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  1. Chicago needs you on retainer, that BP jersey needs that as a regular set and that global logo is wow.
  2. Nike's billion dollar man, in miami and cleveland he's had dozens of uni's brought out for him.
  3. Lebron is on a mission to ruin another team. First was wearing yellow on the road, before that it was going from gold to bananas in pajamas yellow
  4. Its a shame but their uni looks like a counterfeit from mercari. If they flirted just alittle with cursive "Bucks" or "Milwaukee" would be an improvement or just a wink and nod to the purple era.
  5. Those jerseys can be forecast of what 2019-2020 Knicks will be, painfully underwhelming
  6. I'd like to see a "We Believe" warriors colorway on that modern set. The blue and yellow is looking alittle stale. Even if they threw in some more red like that throwback would be a nice twist.
  7. San Antonio Armadillos, Houston's triple a affiliate did a zombie armadillo for a twd promo. That could be a jumping off point
  8. All of these would look great sleeveless, just a missed opportunity. But that nets uni, YIKES.
  9. I am painstakingly waiting for the padres/marlins sets. You do a great job, keep the greatness coming.
  10. Do you think the nike takeover will ruin anything? Or ill be a seamless turnover?
  11. What are the chances they can get a brown/orange sunday set?
  12. Cubs in powder blue pinstripes was unique, just squash the stripes and bump the red. Powder blue/royal/white would be nice
  13. Rehashed, old ideas. And those rumblings of those orange themed magic set. Seems like their banking on the absurd to quart interest, but I am willing to seem the final product.
  14. fair point, but wouldnt you think as along as the talent playing does well that'll generate revenue. But wouldn't you agree some of those ideas are at their best lack luster, i.e Detroit's chrone uni's and the "big spur" set, couldnt just a fiesta uni make a bit of a difference.
  15. I agree with what everyone is saying, at the end of the day I just wanna see good ideas. The status quo and underwhelmingness of teams like Orlando, San Antonio, and Detroit just feels like waves hitting the beach at this point. Hands down Ive seen concepts on here that would blow those current atrocities out of the water. Lets not for get that black side panels on those Lakers jerseys, wth.