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  1. Does this mean the return of the Bubble Bowl?
  2. Apparently it's just supposed to be a minor change, not anything completely different.
  3. Damn, the NFC South is going to be stacked this year.
  4. I’m honestly excited to see how Brady does in Tampa. The last big knock on him has been wether he’s as good as he seems, or if it had more to do with Belichick’s coaching. Now he finally gets a chance to put that notion to rest once & for all.
  5. Brady about to pull a McDaniels and head back to New England?
  6. Jokes going to be on the rest of the league when Patriots draft Trevor Lawrence after going 3-13.
  7. If Detroit signs any more Patriots players, they’re going to have to move to New England.
  8. I can't see Brady wearing any number other than 12. Considering he legitimately built an entire brand on it (TB12). He'll do what he has to to get it. Wouldn't be shocked if it was something that came up in negotiations with him.
  9. Watch Brady make The Buccaneers the first team to play in the Super Bowl in their own stadium. Because the NFL is rigged.
  10. It's really hard to tell how much of last year was on Brady, and how much was because he had next to nothing to work with. The Bucs have a better cast than the Patriots did last year. If he can't get that to work for him, he is done.
  11. Assuming Brady to the Bucs is true, that means we get division matchups between Brady & Brees!
  12. You say that as if the Chargers would be any better. LOL
  13. Not even them winning the Super Bowl in 2002?
  14. So what you’re saying is......Nick Foles to the Patriots confirmed?