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  1. Something else I miss, remember when the Super Bowl would have both teams logos on the 25 yard lines? Now they just replaced them with the NFL logo. Seriously, WTF?
  2. Yeah, I knew the NHL would try to follow suit with a plan once the NBA announced their plan to return. I do find it odd that they announced a playoff structure, before they've even determined a location for said games. As for the playoffs themselves, seems a bit bloated. Why are we having near .500 teams compete for the cup? The normal format would have been fine. I guess they're just trying not to piss off fans of teams that were "on the bubble" for a playoff spot, before the season stopped.
  3. I really like the sides, with the Capital Building & Washington monument. But the face is just way too similar to the Cub's ring from 2016.
  4. This photo reminded me of how much I miss the orange NHL logo.
  5. NHL will be an easier decision since they only had a few weeks of games left. They could easily go right into the playoffs, maybe do a best of 5 fore each round, and be done with it in less than a month. NBA will be more difficult since there was at least 2 months left of the season.
  6. I think there's a sort of Ironic charm to Edwards. But yeah, he definitely seems to try too hard.
  7. I miss Super Bowl logos being unique & awesome. I also miss when NHL used to have "Enforcers".
  8. Sounds like the want to join the Chiefs. But seriously, from what I heard, they lost like $70,000 on gambling, which is why they did it. Honestly IDK which is more stupid.
  9. Hartford still doesn't have a team, so I don't see the big deal. Would just be nice to see those jerseys again.
  10. I.E. Cities that have had at least 3 of their teams win a championship within the same calendar year. I know Boston has come close a few times. In 1986, with the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics all making the championship. But only the Celtics winning. Similar story in 07/08, Celtics & Red Sox won, but Patriots lost that Super Bowl '18/19 was another chance. Red Sox & Patriots won, but this time it was The Bruins that fell short. Just curious what cities managed that feat, or have also come so very close. As far as I know, no team has swept all 4 major championships (NBA, NHL,NFL & MLB) in the same season.
  11. NBA & NHL are going to wait until at least the end of June/beginning of July before they call the season
  12. Grady Little pulls Pedro in the 8th of Game 7 in the 2003 ALCS. Red Sox win. -No one knows who Aaron Boone is -Do the Red Sox break the curse 1 year earlier? -Is Little still fired? -Do Red Sox repeat in 04?
  13. Carr reminds me a bit of Carson Palmer. Specifically how both had their best chance at a Super Bowl cut short by injury.
  14. Does that mean The Buffalo Bills are now Americas's Team?