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  1. @hallucinathan in a perfect world, the rays could do faux backs of all the teams that would of moved to tampa over the 90s and late 80s.
  2. There needs to be a "What if" promo and marlins need this!
  3. @TheMilkman You think theres a way to make a concept that doesnt have the logo or the wordmark on the chest but just an element of their logo? Something similar to those "Turn ahead the Clock" unis? I just had the idea of the halos uni, have the halo around the middle of number on the chest, left or right doesnt matter, then still have the patches on sleeves. Just a thought.
  4. @MJD7 great job! that dbacks set is great, especially those teal unis! How you ever seen any dbacks wordmarks in the font of their "A" cap? Not being sarcastic or anything just curious, Ive never seen it but they've always used it.
  5. always felt arizona had solid logos and decent color palette when they first started but that loll from 2007-2016 was kinda meh.
  6. With a few tweaks, this uni would be great. You'd think the giants would have a black set for the road. They have alot of potential but they play it safe *bummer*
  7. Kinda bummed they done have some of the SPT from this season, will it be updated?
  8. @Cate you nailed the green and red bucks set! Black is a kinda played, but maybe randomly do a blue uni, from their current palette, with the red/green and white.
  9. Little pet peeve, is when the pants have two stripes then the shoulder would have three plus theyd be different widths. Like the color rush browns set, should be two stripes on the shoulders the same width on the pants. Just for consistence sake.
  10. kinda glad the expos dont exist anymore because seeing our corporate overloads bastardize their unis would be disappointing
  11. I appreciate the city jersey. Just solid black and red no white