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  1. Is it just me, or did the Hawks correct their Color Rush last night? Before when they wore them they looked really washed out and pale. Last night those things were glowing. Similar slight tweak to the color like the Vikings did with their purple?

  2. Pats Vikings and Seahawks just dropped their inverteds and boy oh boy are they all beauties.




    That Patriots one needs to be their primary. Imagine that with silver lids and britches.

  3. Broncos are rocking orange pants in training camp. Could be nothing like Detroit used black ones a few years ago but a few players were wearing them under their shorts so makes me think it might be a new addition because I would think they just would wear them without “hiding” them.

  4. “The problem with having gold numbers on a white jersey”


    I am so GD tired of this argument. It’s 2019. Buy a freaking 8k tv if you have trouble seeing those numbers. It sure isn’t a problem in person.

  5. The plot thickens! Not every team has one of these, but the ones that did get them either have a white color rush, a jersey that’s already in rotation for color rush, or a color rush they refuse to wear. Only exception is Pittsburgh and Baltimore