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  1. Saying their new logo is garbage, is an insult to garbage. Now this on the other hand, is straight fuego! Great work. Looking forward to seeing what uni sets
  2. I dont disagree but certain teams could pull off or have done the powder blues in the past. All within reason, it would interesting to see. Wouldnt want to see the chicago white sox in blues but the blue jays or mets would be interesting.
  3. no idea why no team has adopted powder blues for away uni's. greys are just getting old, and definitely those blues would be a breath of fresh hair.
  4. those unis are amazing, i'd totally wear that
  5. Someone tweet @Hatclub about making some "Speculated" logo caps.
  6. The set would look interesting, if they avoided black altogether. Just off the overuse from everyone else in the league. And since theyre leaning on the space motif for their unveiling. How about different shades of red and greys, like the away set could be dark red with that bright red and some dark grey trim. (I wish I knew how to use Photoshop)
  7. Fair enough, just a thought. like how Milwaukee could have a pale cream home uni would look pretty clean. Just feels like a lost opportunity. White sets just feel lazy
  9. how does their global logo have more grey then red, but the unis are mostly red? instead of home whites why not light greys as home? most teams are reluctant on wearing whites anyway. then theres no uniqueness to the font just bold. they had the opportunity to have something pretty neat but dropped it. the lowest common denominator is the worst.
  10. I just dont understand, the commuting distance. If they were going to Tampa to San Juan, that makes sense. But youre going to travel, make sure all the visas are taken care of, from america to a different country. Just feels like alot of leaps and bounds to compensate not getting a new stadium.
  11. If I can see a gradient 90s rays color palette on an expos set. I'd be in line once they drop some caps online
  12. absurd isnt the good enough to describe all of this.
  13. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27016429/sources-rays-explore-playing-montreal

    What is your take on this, curious what it would look like (cough..cough)