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  1. That Keith Haring jersey needs to happen
  2. Also can someone PLEASE put these uniforms in 2K??
  3. Can someone puts these Uniforms in 2K? Anyone?
  4. Kraken and the Blues are the best so far
  5. A suggestion not a criticism: maybe put the numbers vertically on the home and road basketball for GPU
  6. Golden State, Portland, Memphis, OKC, Sacramento
  7. I’m surprised Miami wasn’t suggested.
  8. Free advertising talks. Imagine where Netflix and Block Buster would be right now if this team existed.
  9. Everything here is 100%. Great work!
  10. Yeah if I had to choose a jersey that wasn’t the Nets( I’m biased) it would be the Jazz
  11. Well never seen no one do that with the canes (excuse me, Razorbacks) before. Well done.
  12. Can you try to photoshop some of the jerseys on the players? And can some People Bootleg this and make money off of this?
  13. Boston’s is fine, though i wish It were today’s logo
  14. Interesting take on both but Anaheim’s Fauxback seems... off
  15. Well I haven’t paid attention to this thread. But I like it. Good work.