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  1. The Jets instagram also states for the black jerseys: "MAX 3x a year"
  2. I think the exact opposite. The black outline on the logo would've cartoon-ified the helmet. Showing restrain and avoiding black on the logo was the smartest decision they made.
  3. Going through Jamal's post. Seems the black jerseys are the most popular.
  4. Relieved with the way the striped terminate in the back. Nicely done.
  5. I think the fact that the outline is only for the numbers helps it. If it were also on the nike logo, but not the other white elements, then it would be increasingly confusing to me.
  6. The Jets were the ones who helped knock black out of uniforms and now they are bring it back (tastefully).
  7. Love it. Still cant see if the Jets on the helmet is arched or not.
  8. No jersey is going to get universal acclaim and this leak has gotten enough positivity. Regardless, these jerseys are made and probably delivered to thousands of retailers already.
  9. Here's a mock up someone made. The only in accuracy I can see is there is no black pant stripe on the leaks.
  10. Does anyone think a very subtle skyline pattern like the one in the background of the picture will also be on the shoulder stripes? Only reason I bring this up is because the only element I don't like is how plain the stripe looks as a single color.
  11. Cardinals ones suck because of the arm pit elements and the side panels. Both always look horrible.
  12. look between Darnold and Adam's head. It sort of look likes the photographer is wearing a backward white cap or I may be wrong and that could be a building in the skyline.
  13. You can pretty clearly see the reflection of the person taking a picture of the graphic/screen.
  14. These are jerseys that would look soooo bad on the big uglies in the trenches. A smart uniform design needs to look good on the super fit guys as well as the bulls on the offensive line