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  1. Go for it! Glad you're enjoying my work so much. As sometimes clunky as the Towers nickname is, it's the only name I like that I have had any realistic ideas for. It's certainly not my favorite name, but it works fine as is, especially if I lean into the Art Deco theme to celebrate multiple famous buildings in the area. I'll be sticking with it for the time being, but I'm planning an update to the logo package in the future. Anyways, while I haven't been able to design much since the last update, I was able to get some progress done on a handful of updates, though only one I think is ready to share. Miami Tropics: Full rebrand. Brighter, more tropical colors take the stage in a revamped logo package that emulates a neon sign while still retaining a tropical vibe. Uniforms are essentially lifted from what I would call a perfect Dolphins set, though with wavy stripes to mimic both a wave and sunburst imagery to represent the Florida region. Not a big update by any means, but I wanted to get something out here, and I'm really happy with how Miami turned out. Expect some more scattered updates throughout the summer. That's all I have for now. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
  2. good thing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and BenJarvus Green-Ellis have retired already, it would be a nightmare fitting that on the nameplate
  3. I've got some mixed feelings about this whole alternate ordeal. Honestly, I love the MLK tribute uniforms, at least in a vacuum. Nice, consistent striping pattern on a unique shorts design, a nice tribute to an important figure relevant to the area, and a great color scheme. The court, too, looks amazing. However, it's one of a few rare hits in Nike's catalog, and shoving alternates everywhere over normal uniforms needs to be toned down a few dozen notches. I wouldn't be opposed to the occasional alternate in the playoffs, as seeing the same two uniforms looks consistent but repetitive, but going with alternates in every game of a series is just too much.
  4. Not feeling the yellow facemask. There's just not enough yellow on the rest of the uniform to prevent it from sticking out too much. I'd stick with black or purple for the main set, but it works alright with the color rush. That being said, you've got a solid series going so far. Well done!
  5. I'm pretty sure there are laws against disturbing the peace pretty much everywhere but ok
  6. Not to mention very similar face shading. I'm never a fan of the NFL copywrite claiming smaller leagues on such small matters like these, but this instance in particular was a bit more justified. The more you look at each logos defining features, the more and more similar the two logos become. I can see why the NFL thought they were similar, but filing a copywriter claim after the league had already died (plus the logo was never really used to begin with) is just a jerk move.
  7. Wow, that's really good. The NFL score bug in particular looks incredibly realistic and the motion graphics feel really smooth. I'd love to see expanded parts of the package like stat sections and other parts of the system. On the MLB scorebug with the standings, however, it feels far too detailed to be able to understand what the numbers all mean at first glance. Regardless, this is an amazing look you've made!
  8. Aaaand here's a simplified crest for Cincy, per @QCS & @_DietDrPepper_'s suggestion. Definitely worth the extra effort, I'm liking this version much better.
  9. That's understandable. I'll see if I can shrink the building down to fit completely inside the shield. That should probably make all the difference. As for the font, I'll revisit that too. I wanted something a bit more blocky but unique, but I definitely lost some of the Art Deco flair along the way, and I totally see that clashing a bit with the rest of the identity. Don't worry, the C-shamrock is still the primary logo, the roundel is more of a global logo like in the NBA's logo system. I'll definitely look into simplifying a bit. The spike on the C helps fit the shamrock and the C together for me, notice how it moves with the curve of the shamrock, plus it feels more in-line with the wishbone C the Reds use. I can see it sticking out from the rest of the font, but without it, it feels a lot more bland to me. That's the thing, I felt like the flag striping was used too much. I felt that the cuff and collar detail combined with the patch was a good compromise that stayed consistent with the rest of the uniform. I'll see how the full stripe works on the sleeves, but I prefer the current detailing for now. How's this? Silver should work a lot better. I'd hate to completely get rid of it, considering how unique it is compared to rest of the league, not to mention how much I loathe mismatched home and road sets. Thanks again for the C&C! I can always count on you two to give me some helpful feedback.
  10. After yet another long stretch of classes and little motivation, I've got a few updates to share. First up is Jacksonville. I've been pretty much happy with Jacksonville so far since my last update, but the logo and font especially felt a bit lacking to me. So I redesigned the whole package around the same logo and uniform ideas, this time with darker, stormier colors, a much better font, and a redesigned set of uniforms, partially inspired by the late St. Louis XFL team. For New York, I modified the logo set to feel a bit more sturdy and to fit better on a helmet, and redesigned the font and uniforms. Cincinnati gets an updated logo, with a custom font and a more unique C-shamrock logo. Uniforms are still a work in progress. Arizona gets updated pants and helmet striping, based on southwestern native patterns, tweaked colors for a bit more pop, and a vibrant, shimmery orange helmet. Chicago gets an updated uniform set, with standardized striping patterns now extending to the collar and cuffs, a flag patch instead of an alternate logo, and an updated wordmark and number font. Winnipeg gets an updated uniform set, aiming for a semi-traditional look with a more timeless number font and a more striking shade of blue. Lastly, here's the uniform set for Vancouver. I'm still having trouble with a logo, but I'm really happy with how this set will work for the team. Largely inspired by @nate.sweitz's Ravens concept, with shimmery feather patterns and gradients found throughout the set. That's all I have for now. As for the rest of the league, I'm working on updates for a handful of teams, including Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Montréal, Detroit, San Francisco, and maybe Denver. I can't be sure when I'll be able to get most of the updates and new teams done, as I now have summer classes for the next month and a busy summer between family plans and work. For now, though, I hope you enjoy this batch of updates. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
  11. That's amazing, and I can't wait for the rest of the series. That being said, I have a few tiny gripes. First, the color scheme, while amazing, needs to be tweaked a bit in my opinion. The powder blue doesn't contrast against the white all that well, which makes numbers and NOB's mostly unreadable. The royal blue seems a bit too harsh against the softer powder blue as well, perhaps toning down the boldness of it and going for a slightly softer shade would be a bit easier on the eyes. Aside from those minor nitpicks, this is an incredible start to what should be a tremendously entertaining series. Well done!
  12. I prefer the Jets new set as well. They're certainly not the best, but the previous felt incredibly boring to me, especially with the bland green color and the blocky shoulder striping. It just feels a bit too old to work for me. The new set, however, especially with the brighter green, feels much more modern and actually does something to evoke the jet mascot. I'm not a huge fan of the triangle stripes, but they're fine as is. I think double stripes that cut off at angles would look much better, saving some semblance of tradition while retaining the motion that the current triangles offer. That, and the black number strokes need to go.
  13. Browns really don't need the brown pants at all to me. Using the Chiefs example, white over orange doesn't look that bad, while white on white would be a bit better. White on brown sticks out like a sore thumb, no need to ever pull them out in most situations. Brown pants are clearly the worst pants in the set, and they don't really serve a purpose when both orange and white suffice in pretty much every situation I can think of.
  14. Icon is an upgrade, but the old word mark was miles better. The new one strays a bit too far from what worked for them, now it feels too wonky and childish, more like a children's TV channel than a social media service. I've never really used Discord much, so I have no emotional attachment to the color scheme, but at first glance, the new purply blue feels more suitable. The wordmark drags it down a bit for me, but everything else is solid.
  15. As @sleuthpanther said already, this latest bunch is definitely an improvement. There's a few things that stick out a bit, namely the choppiness of Duke's shoulder stripes. It may be a product of the program you're using, but I think those stripes could use a bit of extra care, just to smooth 'em out a little. At least in this batch, that's the only critique I have. Great job!
  16. As traditional as it is, I've got to disagree. I feel like I've mentioned this several times already, but it should really be Brown/Orange/Brown. on the all white combo, it makes the pants clash with the jerseys, which are B/O/B/O/B, dark surrounding light. would it look much better? Not really, but it would definitely be more consistent and stick out less.
  17. Admittedly, I was a bit too harsh. This thread, especially the first 4 or 5 pages, has some better concepts than I gave you credit for. I think I'm mainly thinking of your NFL and expansion threads and some of the more recent concepts. Regardless, a lot of them still need some work. You have a lot of talent and some good ideas, but being a bit more responsive to feedback and paying closer attention to detail will pay off in the long run. I get not being super jazzed about receiving criticism like this, but I assure that I'm trying to help you hone your skills and improve on what you're doing well. Hopefully what I've said helps in one way or another.
  18. Look, I've got a few things to say that I've held back on for months now. Most of your concepts fail to improve upon what teams have in real life. Most concept of yours looks exactly the same, with some of the same issues being repeated over and over again. Almost every concept you make with a team with more than two colors fails to properly use them. Striping patterns are uninspired or implemented poorly. Number font is always a standard block. I can perfectly imagine what every single concept will look like before I load the page. Every time you try something outside the box, it looks weird and doesn't fit at all. Texas Tech is one of the more egregious examples. You've taken a team with several decades worth of historical looks to try and emulate, and a current look that's unique and fits the team well, and yet you've turned them into a bland, two-tone mess that looks more like a diet arena league version of Wisconsin than Texas Tech. You say you want to emulate the Atlanta Falcons, but it's nothing close to anything the Falcon have ever worn. Why even emulate the falcons? There's no rhyme or reason behind it, especially when the execution is this bland and uninspiring. You need elements that make each team distinct. You need elements that make sense with the team. You should try to improve what already works and doesn't work with a uniform set the team has had before. You need to take more time and care to make sure that everything fits. I get it, uniforms are hard to get right. My uniforms used to fall prey to these same issues. But you may want to rethink the way you make uniforms, especially when you're taking on projects of this size and uniforms are the star of the show. I really don't mean to sound rude at all, but I've felt this way about your concepts for months now. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. There's a lot of room for improvement. Keep in mind, you've got a handful of good concepts and ideas, but you really need to address some of the issues with your work before trying projects this big.
  19. Whenever the Patriots redesign their uniforms again, I hope they start here. Something about this uniform just works for me. The massive shoulder logos need to go and the font could stand to be modernized, but the subtle vertical stripes on the jerseys and the double stripe on the pants work really well. I was playing Madden '10 with a friend a few weeks ago, and played with this set (though madden changed it to the current navy and red for whatever reason) and it looked amazing. Unironically one of my favorite looks in the Pats' history, though I feel like they've never had a truly great look.
  20. Only ones I see that work at all or make any kind of sense are the Niners and Lions, if either team really wanted to play up the metallic color theme and spit on a combined 150+ years of history. But, since chrome is another one of those elements that is only done for the fire/snowflake emojis; it's best if the NFL keeps their distance.
  21. Not sure if there's a thread for this already or not, but I thought it'd be a cool idea. This is a place to tell others about some concept creators and designers that we enjoy, to give them some extra recognition and to help others find new designers to follow. Basically, if there's a designer that you really like and think they deserve some recognition, this is the place to show them off! There are a few really talented concept designers on other platforms that have some amazing stuff, so I thought it'd be cool to try and throw some more attention their way. Anyways, here are a few designers I'd like to share. Keep in mind, these designers may already be decently popular or may have posted stuff on this forum before without my knowledge. Justin McKeever Website - Instagram The guy's got some amazing NFL and NBA rebrands. Incredibly talented when it comes to logo design. For uniforms, not all of them are really up my alley, but they're still solid. I'd love to see him get some more recognition. Bowen Hobbs/UNOFFICiAL ATHLETIC Website - Instagram Already been featured on Uni Watch several times before, but his more recent projects have been nothing short of stellar, especially his ongoing redesign of the MLS. A lot of great content to enjoy. Pete Rogers Instagram Really talented uniform mockup designer. He's done whole league redesigns, fictional teams, intra-league mashups, everything a uniform fan could ask for. One of the few Instagram designers I've seen with really good taste when it comes to uniform aesthetics. Can't sing his praises enough. Any designers you want to showcase? I'd love to see what designers you guys enjoy.
  22. Without the dumb WB intro/outro circles covering half the side, (I'd instead shrink them down to a shorts logo or something similar) I'd say the new look is a massive upgrade. Then again, I'm a generation too young to have any sort of nostalgia for the OG Space Jam, so take my opinion with a grain of salt if you will.
  23. I'd be fine if the Cardinals changed to something similar to this redesign by Mark Omlor. The red helmet strays from tradition, but it looks great. It ties in the Arizona Flag, uses a traditional design with a slight modern flair, and the single color logo looks surprisingly good.
  24. Agreed. The white pants with solid black stripes are enough. Not ideal, but they work the best with all three jerseys. Still not the best they could be, but a clear upgrade and they're easily one of Nike's better redesigns.
  25. Great look in my book. Not perfect by any means, but they're a massive upgrade and they're easily one of Nike's best redesigns. I'd agree with others about the number outline being a bit too thin and the orange and black pants stripe isn't great, but regardless the Bengals ended up with a clean, timeless look that'll look great for years to come, so long as they avoid monochrome black. I don't mind the lack of orange on the away set too much, the helmet makes up for it in my book. I'd give the set a B+ overall. Not as good as they could've been, but still great.
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