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  1. Will these be permanent or are they for a special occasion? I can't believe that a school that is as traditional as Duke would use these for primaries. However, I like them. I just don't know if they're a good fit for Duke.
  2. Iowa and Purdue are supposed to debut new SOD basketball uniforms this Saturday night in Iowa City. Has anyone seen these yet? I think it was brought up here a while ago and it is discussed on the Iowa basketball forum, but no pics.
  3. What is the difference between expedited shipping, standard, and air mail? Also, I wonder if anyone has purchased a jersey through them before and posted a picture of the jersey in hand after they received it. I'm thinking about getting the Martin Havlat jersey but I wonder if the lettering is authentic or not?
  4. I am also interested in making a jersey as well. Does anyone know of a website that sells the numbers and last name on the back? Also, is eBay the best place to get the patch for the front of the jersey?
  5. How much is shipping?? Too bad they don't have a blackhawks jersey but the red coyotes jersey is very tempting
  6. I can't get the NHL Depot website to work, but I'm looking for a hockey rink template with the ice glazed over it. Does anyone have that file or a link to it? Thanks in advance!
  7. wow.. this is amazing in my opinion! It's a million times better what they have now! Nice work!
  8. Something kind of looks out of place. I don't know if I like only two stripes, but I like the numbers on the shoulders.
  9. Is this a definite go? If so, possibly one of the nicest ballparks in all of baseball. I love the roof, which to me sounds more of like a canopy.
  10. I definitely like the old ones much better. What's up with the black jerseys? I am not a fan of those at all.
  11. These are so cool! Could I please have an Iowa Hawkeyes one when you have time? Thanks in advance!
  12. what about the chicago cubs? or rockford riverhawks of the (independent) frontier league?
  13. would anyone consider trading extras of their ticket stubs? i collect them and i'm always looking to expand my collection. pm me if interested
  14. could you please make one for the iowa hawkeyes?