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  1. Red/Green color on color matchups should be banned. I think people are self-enforcing this one, which is good, but it should be enshrined in the rules.
  2. the mid-00s ESPN package was "flat with no outlines" and is probably still my favorite ESPN set, and football set ever really, the main problem I have with the FOX/CBS sets is their continued insistence on a bottom bar rather than a classic-style bug, but the fashion for that one seems to cycle in and out every few years (especially for FOX).
  3. ESPN always goes wacky for their MNF graphics, even if they don't work, so I'm at least interested in seeing how they look.
  4. I still think it's way too big for soccer. It's like they're still in the HDTV transition era.
  5. It's Paddy Power, I'd attribute anything but good faith to them. Faking outrageous stuff to milk the publicity and then claiming that it was all to promote a good cause (and definitely not their bookkeeping company) is like their entire m.o., like the time they released a fake photo of them cutting down trees to read "GO ENGLAND" from the sky and then claimed it was to promote awareness for forest conservation.
  6. I hope Venezia get back to the top flight again, black/orange/green has to be the wackiest primary color scheme in sports.
  7. The "College Hockey" Dallas Stars look is one of my favorite NHL sets ever. I don't want it to be a trend, but I wish one team in hockey tried to make the NCAA look a thing again.
  8. I definitely prefer the smaller form FOX bug to the bar. I hope they use something similar to what their current/FSN's current MLB bugs look like. Speaking of FSN, and things only I care about, FSN Utah (or whatever they're called, Root Rocky Mountains?) broadcasts the Tour of Utah, and they actually have their own Fox-styled cycling graphics, though they're actually based on the old (2016?) FOX graphics package. It's actually pretty well done, though it does the irritating thing NBC does of alternating between showing KM and miles left. I can get this for showing speed (MPH is easier for US viewers to instantly get than KPH), but every distance-related rule in cycling (no car feeds in last 20k, 3k mechanical/crash rule, red kite at 1k) is in KM, and honestly it's like if you broadcast athletics but used yards instead of meters or something because you assume Americans would find "100m dash" too cryptic. I always find this kind of thing funny, you see it sometimes with ESPN3's streaming of fringe sports where they sometimes use old graphics packages for fringe sports nobody watches, though nothing beat when they broadcast domestic West Indies 50-over cricket (which even cricket fans wouldn't bother watching, it'd be like deciding to watch AAA Pacific Coast League baseball or something) using a ten-year-old ESPN graphics package.
  9. Robopenguin kicks ass but I generally agree that changing your logo right after winning a title is bad karma. One major point in favor of robopenguin though: it was in Sudden Death and worn by JCVD
  10. the Sampdoria one is the best by far
  11. Incidentally, these are the graphics i remember the best from when I started watching, just look at that too-cool-for-school minimalism complete with all-lower case captions. Pure style Cycling race graphics have been fairly primitive for a long time, due to the difficulty of covering the race over hundreds of KMs of public roads live. Time gaps are actually taken from the camera motorbikes and can occasionally be inaccurate. It wasn't too long ago that even the constant display of distance remaining wasn't always shown - I'd say about 10-15 years, and prior to that you'd have race coverage with no constant on-screen graphics at all.
  12. NBC Sports' online package lets you choose between the straight NBCSN feed and an ad-free feed taken from the official world feed. I always like stuff like this, because it's interesting to see how NBC and the official world feed graphics present the same information in a different manner.
  13. Team presentations, and hey, look, Trek-Segafredo did the "Switching to a white jersey for better heat reflection being able to sell a "special" TDF jersey at Trek stores" thing UAE Team Emirates are not caring a bit about modesty in the rain and are going with white shorts, which I support and Lotto-Soudal used the team launch weekend to announce that Soudal has upped their sponsorship. As a reward, their logo is now on top of the Lotto-Soudal kits, which, OK? And finally, Bora joined Trek in the "special white jersey" club, though they did it a bit more successfully, if you ask me.
  14. It's petty but I blame Sky for all this. It's very clear that cycling aesthetics peaked with the Mapei team and it's been all downhill from here. though from the era where I actually started watching (2006, the infamous Floyd Landis tour), Credit Agricole were my favorite looking team. Always love red/green.
  15. Massive change as Jumbo-Visma change from their yellow kit with partially yellow sleeves to... a yellow kit with black sleeves. Which is basically last year's normal jersey, which last year they ended up changing to not look like the yellow jersey. You do you, Jumbo-Visma.