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  1. Sorry for missing last week. A few...disruptions to life these last couple of weeks. Miami vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Minnesota vs. Detroit Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay NY Jets vs. New England Dallas vs. NY Giants Las Vegas vs. Denver Arizona vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. San Francisco LA Chargers vs. Kansas City New Orleans vs. Carolina Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Houston Green Bay vs. Chicago Washington vs. Philadelphia
  2. LA Chargers vs. Las Vegas Buffalo vs. Denver Carolina vs. Green Bay Houston vs. Indianapolis Chicago vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. Dallas New England vs. Miami Seattle vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Baltimore Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. Tennessee NY Jets vs. LA Rams Philadelphia vs. Arizona Kansas City vs. New Orleans Cleveland vs. NY Giants Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati
  3. New England vs. LA Rams Arizona vs. NY Giants Kansas City vs. Miami Minnesota vs. Tampa Bay Denver vs. Carolina Houston vs. Chicago Dallas vs. Cincinnati Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Indianapolis vs. Las Vegas NY Jets vs. Seattle Washington vs. San Francisco New Orleans vs. Philadelphia Atlanta vs. LA Chargers Green Bay vs. Detroit Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Cleveland
  4. Las Vegas vs. NY Jets Jacksonville vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Miami Detroit vs. Chicago Indianapolis vs. Houston New Orleans vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Seattle LA Rams vs. Arizona Philadelphia vs. Green Bay New England vs. LA Chargers Denver vs. Kansas City Washington vs. Pittsburgh Buffalo vs. San Francisco Dallas vs. Baltimore
  5. Houston vs. Detroit Washington vs. Dallas Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Indianapolis NY Giants vs. Cincinnati LA Chargers vs. Buffalo Las Vegas vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Jacksonville Miami vs. NY Jets Arizona vs. New England Carolina vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams New Orleans vs. Denver Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay Chicago vs. Green Bay Seattle vs. Philadelphia
  6. That depends on how you look at it. The Colts in 1998 ended the season 3-13. In Manning's rookie season he passed for 3,739 yards with 26 touchdowns and set the rookie record for most touchdown passes in a season. But he also set the rookie record for most interceptions in a rookie year. So his first season was definitely one of adjustment, but I don't know that I'd call it garbage. The Colts then went 13–3 the next year, Manning threw for 4,135 yards (so about 400 more), and repeated his 26 TDs but with 15 picks instead of 28.
  7. Arizona vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Cleveland Detroit vs. Carolina Tennessee vs. Baltimore New England vs. Houston Cincinnati vs. Washington Atlanta vs. New Orleans Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville NY Jets vs. LA Chargers Miami vs. Denver Dallas vs. Minnesota Green Bay vs. Indianapolis Kansas City vs. Las Vegas LA Rams vs. Tampa Bay
  8. Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Houston vs. Cleveland Philadelphia vs. NY Giants Washington vs. Detroit Jacksonville vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Las Vegas Buffalo vs. Arizona LA Chargers vs. Miami Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Seattle vs. LA Rams San Francisco vs. New Orleans Baltimore vs. New England Minnesota vs. Chicago
  9. Green Bay vs. San Francisco Denver vs. Atlanta Seattle vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. Kansas City Detroit vs. Minnesota Chicago vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Washington Las Vegas vs. LA Chargers Miami vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. Dallas New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay New England vs. NY Jets
  10. Atlanta vs. Carolina New England vs. Buffalo Tennessee vs. Cincinnati Las Vegas vs. Cleveland Indianapolis vs. Detroit Minnesota vs. Green Bay NY Jets vs. Kansas City LA Rams vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore LA Chargers vs. Denver New Orleans vs. Chicago San Francisco vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Philadelphia Tampa Bay vs. NY Giants
  11. NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Detroit vs. Atlanta Dallas vs. Washington Buffalo vs. NY Jets Carolina vs. New Orleans Green Bay vs. Houston Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Seattle vs. Arizona San Francisco vs. New England Kansas City vs. Denver Jacksonville vs. LA Chargers Tampa Bay vs. Las Vegas Chicago vs. LA Rams
  12. Detroit vs. Jacksonville Atlanta vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis Chicago vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Houston vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Baltimore vs. Philadelphia Denver vs. New England NY Jets vs. Miami Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay LA Rams vs. San Francisco Kansas City vs. Buffalo Arizona vs. Dallas
  13. Tampa Bay vs Chicago Jacksonville vs. Houston (This is the game I'm most uncertain about - Houston should be better, but who knows what they'll look like with Romeo as their interim HC) Las Vegas vs. Kansas City Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Carolina vs. Atlanta Denver vs. New England LA Rams vs. Washington Buffalo vs. Tennessee (If it happens) Arizona vs. NY Jets Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh Miami vs. San Francisco Indianapolis vs. Cleveland NY Giants vs. Dallas Minnesota vs. Seattle LA Chargers vs. New Orleans
  14. Denver vs. NY Jets (good Lord) Indianapolis vs. Chicago Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Cleveland vs. Dallas New Orleans vs. Detroit Arizona vs. Carolina Minnesota vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Washington Seattle vs. Miami LA Chargers vs. Tampa Bay NY Giants vs. LA Rams New England vs. Kansas City Buffalo vs. Las Vegas Philadelphia vs. San Francisco Atlanta vs. Green Bay Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee
  15. Miami vs. Jacksonville Tennessee vs. Minnesota Washington vs. Cleveland LA Rams vs. Buffalo Chicago vs. Atlanta Las Vegas vs. New England Houston vs. Pittsburgh Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia San Francisco vs. NY Giants NY Jets vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Arizona Tampa Bay vs. Denver Dallas vs. Seattle Green Bay vs. New Orleans Kansas City vs. Baltimore Jeez, I third the tough week sentiments. Some of these are dang hard picks to make for one reason or another.
  16. Oh, you mean the one professional sports franchise from Kansas?
  17. St. Louis City SC claims to have broken the 24-hour ticket deposit record in 15 minutes. A local reporter has tweeted that the previous MLS benchmark within was 30,000 reserved seats within 24 hours, and that, yes, there were that many seats reserved in St. Louis in 15 minutes. So the measurement is seats reserved and not individual deposits made, which apparently was the same measure used by Austin when they claimed the record. As you can see from the tweet below, there have been 50,000 seats "reserved" thus far, naturally meaning that a whole bunch of them will be wait listed in case some of the people making deposits don't actually decide to purchase the tickets when they become available. Regardless, I think it might be difficult to get seats in St. Louis.
  18. Cincinnati vs. Cleveland San Francisco vs. NY Jets Buffalo vs. Miami Minnesota vs. Indianapolis Detroit vs. Green Bay Atlanta vs. Dallas NY Giants vs. Chicago LA Rams vs. Philadelphia Jacksonville vs. Tennessee Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Denver vs. Pittsburgh Washington vs. Arizona Kansas City vs. LA Chargers Baltimore vs. Houston New England vs. Seattle
  19. Excited to play this again this year. Even more excited to have football back. Houston vs. Kansas City NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cleveland vs. Baltimore Seattle vs. Atlanta Chicago vs. Detroit Las Vegas vs. Carolina Philadelphia vs. Washington Miami vs. New England Green Bay vs. Minnesota Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville LA Chargers vs. Cincinnati Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Arizona vs. San Francisco Dallas vs. LA Rams Pittsburgh vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Denver
  20. This makes me very sad. The presence of one league in a city shouldn't have to mean the death of another. Also, now there's no MLS OR USL soccer in St. Louis until 2023. All there is right now is USL2's Lions.
  21. I like your newer Redwolves concept more just on the basis that it seems to fit with the style of NFL logos more. Your original concept and its subsequent edits looks really good on its own, but it seems significantly more cartoon-y than NFL logos tend to look. It would fit in well, I think, with the Orioles cartoon bird and the NBA's 2K League logos. I don't think it would fit in well with the style of the rest of the NFL, though, even if I like it in of itself. Your second concept, while more modern in many ways than most NFL logos, has elements that give me vibes similar to the Eagles and Lions. I think it's excellent.
  22. St. Louis City SC just announced their sporting director as Lutz Pfannenstiel. Pros: two decades goalkeeper experience and a guy who is coming straight from a top four European league, which has never happened before in MLS history (he's coming from Fortuna Düsseldorf) Cons: Only two years of executive experience for aforementioned club, and zero MLS experience. Post-Dispatch article: https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/ben-frederickson/st-louis-city-sc-names-sporting-director-lutz-pfannenstiel/article_7fad889f-f653-5a34-954a-3673a1f7a9c4.html
  23. My preference would be B or D, but any of these would be great. I definitely think the graphic elements of the crest need to be reflected in the kit considering the strong lines it uses, rather than having a straight red/magenta shirt with the crest on the chest.
  24. Just some further information about the name and https://www.si.com/soccer/2020/08/14/st-louis-city-sc-mls-plans-carolyn-kindle-betz
  25. Which is why I was really hoping for something from French naming conventions. That way it would still be Euro style, but completely unique among MLS.
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