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  1. The Titans uniform, like the Falcons, is really overly modern and bad, but is at the very least a cohesive set. Each element, no matter how stupid they are, works well with all the others. Still not a good look for the Titans, but at the very least, it's not inconsistent or terribly ugly.
  2. Regardless of whether or not it changed, it should be darker. I understand how traditional and perfect the uniform is, but the silver is too close to white to be noticeable on the away set for me.
  3. I'm not completely happy with it either, but it's by far the best name I've heard or thought of so far. The only other name I sort of like is Vulcans, but it feels too weird and hard to understand. Hammers, despite its awkwardness, is immediately recognizable and understandable with more obvious ties to the city. That's kinda the whole point. Polar bears are white and live in a white environment so I wanted to go with a lighter color like powder blue paired with white. I also feel that adding another color ruins the simplicity and classic look I'm going for. This current version is a darker, more royal shade than it used to be. I've tried a blue helmet, and I prefer the cream, but I will definitely admit that there is too much cream on the away combo. Here it is with blue pants, it should be less overwhelming.
  4. Hey guys, full-time college classes have kept me busy so I haven't had much time to design anything major, but I do have a bevy of updates for now. (None of these are on Instagram yet so it's back to rectangular images and basic logo slicks) Dallas Wranglers: I wasn't happy with the grey and red, so I smithed it around to Cowboys' royal blue, copper, and cowhide cream. Uniforms are more traditional, but helmet and pants have subtle gradients towards the bottom for extra flair. I went from being unhappy with Dallas to having them become one of my favorite designs. Denver Mountaineers: I haven't been happy with any logo for Denver so far, so I tried to simplify them. Colors are back to purple and grey, shield shape is taken from Colorado's state seal, and uniforms are more traditional. I'm starting to enjoy traditional uniforms a lot more. Anyway, I'm not sure how well the logo works, as it seems more like a hockey crest to me, but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate any more elements without them looking clunky and tacked on, and I love the purple and grey color scheme and the uniforms, so I don't mind. Pittsburgh Hammers: Iron is a clunky team name. I switched to Hammers and did a quick crossed-hammer/hypercycloid-y logo that suits Pittsburgh well. Uniforms take cues from the Penguins' striping. Font is designed to be classic and traditional, yet bold and strong. Las Vegas Gamblers: Uniforms are redesigned to be more traditional and less gaudy, but the colors still pop for that Vegas flair. New York Towers: Redesigned font is inspired by art-deco buildings, redesigned uniform striping now contains art-deco patterns. Buffalo Polar Bears: Redesigned font to be more blocky and sturdy, uniforms striping is less generic but still traditional. I have made some progress towards finishing Vancouver, but it needs a few more revisions before it's ready. Once again, I still plan to finish this series. It's been a long, up-and-down ride, but this project has grown me as a person and as a designer. I don't think I'll ever completely stop working on this project, as I also want to update existing teams, but for the most part, this series is drawing near the end. That's all I have for now. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
  5. I'm sold on orange pants. Can't wait to see them paired with the white jerseys, though white over white looks amazing as well.
  6. No..? That's not how that works. If you were to look at the left shoulder cap go the ND jersey head on as it is in your concept, the D is very obviously facing the wrong direction. That's not how asymmetry works.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Snyder up and dies before re-naming the team, but your prediction isn't that farfetched.
  8. To me, the new Chargers set is a chest wordmark and TV numbers away from being perfect. I understand the concerns about the shade of gold and shoulder bolts, but it seems too minimal to matter to me. Regardless of how scrunched up the bolts get, they still are the best shoulder bolts the team has ever had. The gold, while not perfect, still works very well with the powder blue. I love this look, especially with white pants, and I firmly believe it is a top 5 set in the league. Could be improved upon, yes, but still amazing.
  9. Absolutely perfect refresh for the Saints. Everything feels natural and makes sense. While I'd switch the white and brass on the black jersey, this is probably the best Saints concept I've ever seen. Amazing work once again.
  10. Solid concept, but there are a few details that miss the mark. It looks like there are two Pawprint logos on each shoulder cap (It should be centered on the edge of the cap), The ACC logo is far too small and is placed oddly, and the numbers are far too close together. Also, the black alternate is completely unnecessary and is very unbecoming of such a historically great team like Clemson. I'm looking forward to what comes up next!
  11. I think the Panthers should ditch silver completely. I have yet to see a uniform set use both silver and white and still look good. I would love to see them lean more towards blue and white, similar to the color balance in this Oklahoma State combo: I really like the black as an accent color rather than the main focus. There are too many black teams in the NFC South, so I'd love for the Panthers to lean more toward their beautiful shade of blue.
  12. Saw this coming a mile away. They just didn't seem to understand how anything worked and didn't seem to want to know how. I'm a teenager. Would have to agree here. I stumbled on this site searching google for logo inspiration when I was 14. I was shocked to learn I wasn't the only logo obsessed sports fan out there. I spent some time lurking and honing my design skills before joining.
  13. Not a fan. If any team blue and red team could pull off a red home jersey, it's the Texans. They're red jersey with the red socks is already a great look. While I'd be open to the Bills' red helmet making a return, the red jersey is a massive downgrade from the blue.
  14. Your links don't work, and if they did, this is the wrong thread to posts concepts in. I'm not trying to backseat mod or anything, but maybe check the forum guidelines and use an image hosting site before posting.
  15. Much better name, but those logo concepts are terrible. If the athletics team decides to change over, and they 100% should, then I hope that they get a professional to design the official logos.
  16. The metallic grey doesn't work at all. Much like bone in the real set, it's sticking a new color where there is no need for one. The royal and gold is perfect on its own, no need to muddy it up. Aside from the grey, this is a great look for the rams. Looking forward to the rest of the series!
  17. I'm super conflicted on the orange pants. They look so much better than the white pants. But the white pants match the brown jersey better, but not the helmet. The orange pants match the helmet, but not the jersey. If the colors on the home jersey striping was switched, and orange was the secondary color, then it'd be perfect. There's not enough orange on the home jersey to match the orange pants, but there's not enough brown on the white pants to match either. It's still the best the Browns have looked, and a top-10 set in the league, but some details bother me here.
  18. The Pats have had only 4 players to ever wear #1, and no one has worn it since 1983, but that'll change this year when Cam Newton takes the field. Since 2003, it's been reserved for the mascot, Pat Patriot.
  19. Hey guys, thought I'd get around to posting the updates that were over on my Instagram (link in signature) but not on here. posting on Instagram has made me realize that coming up with team explanations for names that work without an obvious local tie-in is pretty freaking hard (Oh yeah the images are designed specifically for Insta and they're square instead of my typical 4:3 rectangles so i'll put em in spoilers so they don't clutter up the screen) Baltimore Warriors: Minor tweaks to spacing and thickness, new ribbony font, thinner uniform stripes. Chicago Stars: Rounded the cross shape and toned down the red. Québec Lumiéres: Minor tweaks to badge, and the glowy stripes are more transparent for a more subtle shimmery effect. Also, I'm starting full-time dual enrollment classes next week, so I'll have more limited free time, and my posts here might become a lot more rare. I'm still committed to finishing and revising the rest of the teams, but it might be a long time before I can finish. Thanks for sticking around. I really appreciate all the ideas and critiques that have helped me get where I am. I wouldn't be half the designer I am today if it weren't for this forum. That's all for now. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
  20. I feel this way too. It's really not what the Titans should be doing, but it doesn't look bad, and certainly not as bad as they were when they were released. Maybe the Rams uniforms make everything look better just by comparison.
  21. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Progress on the remaining teams has faltered, but I'm still working on this series, updating teams as I go along and posting some teams on Instagram. I'm still set on finishing this series, but between my lack of progress and school coming up in a few weeks, it may be a while before the series is finished. [Also, I've got a design Instagram. Link in my signature. A few of my better looking teams are up there, along with a few updates I haven't posted yet.]
  22. Love this look as a throwback, but the green and gold has been around for so long it feels sacrilegious to steer away from it. This set would look amazing in green and gold. Bringing back the kelly green would also be awesome. Looking forward to the rest of the series!
  23. The blue set definitely works better in real life, but the bone looks so much worse. Makes me miss the mismatched temporary set.