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  1. Unfortunately, money (specifically, losing it) is the only kind of language rich pricks understand.
  2. FedEx as in.......FedEx Field. Wonder if this will finally get the stick out of Snyder's ass.
  3. Are the NFL & MLB really going to still have teams play in virus hot spots like Arizona, California, Texas, & Florida? Even with no fans, It seems dumb having another team travel to a state that is high-risk. Would it be a dumb idea to take away home games from those teams (not like fans will be there anyway), or find an alternative venue is a less high-risk state? .
  4. Like I said, I think it came down to the 2nd or 3rd tiebreaker to eliminate them. 08 was just a crazy year for football. Brady taken out, Favre on the Jets, Wildcat Game, Cardinals in the Super Bowl.
  5. If i recall, Patriots only missed the playoffs in that 08 season because of a 3rd tiebreaker or something. It was also the year Brett Favre had his "senior moment" by joining the Jets. So The East was actually decent for 1 year. As for Cam. It's basically the same thing with AB. Either he works out, or he doesn't. In not, they at least get to see what the have with Stidham. Really it's a win-win for them. With all those incentives too, there really is no way Cam isn't the starter. Even if they try to pretend like it's still a question.
  6. Belichick really is an evil mastermind. LOL
  7. I really think it’s something Belichick will decide after seeing them in the training camp/preseason. I believe they really do want to give Stidham a chance.
  8. Yeah I’ll be shocked if NBA doesn’t do something now that Florida is becoming the epicenter for the virus. Their little bubble idea isn’t going to work. NHL seems more likely now since they are spacing it out in multiple cities, most of which have relatively stable COVID-19 cases.
  9. All me to congratulate Jarome Iginla by saying he would have had his name on the cup if he joined the Bruins in 2013(yes he joined the following year, but still). No, I'm not salty at all. But in all seriousness I am happy for him, I enjoyed watching him in Calgary. Always hoped he could have been at least like Ray Bourque and win a cup with another team.
  10. Yeah, but it's nice to see specifically NASCAR doing something considering the sports deep ties to the south. Banning the confederate flag was a good first step.
  11. I don't really see how anyone is at fault for this. At worse it's an overreaction, but that's still better than ignoring it or brushing it off. Regardless it's good that NASCAR did something to promote BLM & solidarity.
  12. Can’t really blame people for being on edge with all the crap that has been going on recently.
  13. Don't worry, this was just a prelude to the lockout in a year or 2.
  14. Rolling out one old dumpster for a shiny new dumpster, doesn't change the fact it's still a dumpster. And to be clear, I'm just referring to their management (or lackthereof) the team.
  15. I almost wish he did win just to show how much of a joke that new format was/is. But also because I do like Ryan Newman.
  16. Wasn't that the year Ryan Newman almost won the championship without having won a single race?
  17. At that point I think they would be better off canceling the season. I doubt most players would be satisfied winning a championship like that. Besides, we all know the real reason the NHL/NBA are trying so hard to finish the season is not because they want a champion, but because they want to recoup some $$$$.
  18. So what does happen if a player test positive during the playoffs? They're basically going to lose them that whole series, if not longer? Imagine if Lebron, Davis, or Kawhi got a positive test one morning. Team is basically screwed.
  19. Yeah, at this point, we’d be lucky to start Baseball by what would normally be the All Star Break, at that point I really don’t think it’s worth it. At least with the NHL & NBA, they’re just going right into the playoffs, and the NFL season is pretty short (by comparison) so they could still play if they had to delay it.
  20. No. Because they actually played in 1994.
  21. I doubt believe anything is outright rigged. But officials clearly show some biased favoritism occasionally. Wether it’s the Patriots, Penguins, or even Lakers. And the league itself would obviously prefer a big market team winning it all rather than a small market one. Since the former makes them more more money & higher ratings.
  22. People are also pretty sure the NBA rigged the 2001-2002 season.
  23. I’m only reiterating what I’ve seen other people say. People said nearly the exact same thing about the Red Sox when they won in 2013 after the bombing. Hell, it’s still a common conspiracy that the Saints were “gifted” Super Bowl XLIV because of Katrina.
  24. Like I said, people were even saying it before they paused the season.
  25. I know that. But I also know that's exactly what people are going to say if The Lakers do win. People were already saying that before the league stopped.