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  1. I don't think so. Here is a blown up and slightly higher contrast image of the logo in question. Here is the Harden Shoe Logo As you can see, they look similar, but aren't quite the same. The soccer ball logo seems to have a black "H" in the white negative space of the logo and there aren't the bevels in the interior of the H on the soccer ball.
  2. With MLS looking to re-start their Reserves' League again, I figured I'd put together a plan for the future of the USL. Championship East Birmingham Legion FC Charleston Battery Detroit City FC (From NISA) Hartford Athletic Indy Eleven Louisville City FC Memphis 901 FC North Carolina FC Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC Queensboro FC (Planned 2022 Expansion) Rhode Island United (Planned 2022 Expansion) Tampa Bay Rowdies West Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC El Paso Locomotive FC FC Tulsa Las Vegas Lights FC New Mexico United Oakland Roots SC (Planned 2021 Expansion) Oklahoma City Energy FC Orange County SC Phoenix Rising FC Reno 1868 FC San Antonio FC San Diego Loyal SC League One Northeast Buffalo Bruisers (Planned Championship Expansion) Guardians FC (Expansion to Cleveland) Long Island Rough Riders (Promotion from League Two) Lord Baltimore SC (Expansion) New Hampshire FC (Planned 2022 Expansion) Ocean City Nor'Easters (Promotion from League Two) Portland United (Planned Expansion) Rochester Rhinos (Planned 2021 Expansion) Southeast Chattanooga Red Wolves SC Duval FC (Expansion to Jacksonville) Greenville Triumph SC Hampton Roads United (Expansion) Miami FC (Self-Relegation from Championship) Richmond Kickers South Georgia Tormenta FC West Virginia Alliance FC (Promotion from League Two) Central Brazos Valley Cavalry FC (Promotion from League Two) Corpus Christi FC (Promotion from League Two) Des Moines Menace (Planned Championship Expansion) Flint City Bucks (Promotion from League Two) Forward Madison FC Rio Grande Valley FC (Self-Relegation from Championship) Union Omaha Wichita Cowboys (Expansion) West Boise City FC (Expansion) Ciudad Stockton FC (Expansion) Emperors FC (Expansion to Inland Empire) FC Tucson San Francisco City FC (Promotion from League Two) San Francisco Glens SC (Promotion from League Two) Santa Cruz Breakers FC (Promotion from League Two) Sporting Malibu (Fresno FC Relocation and Self-Relegation) The Champion of League One gets promoted to the Championship, replacing the loser of a game between the last place teams in the Championship Divisions Teams in the Championship will play a round-robin home and away against their division-mates and home or away vs the other division for 34 games Teams in League One will play a round robin home & away against their division mates, home or away vs their conference, & home or away vs one other division for 30 games
  3. Q is one letter that cannot be co-opted by any group. No worry of associating your brand solely with the Q right now, guys.
  5. I joined when I was a teenager. Contrary to almost everyone else, I joined because I liked the Sports Fan Fiction subforum (RIP) and explored the rest of the site after that.
  6. Since the Hawkeye's Volleyball team will play at the new arena, I would assume the Hawkeye's could use the new arena if the wanted a B1G hockey team.
  7. I'm not sure there needs to be a face. That seems a little corny.
  8. I think it would make more sense to have the boxing gloves be on the arms of the cacti
  9. They're really leaning into the Washington Football Team branding more than I thought they would. I assumed they would be calling themselves Washington and only known officially as the Washington Football Team.
  10. @bcon_731 They used this logo for their first 10ish years before switching to the current one, but used the red orange black yellow scheme for jerseys.
  11. I saw somewhere that this season gave both pro- and anti-Notre Dame's Independence people what they wanted. Notre Dame fans could point out that there schedule got easier by dropping USC, Stanford, and Wisconsin, while Notre Dame opposers could point out that their path to the playoff got harder by likely having to beat Clemson twice to get in (If all P5 conferences were playing).
  12. My first thought was every NWA video ever, but this is limited to jerseys. I thought at one point somebody would of worn one at some point, but I guess not. I also found out that Straight Outta Compton used the wrong Raiders (and Sox and Dodgers) hat in the film.
  13. Some highlights The Athletic now has 1 million subscribers. For context, the WSJ just got to 2 million digital subscribers earlier this year. The Athletic's newsroom is profitable, but they are in the red when you factor in non-news employees and costs (Sales, marketing, HR etc.,) The Athletic will be adding "Front Page" and "Breaking News" sections.
  14. Its pretty simple; 0 ranked teams have played yet. The AP has instructed writers to not rank teams who are playing in the Spring after the initial rankings. When they release them after the games this coming weekend they will almost all be gone. I'm assuming Ohio St will linger around, since they are arguably the best team in the country.
  15. A few minutes of sleuthing tells me that SeattleKrakenNHL and Seattle_Kraken are unclaimed. I think the team would've used one of those.
  16. I'd replace either the Blitz or Bourbun with St Louis
  17. You heard it here first, folks. My rampant speculation proves that even a blind squirrel is bound to find a nut.
  18. If the NBA were to play games in June, July, and maybe August, how would this affect MLS? MLS and the NBA tend to overlap in several markets and are/will be the only 2 teams in Portland, Salt Lake, Sacramento, Orlando, and Central Texas. While all of those markets are fine now, having you're 2 major sports teams directly competing has to hurt. One of the main reasons, other than weather, that MLS has a summer season (In contrast to most soccer leagues) is that they are only competing with MLB and sorta the WNBA. Speaking of the WNBA, one of their main draws is being the only 5v5 basketball on in the summer. Would they move the season to fall, trying to squeeze it in between the NBA Finals and NCAABB tip-off?
  19. Isn't his position being eliminated?
  20. Contraction is still a go, but neither of the NYC team (Brooklyn Cyclones, Mets affiliate, or Staten Island Yankees, Yankees affiliate) are on the chopping block. Plus, the way you described it, the stadium would be in Staten Island, which is uh... not great
  21. In the US Open Cup and, I assume, other countries' cups, lower level affiliates of teams aren't allowed in to preserve the integrity of the matches
  22. LeBron quoted some lyrics from a 21 Savage song on an IG story
  23. So that's where my mom's pillows went
  24. I believe Donovan Mitchell is getting a group together.
  25. I always knew the Winter Classic went heavy with Chicago, but I didn't realize how bad it was until I saw this