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  1. @MJD7 San Diego needs that yellow uni soon
  2. Why not the Blue Jays play in San Juan?
  3. @chestnutz your logos looks hella solid, hatclub needs to reach out, you’d sellout in minutes. Great work!
  4. Id give you money rn if you had the pink uni for sale. Looks great, whole set is impressive.
  5. @MJD7 Is there a team that you cant resist thinking of concepts and is there anytime thats nearly impossible to think of something for?
  6. From the most recent set you posted, the two white sets.
  7. @MJD7 Have you tried that cursive font for "Los Angeles" I could image it looks huge. Just had the thought looking over the new template.
  8. The yellow panel front/red cap looks hella solid. Great concept, would you consider an away set with "Los Angeles" or "Anahiem"? @MJD7
  9. The palette and logos are solid!
  10. @mcrosby That road uni for the mets is pretty sweet. Looking forward to a marlins/padres/nationals set.
  11. @Yee Yee Go 'Stros! @SFGiants58 This entire series is prime for HatClub. Paychecks would disappear every drop.