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  1. I'm super conflicted on the orange pants. They look so much better than the white pants. But the white pants match the brown jersey better, but not the helmet. The orange pants match the helmet, but not the jersey. If the colors on the home jersey striping was switched, and orange was the secondary color, then it'd be perfect. There's not enough orange on the home jersey to match the orange pants, but there's not enough brown on the white pants to match either. It's still the best the Browns have looked, and a top-10 set in the league, but some details bother me here.
  2. The Pats have had only 4 players to ever wear #1, and no one has worn it since 1983, but that'll change this year when Cam Newton takes the field. Since 2003, it's been reserved for the mascot, Pat Patriot.
  3. Hey guys, thought I'd get around to posting the updates that were over on my Instagram (link in signature) but not on here. posting on Instagram has made me realize that coming up with team explanations for names that work without an obvious local tie-in is pretty freaking hard (Oh yeah the images are designed specifically for Insta and they're square instead of my typical 4:3 rectangles so i'll put em in spoilers so they don't clutter up the screen) Baltimore Warriors: Minor tweaks to spacing and thickness, new ribbony font, thinner uniform stripes. Chicago Stars: Rounded the cross shape and toned down the red. Québec Lumiéres: Minor tweaks to badge, and the glowy stripes are more transparent for a more subtle shimmery effect. Also, I'm starting full-time dual enrollment classes next week, so I'll have more limited free time, and my posts here might become a lot more rare. I'm still committed to finishing and revising the rest of the teams, but it might be a long time before I can finish. Thanks for sticking around. I really appreciate all the ideas and critiques that have helped me get where I am. I wouldn't be half the designer I am today if it weren't for this forum. That's all for now. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
  4. I feel this way too. It's really not what the Titans should be doing, but it doesn't look bad, and certainly not as bad as they were when they were released. Maybe the Rams uniforms make everything look better just by comparison.
  5. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Progress on the remaining teams has faltered, but I'm still working on this series, updating teams as I go along and posting some teams on Instagram. I'm still set on finishing this series, but between my lack of progress and school coming up in a few weeks, it may be a while before the series is finished. [Also, I've got a design Instagram. Link in my signature. A few of my better looking teams are up there, along with a few updates I haven't posted yet.]
  6. Love this look as a throwback, but the green and gold has been around for so long it feels sacrilegious to steer away from it. This set would look amazing in green and gold. Bringing back the kelly green would also be awesome. Looking forward to the rest of the series!
  7. The blue set definitely works better in real life, but the bone looks so much worse. Makes me miss the mismatched temporary set.
  8. Not good, but far form the worst they've had. I don't think I've ever seen an outlined swoosh on a uniform. It feels wrong.
  9. Though I'm certainly not a fan of the team, Ohio State has had a bevy of alternate uniforms over the years. I thought it would interesting to see which alternates are popular here, as there are so many, and they range from super-gaudy-nike-disaster to throwback to decent alternate. Personally, I happen to like the all-black alternate, though I wish it was limited to just the jersey. Black is most definitely a key part of the color scheme so it doesn't feel too out there. The 1916 and 60s throwbacks are great too.
  10. I've been a Sooners fan my whole life and i'd honestly prefer a updated, half traditional, half roughrider set. As timeless as OU's uniforms look, they're too similar to Alabama for me. The roughrider set is awesome and I wouldn't have a problem with OU leaning more in that direction. That being said, both looks are amazing to me. The only tweak needed for the roughrider set would tweaking the wood grain on the cream jerseys so it's the same applicational the crimson jersey with swapped colors. Regardless, from premise to concepts to presentation, this is one of the most impressive threads on this board. Amazing job.
  11. I would definitely say the new set has grown on me a bit. It's still has a bunch of dumb stuff, but at the very least all the gimmicky elements are consistent and compliment each other well. The monochrome is awful but the B/B/W and B/W/B combos look okay. Still bottom 6 or 7 in the league, but not the disaster it was to me when it was unveiled. I think the Rams new set made the Falcons look miles better just by sheer comparison.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Welcome to the forum! I'm glad you like my work so much. For Philly I tried using green a bit more sparingly because it sticks out, while still using enough that it's immediately noticeable. Affinity is amazing for designing logos. I've been using it for about 2 years and I find way easier to learn and master than illustrator. It is missing a few features that would be helpful like making brushes easier to use or a precise warping tool, and importing files is a bit finicky, but it's still a top-notch program. I'd highly recommend it if you're interested in designing, but it's a professional-grade program, so it may be too complex for beginner designers.
  13. Seems like a downgrade to me. I get that Rutgers sucked major eggs in the current threads but there wasn't anything bad or gimmicky there. This set looks just as plain and unremarkable as it did 15 years ago.