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  1. Match those with the white pants and you got your self a classic
  2. I believe that all of California's P5 schools need shiny helmets to represent the sun shine state
  3. Cal uniforms will be looked at as top ten of this decade after its all said and done
  4. Make a modern take of the old pewter scooter uniform.Florida went from top uniforms to dead last.
  5. Last night the Seahawks had a db with the number 9.
  6. It's tradition that the browns have.
  7. Add some yellow to those stars and the Tillman era numbers with the chest star from last year and we got us a jersey. Yeah its crazy how Phil and nike went nuts with the greens. I want to see another duck(mascot) inspired uniform.
  8. I would love to see a football game between Caltech and MIT that would be awesome.
  9. Freddie Jones with that Fred on Fred action
  10. Man I would not mind getting hit by Sean Taylor while sliding for the first down marker for that jersey
  11. I want to see something that evokes the spirit of old Seattle and new Seattle.
  12. Forgive me for this but a hate that blue on the chargers.
  13. Love it.This matches their all or nothing season coming up this August.The helmet is more aggressive now with that design and I put that on Harbuagh's chicken.
  14. They way I see it as a young person is everybody loves a winner and the winner are outfitted by nike