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  1. I think anyone in New York will tell you about the proliferation of Chase Banks in what used to be independently owned storefronts, because hey, Chase Bank can pay more.
  2. European leagues are separate from the teams in them. You can argue whether or not the teams actually need them but the financial situation from a team which exists independently versus a MLB team in a controlled cartel of MLB franchises are completely different.
  3. I despised George Steinbrenner, and I still might. But say what you want about him- he wanted to win baseball games. He wasn't going to penny pinch because you might extract more profit by selling off all your players for a "window" a few years later. I often think of owners with popular teams who realize that they don't have to actually win to sell tickets - teams like the Maple Leafs and Browns come to mind. MLB right now is what happens when the entire league has that mindset.
  4. The reports of trademark issues, if they exist, are likely from "Kraken" being associated with a very popular brand of rum. God willing, that's enough to sink this thing.
  5. Gradient is difficult to use, but can be used well, and "it has gradient so = bad" is one of the laziest uniform critique cliches out there.
  6. some cycling ones, why not Laurent Fignon in Gatorade colors- Anything other than Renault or Super-U looks wrong, really, but even Castorama looked alright. As cool as the Gatorade kit was, it's very much not his look. Peter Sagan in the 2015 Tinkoff colors, prior to him winning the World Championships - Seeing Sagan in a kit other than the rainbow jersey or TDF green jersey is weird enough, but his early years in the bright green Cannondale jerseys were fairly iconic. This, however, was just a weird, ugly kit, and a piss-poor way to display his Slovakian championship. Thankfully he spent three solid years in the rainbow WC stripes after that, but jeez. Tom Boonen, USPS Even by weird "Oh, I forgot he rode for them" rookie team kit standards, this is weird. Alejandro Valverde, Illes Balears Right team, wrong sponsor. Movistar have rarely changed sponsors, having Reynolds for the 80s, Banesto for the 90s, Caisse d'Epargne for the late 00s, and Movistar for the '10s, but there was an odd period starting about 2000 where they went a bit nuts before settling on the boring, but fairly iconic Caisse d'Epargne kit. This was probably the weirdest of them all. Stephen Roche, Tonton Tapis To be honest, not sure this one belongs here, despite how hilariously bad the Tonton Tapis jersey is, Roche is probably the rider I identify most with it. But it's still such a hilarious, weird kit for a rider which generally wore iconic jerseys, like Peugeot and Carrera Jeans. Laurent Jalabert, Toshiba Taste went out the window in a fantastic way in the early 90s in all sports, and cycling was probably the worst (best?) affected. Anyway, when people think of Jaja, they think of him riding for ONCE, and not this hilarious monstrosity. Big fan of how the stripes accentuate Jaja's crotch, though. Greg Lemond, ADR-Agrigel Potentially a controversial one, because Greg wore this one in his most famous moment- winning the 1989 TDF by 8 seconds over Fignon by eight seconds. But for a rider who's worn some of the most iconic kits in cycling history- Renault-Elf, La Vie Claire, Z-Vetements, the rainbow WC stripes, even his brief spell in PDM- this one just doesn't cut it. Incidentally, that old Giro helmet logo needs to come back.
  7. god that TOUCHDOWN text is like the peak of obnoxiousness. like seriously, what happened to highlighting the scoring team's part of the scorebug, or even better, just updating the score without massive text and logos flying everywhere?
  8. The bug itself is good but the massive TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!! graphics are obnoxious.
  9. Fox seemingly can't decide if they like boxes or tickers better.
  10. It's very minor league. I think nothing really screams minor league than the compound-noun animal team name, eg IronPigs/RailHawks/WaterDogs. Leave that to a friday night Eastern League game, guys.
  11. that logo ironically looks too "safe" to really have the "wait how the applications look"/"don't jump to conclusions" defense work. It's not like London 2012 (which in retrospect had some fantastic applications, and was far better than the anodyne Rio 2016 identity) or the Juventus logo update- on top of all the other objections, it's also just really, really boring. "Offensively inoffensive" might sound like an oxymoron, but well...
  12. Yeah, it's almost like history and tradition is something you have to develop on your own, and isn't something which can be branded on your team by copy-pasting a glamorous club name
  13. I think it was actually supposed to look like the Spanish national team, not that that's an improvement.
  14. just split the difference and use AFC, imo.
  15. I'll elaborate with an opinion that nature of club sports in general allow for advertising- this means that franchise sports shouldn't have ads. Yes, MLS, this means you. (I'll make a small exception for sports which are niche enough that every dollar is necessary for the league to survive, so things like Major League Rugby, and arguably the WNBA are OK).
  16. No idea why a team with the history of Juventus is doing wacky stuff like this. This is like a kit you'd see a third division team wearing.
  17. Oh, and the Rugby World Cup is almost done, and NBCSN appeared to be using the world feed graphics for those. I rather like these. I do think it's funny that it's another example (alongside FOX's flat graphics fetish, which seems pulled right from the Windows Metro/8 look) of sports graphics cribbing from tech- this "flat layered/textured" look is straight out of the Google "Material Design" playbook.
  18. For whatever reason, I really like ESPN's current thing of giving each sport its own look. Being consistent has its virtues but I like a bit of taloring to the aesthetics and looks for each individual league. The MNF graphics are bad but MNF graphics are always when ESPN gets weird anyway, so I can't get mad about those. Also, in cycling news, RIP to the Tour of California, AKA the only time I've ever heard commentators repeatedly complain about the on-screen graphics (they used the NBCSN graphics for the world feed, and the Eurosport commentators would constantly complain about stuff like the use of miles, rather than kilometers, and the information overload from the bottom bar endlessly cycling through standings/quotes/news rather than having a "normal" km/time gap display. (it did get better with the current NBCSN graphics they use for the Tour de France, but their insistence on using a bar rather than doing what literally every other cycling broadcaster did was always funny)
  19. Red/Green color on color matchups should be banned. I think people are self-enforcing this one, which is good, but it should be enshrined in the rules.
  20. the mid-00s ESPN package was "flat with no outlines" and is probably still my favorite ESPN set, and football set ever really, the main problem I have with the FOX/CBS sets is their continued insistence on a bottom bar rather than a classic-style bug, but the fashion for that one seems to cycle in and out every few years (especially for FOX).
  21. ESPN always goes wacky for their MNF graphics, even if they don't work, so I'm at least interested in seeing how they look.
  22. I still think it's way too big for soccer. It's like they're still in the HDTV transition era.
  23. It's Paddy Power, I'd attribute anything but good faith to them. Faking outrageous stuff to milk the publicity and then claiming that it was all to promote a good cause (and definitely not their bookkeeping company) is like their entire m.o., like the time they released a fake photo of them cutting down trees to read "GO ENGLAND" from the sky and then claimed it was to promote awareness for forest conservation.
  24. I hope Venezia get back to the top flight again, black/orange/green has to be the wackiest primary color scheme in sports.
  25. The "College Hockey" Dallas Stars look is one of my favorite NHL sets ever. I don't want it to be a trend, but I wish one team in hockey tried to make the NCAA look a thing again.
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