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  1. Broncos are rocking orange pants in training camp. Could be nothing like Detroit used black ones a few years ago but a few players were wearing them under their shorts so makes me think it might be a new addition because I would think they just would wear them without “hiding” them.

  2. “The problem with having gold numbers on a white jersey”


    I am so GD tired of this argument. It’s 2019. Buy a freaking 8k tv if you have trouble seeing those numbers. It sure isn’t a problem in person.

  3. The plot thickens! Not every team has one of these, but the ones that did get them either have a white color rush, a jersey that’s already in rotation for color rush, or a color rush they refuse to wear. Only exception is Pittsburgh and Baltimore

  4. Safe bet that these are just for fans unless we have another “Color Rush” surprise heading our way but a few teams have some items showing up called “inverted” where it’s their current look in a new colorway (some are really cool, some are nightmarish) 


    Below is the Titans. I’ve also found gray Bears, gray Chiefs, pewter Bucs, gold Saints, and red Giants. Going to play around with url’s And see if i can find other teams.






    Shop link for Saquon in red so you know these are real items and not a photoshop scam

  5. I’m skeptical. We’ve heard over and over green numbers on black jerseys and big numbers. I’m not sure I buy this and i feel like I’ve seen that Darnold picture somewhere. 

    If these are real, they’re ok. Looks too much like Seattle to me though. There’s something weird going on with that helmet too.

  6. Draft caps are slowly leaking out. Looks like they are based on regional flags. Apologies if this is the wrong thread for this.








    And can I just be the first to say, holy crap the Raiders are about to be made the butt of so many jokes about their stadium situation. I can’t believe someone authorized this.

  7. 27 minutes ago, MCM0313 said:

    Interesting that the Saints don't have a contrasting bill while the other teams we can see clearly do. Or are those not also the draft caps in the background?



    Those are different in the background. They are starting to leak out. Where is the appropriate thread to post them? Don’t want to hijack this one.

  8. 1 hour ago, goforbroke said:

    I just saw the draft caps 

    1) I think they have an Expos type of pinwheel design.  Hard to tell from the 1 pic I saw. 

    2) there’s a strange pattern around the base of the cap. It’s almost like laurels like in the old Greek olympics or something. Looked like a swarm of bugs to me. 

    3) with the draft hats being released the jets logo may be leaked soonish. 



    The draft hats seem really weird this year. Maybe not the best indication of what the Jets are planning.



    That said, can you put my mind at ease and tell me those cheerleader uniforms aren’t representative of the new color scheme?