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  1. The Arizona Hotshots of the AAF rolled out these uglies.
  2. Up until today's game, I was pulling for a Browns-Saints Super Bowl solely for the possibility of the Saints' color rush set against the Browns' brown jerseys over orange pants. That would have been an easy contender for nicest-looking Super Bowl in years.
  3. I get that this isn't exactly the thread for debates over what teams are better than others, but considering the unlikelihood of Lincoln Riley's departure, Spencer Rattler's Heisman odds, and the emergence of OU's defense, I find it laughable that you ranked OU below Texas, or that Texas even cracks the top 10 at all. They finished the year ranked #20 for a reason. Then again, as a Sooners fan, I'm 100% biased towards OU and against Texas, so there could easily be aspects of Texas' future that I know nothing about.
  4. That's a great look you've cooked up for the Jazz. The updated color scheme and logos are amazing. The home and away sets are solid, but there should be some light blue on the purple set and some copper on the white. The color balance is a bit wacky without them there. The alternate is amazing, I think I prefer it to the main set. I'd love to see white and purple versions of the alternate with the full wordmark. Altogether, this is an amazing update for the Jazz, and this whole thread has been terrific. Well done so far!
  5. Though I'm by no means a lacrosse fan, I've always been a fan of the logos of many of the MLL teams, and these uniforms are nothing short of amazing. All the teams look great, but the Lizards are my favorite as of now. Another terrific thread so far!
  6. Elk/Elks is by far my favorite option, but Explorers is also really good. Anything outside those two options would be disappointing and gimmicky.
  7. Here's my ranking. I ranked them left to right within each tier based solely on my personal opinion. Most of the league is either average or solid. (Edit: I'd rank the niners a tier up now that I think about it, between Detroit and Las Vegas.)
  8. A bit too late for that. I'm going with Ravens. I considered Huskies for a while, but ditched because I had trouble with a logo. I already have a mostly ready Vancouver concept, but it needs some touching up before I post it. I already have final names for every team as of now, and I would appreciate constructive thoughts or comments on the actual concepts more than random suggestions.
  9. I'll also admit that the Steelers set is probably my favorite in the league. It has just enough personality that it feels both modern and classic at the same time. I prefer the Futura over the standard block, but both look good. The only thing I can think of to improve the set would be matching the helmet and pants stripes, perhaps widening the helmet a tad and thinning the pants to match, and adding the sleeve stripes onto the socks. Regardless, everything with this set works and its undeniably a top-5 look in the league.
  10. To me, the logo just needs to be a bit simplified. You've got some great logos so far, but there are a bit too many small details and complex shapes that would become lost at smaller sizes. A streamlined version would be perfect. As others have pointed out, you've got some serious skill and are great at keeping constructive thoughts in mind. Well done!
  11. A fitting end to a magnificent series. Easily a top-10 thread on these boards. Well done on completing such a ginormous project. It feels a bit sad to see this series end, but I can't wait to see what you work on next.
  12. I appreciate your thoughts. I cycled through a lot of ideas for the stripes, but the one I chose works the best with the color balance I'm going for. I wanted the turquoise and white to be the main focus, with navy acting as more of an accent color. I'm happy with what I've got right now, but I definitely appreciate the comment. Those are some solid ideas. I'll be going with Barons for Milwaukee, as it will have Bavarian/German influences but still leaves some room to explore. For Louisville, I don't have a final name yet. I like the Kings suggestion, (I actually had a team called the Louisville Kings long before this project was on the boards.) but since I already have a Monarchs team, that won't work very well. Right now Stallions, Racers, and Coopers are my top three favorites.
  13. Vancouver will mainly lean on purple and silver. Uniform-wise, they'll be completely different than the Baltimore Ravens. I'll be going with Barons for Milwaukee. I love the idea of German-inspired, industrial vibes a lot more than 'hrnng motorcycle manly tough guy'. It feels a lot more suitable for Milwaukee to me. I couldn't care less about what is and isn't considered manly. Besides, in this fictional league, there are plenty of female players, so manly team names are hardly even wanted.
  14. Hey guys, I've got some ideas down on Milwaukee and Louisville, but they're still far from ready right now. For now, I've got some updates to a bunch of teams along with an updated team/division alignment graphic. Atlanta Honeybees: The most notable change, of course, is the name. I found the whole 'Swarm' identity a bit too edgy for the mascot being a honeybee, so I switched it up to a softer, less aggressive package, now with an emphasis on peach. The uniforms are stripped down and more traditional, using the drop shadows from the logo on the numbers and wordmarks. Boston Mariners: What is this, the seventh update? I've lost track at this point, but I'm much more happy with the team than I've been in a long time. The logo now focuses on the lighthouse, steering (get it?) away from the ship wheel imagery. The color scheme shifts to a ocean turquoise and navy blue, and the wordmark is redesigned to feel a bit more nautical. The uniforms are completely redone, with shoulder stripes becoming the main focus. Nautical alphabet flags spell out 'BOSTON' in the pants stripe and back of the collar. Seattle Emeralds: I finally figured out how to use the space needle without it looking inconsistent with the rest of the logo. The wordmark is now blocky and angular to fit better with the rest of the package. Uniforms are updated accordingly, with minor tweaks to the striping. Washington Sentinels: I wasn't very happy with the old look, so I started over. The new logo is more simple, but is still heavy on the DC imagery. The pentagonal badge shape makes for a much more balanced logo in my opinion. The font is now a more standard block, with the occasional sharp edge. Uniforms are updated accordingly. Here's the updated list of teams and divisions. (It definitely doesn't hint at any potential future updates.) That's all for now. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
  15. Everything here so far is top-notch. The names, the colors, the wordmarks, the logos, everything is perfect. I'm a bit curious as to why you chose Bulldogs as a nickname for Boston, It definitely works with the alliteration and color scheme, but the name seems a bit generic for such a historical city. As for name suggestions, I'd love to see a 70's style design for Seattle, preferably with the name Emeralds. Kelly green and white or double green would look amazing. I understand that it's not the most original suggestion, but it would certainly work for the time period, and I'd love to see where you go with it. Great job so far!