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  1. Need to make them permanent. Make a white road version and a navy version and we’re set. Also a white helmet
  2. That’s how it was in the 90s as well
  3. I agree. They need to embrace Red and White vs Red and Black imo. Also return to their NSC logo over the giant wolf head
  4. Thought that was Arky State at first glance
  5. Be on the lookout for some UNC stuff tomorrow night
  6. Certainly some rumors going around about it
  7. Could be worse... we could be N.C. State
  8. Literally the 3rd top trending topic on twitter right now. Getting completely ripped apart
  9. TCU’s purple pants are waaaaay off from the purple helmets
  10. Rumors UNC might have something new tomorrow
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/DiamondHeels/status/1093669097303355402 Minor tweaks for UNC plus 2 new jerseys