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  1. Bucs will probably wear their home colors, But I do wish they would wear white. Personally because it's one of the few white jersey's I like. Plus it contrasts better with the Super Bowl logo patch.
  2. Ehhhh......I definitely find it hard to sympathize with Schilling. Personally, the guy is a jackass and has said and done some stupid :censored:. I still remember how he idiotically bankrupted his game studio despite the game he made (Kingdom or Armalor) actually being pretty damn good. But I digress. I'm of the opinion that personal views shouldn't keep you out out of the Hall of fame unless they are especially egregious (like murder or serious domestic abuse). Curt is definitely a lot of things, but I don't ever recall him ever doing anything that heinous. Bottom line, going by his stats alone I don't see how anyone can argue he doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame.
  3. Yeah, for all the fanfare their offense gets with the likes of Brady, Gronk, Brown, Godwin, etc. It's really easy to overlook their defense, which has already shown how dangerously underrated they are. I remember people saying their #1 Run defense was "overrated" last year. They're the reason They beat Green Bay, despite Brady throwing 3 picks.
  4. When you tell them, Don't forget the most important part. That the Super Bowl LII Champions Philadelphia Eagles beat him in Super Bowl LII.
  5. You sure you wouldn't prefer the one where Warner doesn't throw that pick six, Carolina doesn't kick it out of bounds, McNabb doesn't puke, Seattle & Atlanta don't choke, and Goff doesn't.....Goff it up, and Brady is 0-9 in Super Bowls? GOAT Super Bowl Choker.
  6. It's honestly :censored:ing insane what Brady has accomplished. He's been in the league 21 years, and he's going to his 10th Super Bowl. 10th. This is a guy that has spent half his career playing in the Super Bowl. While even some Hall of Fame players are lucky to make 1 or 2. Let alone win it. If I wasn't a Patriots fan, I would find that completely disgusting. I'm happy for him though, glad he could bring some of that magic to an old forlorn team. Now imagine alternate universe where Brady is 9-0 in Super Bowls, including a Perfect Season & Threepeat.
  7. Brady hate aside, is there anyone happy to see Arians finally get a shot at a Super Bowl ring as head coach? Now that Reid got his, I think Arians is next in line for "coach most deserving of a super bowl" Guy retired 2 years ago before being coaxed back by Tampa. And came so close to making it to 1 with Carson Palmer in Arizona.
  8. That’s one Superbowl I wish we got. Would have been the most WTF Superbowl between 2 franchises more known for failure than success. Also wish we got Jags vs. Vikings in Super Bowl LII.
  9. I think The Rocky - Dixon fight from Rocky VI is more appropriate. Old stalwart looking for one last shot at glory, going against the young defending champion.
  10. It shows how important not just Mahomes, but also Kelce and that PoS Hill are to the team that they were still willing to give Mahomes all that money but still keep them. As good as Mahomes is, they are the 2 biggest reasons the Chiefs are so :censored:ing good.
  11. As far as the salary cap thing, no I don’t blame them. They’ll likely end up paying for it down the line the The Saints. I do blame them for keeping a POS like Hill. If he wasn’t the best RB in the league, Chiefs absolutely would have cut him, or the NFL would have suspended him. Just look how fast a team like the Patriots cut ties with AB. Which before you say anything, yes it also pissed me off that Brady talked The Bucs into signing him. But also it shows how :censored:ing rediculous the NFL conduct system is. Gordon was only ever hurting himself, yet he is likely banned for life. Guys like AB & Hill have physically hurt women & children and they’re still allowed to play.
  12. Probably. There’s a reason they exploited every salary cap loophole they could to make Mahomes the richest QB while still being able to keep Kelce, and Hill. I don’t think Brady ever had an offense with 2 guys like that.
  13. Tyreek Hill is another reason I hate the Chiefs. he reminds that guys like Josh Gordon are permabanned because they can’t lay off the stuff. But they won’t do :censored: against a domestic abuser & child beater. Both him & AB shouldn’t be in the league.
  14. Hindsight being hindsight, how much better would Buffalo be if they kept Gilmore?