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  1. I’ll go with all of this except WFT in Burgundy/White with Tampa in White/White also Baltimore sticking with purple pants
  2. Good morning! Bills will be going with white facemasks on their helmets Monday night in Arizona
  3. https://news.sportslogos.net/2020/11/07/los-angeles-rams-hope-to-unveil-new-alternate-uniform-each-season/football/ Probably not a popular take on here but no excuse for every team to not do this. Not just in football either. NBA and soccer have it right!!
  4. Bills will go blue jerseys and pants with white socks this week vs Seattle. Felt there was a good chance they'd break out either the color rush or throwbacks this week with the back to back home games but I guess not. I'm probably overthinking this but I have a weird feeling that they may not wear any alternate jerseys this year. In those little videos they tweet out each week that unveil their uniform selection they breeze through all the different jersey/pants/socks options but never show the throwbacks or red ones. If they go through the trouble of putting all the different sock options in there, why not include the other uniforms unless they're not planning on wearing them? Now we know that when the Chargers come to Buffalo they are wearing their all navy look, which I would think mean that the Bills will be in the white throwbacks. If they go with their normal white jerseys for that game however I think that would mean no alternates this year, but I would still bet on them going throwbacks for the Chargers and probably color rush vs the Steelers. Just something to pay attention too
  5. White jersey, white pants, blue socks (no stripes) for the Bills this weekend.
  6. Jersey: Blue Pants: Blue Socks: Blue Buffalo: Bills Monday: Evening vs: Chiefs
  7. If there is a game, the Bills will go White jersey, Blue Pants, Blue Socks in Nashville this Sunday vs the Titans.
  8. Bills will be going white jersey, blue pants, white socks this week in Las Vegas.
  9. Bills will be in their regular white jerseys, white pants and all white socks at home this week vs the Rams, not the throwbacks as some may have speculated. First time with this set they have worn the road white jersey at home more than once in the regular season.
  10. Bills wearing Blue jerseys/White pants this week in Miami Also Bengals in White on White tomorrow
  11. Don't think I saw this posted on here yesterday but here's the Giants. Nothing surprising since the Bengals and Bucs released their schedules earlier.
  12. I would bet on all white but last year for their home opener the went with the purple pants so who knows?
  13. Bills will open up their season in White jerseys & pants at home against the Jets. Third straight year for the Bills wearing all white for their home opener
  14. Bills Season Uniform Prediction NYJ: White/White vs Green/White at MIA: Blue/White vs White/White LAR: Blue/White vs Bone/Bone (lol) at LV: White/White vs Black/Silver at TEN: Blue/White vs White/Navy KC: Blue/Blue vs White/Red at NYJ: White/Blue vs Green/Green NE: Blue/White vs White/Navy SEA: Throwback White vs Navy/Navy at ARZ: White/Blue vs Red/White LAC: Blue/White vs White/Yellow at SF: Blue/White vs White throwback PIT: Red/Red vs White/Yellow at DEN: White/Blue vs Orange color rush at NE: White/White vs Navy/Navy MIA: Blue/Blue vs White/Aqua
  15. Anybody know if the Bears are planning on wearing those white throwbacks again or were those just a one time thing for their anniversary
  16. This might be a hot take but I think the Seahawks should have the greys be their primary road look. Would be cool/unique I think. Not saying I don’t like their whites, maybe make it an alternate like the Lakers. I think their color scheme matches well with grey more than white
  17. I wouldn’t mind them doing a dolphins like change to their home and road sets by removing the black outlines of their sleeve stripes and numbers. I think a reason why I like their throwback and red jerseys the most is because there’s no black on them anywhere, makes the other colors stand out more. Also, I think they should go to white facemasks permanently they’ve looked great the 2 times they’ve worn them
  18. 2014 week 4 they played and Bills went white on white (this game was pretty much the end of EJ Manuel)
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