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  1. I think the one with statue of liberty looks good
  2. shoulda called them the Moorhead Good Boys
  3. even though they folded, when you get to the southern division can you try redesigning the Birmingham Hammers
  4. yo that already looks great, when i’m on campus again i’ll try to find like a trophy case or something and i’ll send u a pic cause i can’t find anything online either lol, thanks for tryin though it’s much appreciated
  5. @mcrosby are u planning on doing a USL championship redesign cause I would love to that
  6. Please make this topic more active I need someone to talk to
  7. Huntsville minor league baseball team any one have ideas that isn’t Rockets?
  8. oh yeah just noticed that, welp
  9. Idk about Sacramento’s logo it’s kinda boring? Maybe make it like the SF 49ers and have a pickaxe going through it? The rest of the logos look good
  10. Top ten secrets the NHL doesn’t want you to know
  11. cant wait to tell my grandchildren I was alive when this happened
  12. Holy all I got done in class today was fail a quiz while u gon go and draw a masterpiece
  13. I kinda like that 1937 logo looks like a b-hole
  14. Love your series so far, but I kinda liked the original coloring of the logo but other than that it looks great
  15. I actually really like that simplification of the crest but the neon green is really not my jam
  16. Pretty good, but the outline of the Calder cup logo thing looks a bit choppy
  17. Maybe update all of the USL (now known as the USL Championship) and add my hometown team the Birmingham Legion FC
  18. pretty solid, but the top bit of your ASU logo looks kinda empty maybe slim it down or add some stripes? idk