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  1. As a lifelong Padres fan, i cannot overstate how happy this makes me!
  2. I can't imagine why people hate Laker fans...
  3. The first part of this is true, the Clips are doing good/smart things in the city. Refurbishing hundreds of basketball courts, sponsoring hundreds of "Little Clippers" youth teams. It will pay dividends in the future, especially if/when you combine it with a championship. But then you get to the typical Laker fan nonsense about Clipper fans being former Laker fans or whatever...
  4. They also get a smaller cut of concessions, luxury box sales (like when a box is sold for every event that happens at Staples), sponsorships, parking, etc... Add in naming rights fees for the new arena, it's a financial decision for the most part.
  5. New football stadium in Inglewood, home to the Rams and Chargers...must be named Dodge Stadium.
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