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  1. Correct a hoe if im wrong. But do the Seattle teams all follow Seattle-S format?
  2. You should send some of these logos to curren$y or something there great
  3. Take the helmet off of the dolphin and put it on the players
  4. Yes they are slowly leaving the tacky wacky designs hopefully
  5. To me personally I feel like we switched to the current uniform to chase old glory days of joe and the candle stick thats just me I would love to see and update on those 90 unis though we need to go back to are 9ers roots we strayed to far away
  6. As a person from Virginia I could agree more WV is considered south to some north to others and the culture is unique to me
  7. As a 9ers fan I love these better then are current uniforms
  8. That is Mr.Knight showing those gosh darn Beavises who is still in charge I mean beavs
  9. Man wait till phill knight hears and see about this
  10. Wont catch me at either I go another place for that sweet philly cheese taste
  11. I feel the same way they are the JETS they have a lot of options on the table but nike did the future :censored: up design
  12. Leonard Fournette as the Dj and the jets doing what the jets do move backwards instead of forward and tbh if Jamal adams lied about the uniform they lied about getting a ring this year