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  1. Blue jerseys, white pants, white socks for the Bills on Sunday. One of the rare combos that wasn’t worn last year when the starter switching up the socks game by game
  2. Not a surprise but Bills will be in white Jersey white pants at home vs the Steelers week 1
  3. Could be nothing and I apologize if this has already been shared on here but I noticed on Dolphins schedule that their week 4 game vs Indy is listed as "Shula Memorial" wouldn't be surprised if that's one of their throwback dates. I feel like we normally get a uniform schedule from them by now too .
  4. CORRECTION: white on white for the bills today no blue pants my apologies
  5. Yeah it’s very unlikely but not counting the throwback game it’s only 3 times. They’re wore them twice in 2019, with the extra home game this year it wouldn’t totally surprise me. Since 2017 they’ve always worn them for the 2nd to last home game so that one is probably right fwiw
  6. Yeah really doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason for it design wise so idk
  7. This was posted on the Bills official Twitter today, you can pencil in the throwbacks for their Week 13 MNF game vs New England. This would be their first time wearing the white throwbacks AT HOME vs an opponent more than once. This is probably meaningless but, could the games with "Highmark Stadium" labeled in red be color rush games?
  8. Bills will be in white jerseys and blue pants at home vs the Packers for their final preseason game
  9. Yes I don't think these jerseys are real. When athletes do autograph signings they will get cheap unlicensed jerseys to sign that don't have any logos on them (team, league, or manufacturer) so they can sell them for less than authentic Nikes. None of the images seem to have any Rams or Nike logos visible. How this random memorabilia company he's signing for would get their hands on multiple un-released jerseys for him to sign makes no sense. I can't find any examples of knock off bone jerseys that companies use for autographs so these are probably the first ones.
  10. "This alternate color helmet MUST ONLY be worn together with one of the club's authorized optional uniforms (Classic, Alternate, and/or Color Rush)." That to me means it can't be worn with standard home/road sets.
  11. More details here. One that stands out is that the new helmet must be paired with an alternate uniform. I was kind of hoping that a team could have different color helmets that they could interchange with their home and road sets like college.
  12. OK here is my annual Bills uniform schedule prediction. Last year I was 8/16 on correctly guessing both teams. Had a couple weeks where I got one right but not the other. From first glance it will be a hard one to predict, with the extra home game I'd expect a decent amount of AFC teams to opt into wearing an alt the 3 time max. PIT: White/White - Black/Yellow @MIA: Blue/White - White/White WFT: Blue/Blue - White/Burgundy HOU: Throwback White - Navy/White @KC: White/Blue - Red/White @TEN: White/White - Navy-Navy MIA: Blue/White - White/Aqua @JAX: White/Blue - Teal/White @NYJ: White/White - Green/Green IND: Blue/White - White/White @NO: Blue/Blue - Color Rush White NE: Blue/White - White/Navy @TB: White/Blue - Red/Peuter CAR: Red/Red - White/Black @NE: White/White - Navy/Navy ATL: Blue/Blue - White/White NYJ: Blue/White - White/White
  13. Sorry but its still crazy to me how much the white facemasks make the blue pop on the jersey. Really clean look glad they made the switch full time.
  14. If I had to guess I'd say that they will still use grey facemasks for the throwbacks, this is more for the home/road/color-rush sets
  15. Based off this, Bills will be moving to white facemasks full time
  16. The Bills will go White jerseys, Blue pants, White socks on Sunday for the AFC Championship game. A bit of a surprise to me.
  17. I think Chiefs/Buccs would be a little too much red, but all other options are elite level matchups
  18. Bills sticking with Blue jerseys, White pants and solid blue socks for Saturday night. If you include the socks it will be the first time this year wearing the same uniform combination consecutively.
  19. Blue jerseys, white pants, solid blue socks for the Bills on Saturday
  20. I can see a lot of teams being way more inclined to add/replace alternates or even full overhauls as a way to make up some of the lack of ticket revenue this year. Maybe even a league wide thing similar to NBA city or NHL reverse retro if the league sees if those sell well or not. As a Bills fan it wouldn't shock me at all to see them either getting a new alternate or even a whole new home/road set. The demand for Bills jerseys is super high right now in Buffalo and I guess Allen jerseys were pretty much sold out everywhere during Christmas and are still hard to find. The Sabres just did a whole new re-brand which appear to be selling well and they're terrible, wouldn't surprise me at all for the Pegulas to think they could make even more money if they did the same with the Bills. I know locally fans have been clamoring for the return to red helmets.
  21. I didn't notice till now that the Saints wore them 3 times already so that probably rules them out. I would assume they are not allowed to exceed 3 times if I remember correctly the Niners tried to last year but were denied.
  22. I thought the Rams throwback uniforms that season were technically designated as their primary “home” uniform and that’s why they got to wear them
  23. Does the NFL allow teams to wear alternates in the playoffs if they used them less than 3 times in the regular season? I could see a possible color rush for the Saints if so.
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