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  1. It’s composed of a lot of guys who weren’t top 5 picks or had amazing college careers- Curry, Thompson, Green, Lillard, McCollum, Leonard, Lowry, Antentokounmpo...
  2. Exactly what I said. That takes so much luck that Drake must’ve been wearing a Sixers uni. It’s not that much of a shame that the sixers lost heheh
  3. I mean the Bruins and Blues haven’t lost yet and they’re posted...
  4. I did think something was maybe a little bit off and there you’ve got it. Flipping the checkers would box off the top and bottom and that would probably complete it.
  5. Closing the stem goes such a long way. The “P” shape is now more visible, and less “that’s supposed to look like a P.” Also getting rid of the checker at the top left helps. Nice work as always!
  6. JG36

    New Jets Logo

    That’s the greatest idea I’ve heard this week
  7. No joke I was just talking to some people about how fun that would be. Anyways, Hurricanes don’t affect Boston. So I’m pumped. Also... Rask for Playoffs MVP?
  8. Well this is an NHL redesign thread not an Expansion thread also Hartford- we learned once Kansas City- we also learned once Atlanta- we learned twice Cleveland- Columbus Saskatoon- waaaaaay too small Toronto-see: Uber popular franchise that wears blue and white Houston- bad idea Indianapolis- NHL would never go here Hamilton- NHL doesn’t want to go here Quebec City- the only good idea
  9. McAvoy took one for the team. The Jackets beat the crap out of him after he fell on the puck, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to win. Rask looked great... that is, until they scored 3 goals in 3 and a half minutes. But they had some good goals to counter Bobrovsky and his unreal saves. Pasta finally showed, Marchand as well. When the stars are shining, they can be the best team on the ice in any game. Sooo glad they didn’t blow that though, I was pretty worried when they started scoring.
  10. Always fun to help especially with the same idea. Not to interfere with your thread, but I found one of the versions I drew a couple years ago
  11. I’ve drawn something just like this before, and it’s been one of my favorites. However, the line in the P isn’t thick enough, or the loop in the P is too long. But love seeing that someone actually has the same idea that I had and thought it worked too!
  12. Hey, yet again I was right. Late night Sharks-Avs OT tonight to make it 8?
  13. Who’s ready for the 7th straight night with an OT game?
  14. I know that the Revolution exist, but to be it’s just a way to get money out of Gillette when the Pats are in the off-season. I don’t care about them and couldn’t name a single player.
  15. Interesting. The 3 teams that played game 7 all won against 2 teams that swept and the other won in 5. I guess Rest < Rust is really a factor
  16. This was the first thing I thought of when you said something fun and special. Great work! Also love the slight changes to the Niners and Lions.
  17. Due to it them playing on the west coast normally, and the fact it was only a 5 game series, I haven’t seen the Avs until tonight, but man their offense is as good as I’ve heard. Their attack seems really good and with a young guy like McKinnon, and Soderberg, Rantanen, and Landeskog, plus the addition of Makar and also the veteran goaltender in Grubauer make them better than you’d think. Don’t expect this one to be over in less than 6.
  18. Funny, that could be 3 different teams, yet there’s only been 7 cups since then. The thing about the Bruins is that they are the least successful of Boston teams. Either way, I get why people are annoyed at the potential of another Boston championship. However, I am one of few who aren’t opposed to a Quadruple crown of Boston titles.
  19. I was just thinking, “hey Rask has been pretty good so far- 2 goals in 13 seconds? The 2nd one was awful. I can’t believe they let that up. But Coyle was pretty good. That OT goal was set up really good. Winning game 1 is pretty huge. Jackets are pretty tough though, I’ll give them that. Should be a pretty tight series. 6-7 games.
  20. I don’t know how. I guess I’ve just been skimming through and since I that series ended a week ago, it’s been a bit. Actually, I guess I already have 2 titles in the past 6 months plus 2 teams that are among the last 8, so I should feel content.
  21. Waaaaaait. There’s Jackets fans in here? ok now I’m really scared.
  22. This has got to be the weirdest group of teams in a while. Only 2 teams have made the Stanley Cup in the past decade and only has won it. On the whole Vegas Pavelski Penalty thing, this is why I want Vegas people to shut up, especially Marchessault. Not only do you have no excuse to allow 4 power play goals in 5 minutes (Keep in mind, a power play goal in a normal 2 minute Minor happens like 20% of the time) they lost on a shorthanded goal in Game 6. They don’t have an excuses left. The Knights totally blew that series. In other, news, skies look clear for a Bruins cup. Except for the fact that the Bluejackets, Islanders, and Hurricanes (still super weird) are the only East teams left, and none of them scare me. That’s a problem. That normally means I should be scared. So, yeah, I’m worried about my B’s. Do you all feel the same? P.S. THE CAPS LOST WOOOOOOO!!!
  23. This is a great way to get a rivalry going from the start
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