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  1. I think the league was forced to keep the same logo for Super Bowl LV as it had for LIV die to the uncertainty over where it would be played. Once it became apparent that the LA stadium wouldn’t be ready, the NFL stuck with the plain silver for LV, and carried forward the palm tree artwork to the LVI logo.
  2. Watched a bit of 49ers vs. Saints earlier today, and I became convinced that the two teams should swap shades of gold. Anyone else think so, or am I alone on an island here?
  3. They should change to the Cleveland Rocks. Ready-made theme song, and a nod to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
  4. I actually kind of miss the days when a single team would have Champion numbers mixed with Russell/Starter/Wilson/etc. numbers.
  5. In 1990, the Jerry Glanville Falcons changed to the black/black/silver home set, and they began the season with red numbers on the white jerseys. In Week 7 or 8, they changed to black numbers on white jerseys. I also have a vague recollection of the Steelers starting a season (1998?) in their recently Nike-fied sets wearing black nameplates on their white jerseys, but switching to the time-honored gold nameplates on the white jerseys late in the season. But I may be wrong on that one.
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