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  1. I swear this team changes their uniforms every season, although I guess this would make sense since the current set is mostly connected to Kawhi...
  2. I’m still waiting for them to have Yellow, Blue, and Red shoulder stripes
  3. These uniforms are worse than the Rams’ current cap situation.
  4. These are quite possibly some of the worst uniforms in the history of the post-merger NFL.
  5. Whats the point of even waiting until May to release the uniforms anyway?
  6. Now that I’m thinking of it... of course there isn’t a red alternate uni lol
  7. Imo this is the worst uniform unveiled so far. (besides Falcons gradient alt) I am not a fan of the new block number font at ALL. The road uniforms are ruined by the blue pants, and honestly if they were matched with white pants would be 10x better.
  8. So, other than the helmet and logos, what’s different about these compared to the Super Bowl era unis?
  9. What is everyone’s obsession with pewter? Imo it’s just a different shade of brown and it looks terrible
  10. Everyone recognizes Joe Montana for wearing #16 with the Niners and #19 with the Chiefs,but preseason in his rookie year he wore #19 for the Niners.
  11. They literally have the old nfl logo on the collar, it isn’t a leak lol
  12. Odell Beckham wore #33 his Freshman year at LSU
  13. Yeah I love the blue pants look, I’d love if the used their color rush number font too