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  1. Everyone recognizes Joe Montana for wearing #16 with the Niners and #19 with the Chiefs,but preseason in his rookie year he wore #19 for the Niners.
  2. They literally have the old nfl logo on the collar, it isn’t a leak lol
  3. Odell Beckham wore #33 his Freshman year at LSU
  4. Yeah I love the blue pants look, I’d love if the used their color rush number font too
  5. Would love to see the Steelers put some blue and red into their uniforms to match the logo
  6. Dawkins wore #24 in preseason his rookie year
  7. Last year for the Patriots vs First year for the Jets
  8. I don’t know if this was posted yet but here’s the Lions color rush uniforms from 2016 that they never wore since they got new uniforms the next season
  9. He only drove the 88 in a few races while he came out of retirement while Dale Jr was hurt
  10. These are some of the best unis in the NFL
  11. One thing that really irks me about the new Jags jerseys is that they look like practice jerseys with no number outline.