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  1. Something else I miss, remember when the Super Bowl would have both teams logos on the 25 yard lines? Now they just replaced them with the NFL logo. Seriously, WTF?
  2. Yeah, I knew the NHL would try to follow suit with a plan once the NBA announced their plan to return. I do find it odd that they announced a playoff structure, before they've even determined a location for said games. As for the playoffs themselves, seems a bit bloated. Why are we having near .500 teams compete for the cup? The normal format would have been fine. I guess they're just trying not to piss off fans of teams that were "on the bubble" for a playoff spot, before the season stopped.
  3. I really like the sides, with the Capital Building & Washington monument. But the face is just way too similar to the Cub's ring from 2016.
  4. This photo reminded me of how much I miss the orange NHL logo.
  5. NHL will be an easier decision since they only had a few weeks of games left. They could easily go right into the playoffs, maybe do a best of 5 fore each round, and be done with it in less than a month. NBA will be more difficult since there was at least 2 months left of the season.
  6. I think there's a sort of Ironic charm to Edwards. But yeah, he definitely seems to try too hard.
  7. I miss Super Bowl logos being unique & awesome. I also miss when NHL used to have "Enforcers".
  8. Sounds like the want to join the Chiefs. But seriously, from what I heard, they lost like $70,000 on gambling, which is why they did it. Honestly IDK which is more stupid.
  9. Hartford still doesn't have a team, so I don't see the big deal. Would just be nice to see those jerseys again.
  10. I.E. Cities that have had at least 3 of their teams win a championship within the same calendar year. I know Boston has come close a few times. In 1986, with the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics all making the championship. But only the Celtics winning. Similar story in 07/08, Celtics & Red Sox won, but Patriots lost that Super Bowl '18/19 was another chance. Red Sox & Patriots won, but this time it was The Bruins that fell short. Just curious what cities managed that feat, or have also come so very close. As far as I know, no team has swept all 4 major championships (NBA, NHL,NFL & MLB) in the same season.
  11. NBA & NHL are going to wait until at least the end of June/beginning of July before they call the season
  12. Grady Little pulls Pedro in the 8th of Game 7 in the 2003 ALCS. Red Sox win. -No one knows who Aaron Boone is -Do the Red Sox break the curse 1 year earlier? -Is Little still fired? -Do Red Sox repeat in 04?
  13. Carr reminds me a bit of Carson Palmer. Specifically how both had their best chance at a Super Bowl cut short by injury.
  14. Does that mean The Buffalo Bills are now Americas's Team?
  15. Escaping that sack means nothing if Tyree doesn’t make that catch. It was legit a terrible throw that took an insane bit luck to even be caught.
  16. I give Eli credit like I do Trent Dilfer. He did enough & didn’t screw up, while his defense (and absurd play by Tyree & Manningham) won the games.
  17. You mean David Tyree. Without him, not only do they not have that first TD, but then that BS helmet catch doesn't happen. He's the reason they won that game.
  18. Another great Coach heads to that football field in the sky. R.I.P Coach.
  19. Jerry sure does love his ginger boys, doesn't he?
  20. Who could also forget this moment, where Calgary was robbed of the Cup in Game 6 the 2004 Finals.
  21. Needless to say, Patriots winning Super Bowl XLII would have been historic in of itself. 1995 Seattle Mariners also come to mind, had they made the World Series (or even won it) it would have been one of sport’s greatest “Cinderella stories”.
  22. The only thing that has really bothered me about the Flying Elvis is that I really hate how thick the white outline for it is. I think it honestly looks better without it.
  23. Hey! It's not Brady's fault that guy put his house in the wrong place.