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  1. A bunch of weird stuff happened to football badges in the 70s, which is how you got the Leeds United "smiley face" logo, Derby County's modernist ram, and the Nottingham Forest tree badge.
  2. Some on-point typography from whoever's doing the graphics for Roland Garros. It does amuse me that the whole flat graphics thing is happening worldwide too. Honestly I expect the next trend to be going back to like, the original FoxBox bug from 1994 and having them be partially transparent to give as much space to the on-field action as possible.
  3. I like a good team nickname but I've always hated the "compound noun" one like IronPigs or RailHawks or whatever, those are hopelessly minor-league hockey sounding. Which is fine in minor league hockey but not really for anything else. Like, Durham Bulls, that's a great name for any sport. Pittsburgh Riverhounds is just a bit bush league.
  4. I mean, P/R will never happen except as a closed-circle model among USL/MLS (which is still unlikely) but I don't get what's disgusting about it. We have a bunch of second tier teams which seem to be actually drawing fans and have ownerships who want to get to the top tier. Why not give them a path to do so which doesn't involve them paying increasingly big franchise fees? (by single-entity I don't mean MLS's specific model, but more the US-franchise model at large where teams act as closed cartels rather than independent entities from the league. which, incidentally, some of the elite European teams seem to be really envying given the constant closed-garden Euro Super League leaks)
  5. I mean, the rest of the world's lead (excepting Australia and I suppose China) is to have club teams, not teams which are operated via a closed-garden franchise model, which is why the "club names" make more sense. I see this as less "following the world's lead" and more "appropriating the aesthetics of european leagues while still maintaining the closed garden franchise model so we can charge ever higher expansion fees"
  6. For reference this was the prior CWC package, featuring a massive banner at the bottom with the batter and bowler's faces. It was not well-received, though I do like the old-style score in the corner (which is how it worked until bottom bars became standard in cricket broadcasting)
  7. For some extreme "things literally only I care about" energy, the ICC Cricket World Cup always has special graphics each year, last year was a strange package with an old-style top corner scorebug and a big banner with the batters' faces at the bottom, this one is more conventional (with the gimmick being gradients, given the rest of the package).
  8. Presumably the answer is "Postbank is paying a lot of money to Monchengladbach and if they want their corporate colors on their shirts they get them" Ads make sense in club sports where the teams are more or less independent entities and sink or swim financially by themselves. In closed-garden franchise sports like the NBA they just seem like a money grab, especially in a league that prints money anyway like the NBA.
  9. fbjim

    FC Nantes

    to be honest, for whatever reason most French football crests aren't that good, especially compared to some of the rugby union crests they have.
  10. I deeply dislike the euro-jacking of current MLS teams which inappropriately appropriate European club names (FC/SC is fine, City is fine,it only slightly bothers me that DC United wasn't formed as a club merger because "United" is a fairly "DC" name, but Real, Sporting and (jesus) Inter are awful), which is why I hope this logo never changes.
  11. I generally only choose teams in leagues where I have no geographical allegiance, so: Zero allegiance to any team so chose Harlequins in English rugby for those shirts. It was between Leicester and them because of my love for green and red, but that Harelquins shirt is just completely unique in any sport. Who else wears something as wild as that? Speaking of green and red, Souths in the NRL (which I can't watch because FOX Soccer's pricing is absurd) Two big plusses for them: They're red and green, which I love, and they're a tough rugby league team whose logo is a bunny rabbit. How can I not love them? And finally there's always Palermo, even if they've been (possibly) dubiously relegated to Serie C due to dubious league sanctions/Italian politics. They famously wear pink, and their club badge is art deco. Perfect.
  12. of the 90s trends to bring back, I'm not a fan of putting the team crest in a shield design for no real reason
  13. I see a shocking number of PSG kits here, I guess for Neymar and maybe Mbappe. I seriously doubt any of these people have watched a single Ligue 1 match, but then again, PSG only cares about Ligue 1 as a method of getting into the Champions League where they can fail again. since I'm a degenerate hipster i have an old Palermo shirt that I picked up for a song on ClassicFootballShirts
  14. I don't think that bug is used very often because generally in the US the broadcaster uses their own score graphics. It's pretty good but I don't think it fits the MLS "look" with their logo too well. The only time I've actually seen it is in MLS's YouTube highlight reels. That mid-00s Fox look was really good btw, especially that bit in 2006 when they went chrome with it for one year. Probably my favorite look from when everyone was using top banners for scorebugs. That whole early-mid00s period was great, all up to when ESPN moved to their package where everything was animated and 3D, which is maybe my least favorite graphics package used by a major network ever. more soccer graphics - the Scottish Premiership graphics have a really, really unique way of showing the elapsed time that I've never seen anywhere else.