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  1. As a 9ers fan I love these better then are current uniforms
  2. That is Mr.Knight showing those gosh darn Beavises who is still in charge I mean beavs
  3. Man wait till phill knight hears and see about this
  4. Wont catch me at either I go another place for that sweet philly cheese taste
  5. I feel the same way they are the JETS they have a lot of options on the table but nike did the future :censored: up design
  6. Leonard Fournette as the Dj and the jets doing what the jets do move backwards instead of forward and tbh if Jamal adams lied about the uniform they lied about getting a ring this year
  7. Let me reword this better the jets uniforms needs more jet in it
  8. I always hatted the 3d helmet to much designs and the angles looks weird
  9. Take the logos off and remove anything that has jets on it. Now show it to somebody will they think its the jets if not then the design team failed.
  10. Which company do you think makes the best uniform designs?
  11. Vikings - Knocked it out the park those uniforms made prince cry Seahawks - Love it the native american vibe but would like to see the design with the old 1990's colorway Lions - Meh hit and miss to much going on Dolphins - Its like my cousin putting a wig on and some makeup you aint really change that much Tennessee - Disney had a hand in that uniform creation shoulda used the oilers colorway Jaguars 1.0 -Fire a breath of fresh air. - 2.0 - can somebody say template Browns - Uniforms looks like it is sponsored by the local garbage company trash Tampa Bay - The uniform numbers tells you its time for the bucs to get the smackdown layed and have those playoff dreams crushed
  12. I could make better uniforms after a blast of crack like come on you need to do better nike
  13. IMO this is all most perfect. Take the pants stripes off and and instead of have the tacky shoulder stripes have something that looks like a vertical fin instead of a cape. It would make me think of those days of oceana and those gosh darn tom cats ( I miss ya gal).
  14. Certain games I do enjoy watching Yup im in philly and im going
  15. They need to hire some of yall I mean got dang I feel like the really going to do a Cleveland this is fire but its really a dumpster fire uniform type move
  16. I want the browns to have the white helmet with orange stripes with brown going down the middle
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