all the logos I just thought it was more diagonal stripes.
  13. This should be good, really looking forward to this!
  14. Color pencils is one thing you could use. Maybe keep the draw outlines on the template and don’t erase them, and color those as neatly as you can.
  15. I think since you did it in marker it is really hard to read the cursive word marks.
  16. Predictions on major free agents/AD Anthony Davis: Celtics Kevin Durant: Warriors Kawhi Leonard: Clippers Kemba Walker: Hornets Kyrie Irving: Nets Klay Thompson: Warriors Jimmy Butler: 76ers
  17. I don’t think there’s a chance he’s staying. Btw, Ujiri is headed to run the dump of a Wizards team.
  18. All I have to say is, Warriors, what an embarrassment.
  19. This right here is exactly why there shouldn’t be a problem with the US-Thailand game. There wasn’t a problem with this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia_31–0_American_Samoa Yes, this isn’t joke. The Socceroos actually beat American Samoa by about double the score of the Pats-Rams Super Bowl.
  20. I think it was the Warriors in 2017 beating the Cavs in game 5 at Oracle This is pretty disappointing for me, it’s been a bit since I watched a whole postseason just to be let down, but going out like that, is just bad. That was some terrible hockey right there. Also, listening to Coldplay’s “Fix You” makes me feel better and depressed at the same time.
  21. But they needed to get that elusive home Stanley Cup win in game 4. This time it’s not at home.
  22. 24 teams is tough, but I think it is definitely doable. I think the tricky part would be what to do with the third-placed teams that qualify for the knockout stage.
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