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  1. I swear at this point, The Maple Leafs are going to hang a banner celebrating that they made it past the 1st round of the playoffs, when it happens.
  2. So If I'm understanding this right; The Rays, a team that can't even get a new stadium built in 1 city, are demanding that 2 cities build them a new stadiums?
  3. Completely forgot about TV deal, Merch, etc. I just assumed with such bad attendance they weren't making that much to begin with.
  4. Is there a reason Tampa Bay won't let the team out of it's lease? What exactly are they getting out of keeping a team that barely makes any money?
  5. Live Look at the Red Sox Bullpen Dombrowski:
  6. Celtics signed Tacko Fall to a Exhibit 10 contract. I know absolutely nothing about this guy other than the fact people seem bewildered he wasn't drafted.
  7. Trading him clears up some cap room for the Celtics. So there was a reason to trade him.
  8. Ainge is so damn cut throat, even Belichick is like "whoa, dude".
  9. Was The Rays attendance even that much better during 08 when they made the World Series? Did they even sell out any of their home games?
  10. I don't understand why the city is so intent on keeping a team that they don't want, fans clearly don't want, and doesn't make any money.
  11. Look, I admit I took things too far there, and I apologize. Sometime my spectrum brain sometimes just doesn't take things in right, but that's no excuse. So let's just move on from it, ok.
  12. So now they can play in 2 empty stadiums instead of 1.
  13. I wonder if Hayward's injury last year played a role in Stevens putting so much focus on him. Maybe he or Ainge felt like they needed to prove some return on their investment while they still had all the pieces together.
  14. Well, except for the fact that even his agent was pretty intent on getting him to LA, and the Lakers themselves tried to strong arm the Pelicans at the deadline by giving up almost their entire team for him.
  15. Relax, just a joke. Since Between Rich Paul, Lakers Front office, and AD himself, there was so much effort just to get him to LA. Him just so happening to be in Space Jam 2 on top of that just makes it funny coincidence.
  16. So that explains why AD was so hell bent on being traded to LA.
  17. You forgot the part where one of their key plays goes down, so they cast "doubt" on their Super Bowl aspirations, all so Patriots can build themselves up as the "underdogs nobody believed in."
  18. I don't think the Kyrie trade was that bad for the Celtics. Had he not gotten injured just before the playoffs last year, there's a good chance they end up making the Finals. At the very least his injury did coincide with them losing the division. Really it was just bad luck. People seem to forget they were an amazing team last year, but for whatever reason they just couldn't mesh together this year like they did last year.
  19. Horford was definitely one of the most underrated players on the Celtics. He's was a huge reason they had a top defense. Losing him will definitely hurt, but Robert Williams did show a lot of potential. So hopefully he can step up.
  20. How exactly did Ainge do IT wrong? Guy clearly ended up being busted Goods after that season, and Kyrie is without a doubt a better player. Celtics have has some :censored: luck though, from Hayward's injury, to Kyrie's (tight before the playoffs) and the golden goose the coveted AD, bolting for LakerLand instead. Not a single one of their plans have panned out at all.
  21. Karlsson Resigns with the Sharks 8yrs/11m per year.
  22. One could say the same about others that think it isn't You're free to move on whenever you want. . And leave it at that.
  23. My point is other people have the same sentiment I do. Yet so many of you are pretending it's some crazy, ridiculous viewpoint. Despite it being shared by numerous others outside this bubble of a site. Maybe that's why I'm so adamant about this? Because this is the only place I've encountered where such a viewpoint is seen as "crazy" and "ludicrous"?
  24. Yeah, how dare I do what literally everyone else has done and poke fun at the Lakers for throwing away a young core so they can chase a bunch of flashy big name players. Like I said, this is the only place where I've seen people so vehemently defend The Lakers for some reason. Everywhere else I've seen, (Twitter, Reddit, other Sports boards) has people laughing at them. Even UrinatingTree (which I see people like to share his video a lot) made a video on the Lakes that ended with him Lambasting them for wanting to blow up their core for a bunch of top players.