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  1. Yeah, yeah I get it. You real really :censored:ing hate “Bawwwwston” fans. I’m certain you’d feel the exact same if I was a Steelers or Colts fan.
  2. I'm confused as to what being a "spoilt Boston fan" has to do with making fun of teams that everyone has made fun of. If you don't like it grow some thicker skin or stay off the internet because there's a whole lot more people than me making fun of them.
  3. Maybe you should learn to take a joke, instead of making childish insults.
  4. I think you should be more pissed off at your team's inability to develop or build around a QB.
  5. I wasn't too high on Big Mac. Was hoping Belichick would have gotten Fields. But Mac is a Saban guy so for Belichick that's a no brainer. At least I won't have to hear the "Garoppolo to the Patriots" rumors anymore.
  6. Fields did not look happy. Probably read all the rumors and thought he was going to The Patriots. F. To another young promising career. Over before it even began.
  7. Well, Did the Packers think wasting using a 1st round pick on his "replacement" would be endearing to him?
  8. My guess for the Patriots has been that if they can’t get Fields or whatever QB they’re after, they’re going to go after Horn or another CB so they can trade Gilmore. Bill has always been weird with drafting, he’s traded out of the first round so many times, and yeah he sucks at drafting offense, but he’s had some good hit with defense. I’ll also give him the benefit if he gets a QB, since Jimmy & Brissett turned out to be decent. Speaking of, I’m so sick of hearing all the “Patriots trading for Garoppolo” rumors.
  9. I don't believe it was his foot he was putting in his mouth.
  10. Personally, I find it best not to ask what another man does with their sausage.
  11. As you yourself pointed out, Denver beat them, Indy beat them, Baltimore beat them, the god damn Jets beat them. The Steelers & Broncos both managed 2 Super bowl appearances. It's no excuse.
  12. Thank you for proving Patriots aren’t an excuse. And that they were beatable just like any other team.
  13. Wow, so you're really saying Marino didn't deserve a ring. Just.....wow. And the Patriots still aren't an excuse, Didn't stop Baltimore, Indy, Denver, NY, or hell even Pittsburgh.
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