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  1. I couldnt tell from video if there was any piping, but fair enough.
  2. How come they haven’t done this? Feel like this one of the most on the nose wordmarks and colorways to use and they insisted on using the fireman’s crest.
  3. So the Mets unis won’t have the blue head spoon?
  4. You’d think they’d do something with green, it’s right there under their nose. Where’d they pull dark blue from? Way to go tho, solid tweak
  5. Just found out that Minnesota planned on moving to Birmingham, twice. That design concept would’ve been interesting to see. *(cough, cough)*
  6. Thoughts on the Lakers going back to powder blue and gold?
  7. I really like how the Oakland and Baltimore word marks have no outline but still manage to pop, great looks! Instead of the gold uni, for Boston, I was thinking something with the subliminal als unis bc has done in the past.
  8. It’s be interesting to see the Miami gator set in the Marlins palette
  9. That’s what I was thinking for the Portland set, I also thought for the white uni would have subliminal plaid. Funny enough, if you every thought of a city uni, an Oregon trail set. Great work all around.
  10. What did you have in mind for Montreal? Hopefully something with duel racing stripes
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