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  1. What would your set look like if you did the typical color set for the spurs? Great work btw
  2. Solid set! Send this to the Austin Spurs their sets need some help.
  3. Could see the game being postponed due to alligators on the ice. Solid design tho
  4. Oakland Padres San Diego Athletics
  5. Up think eventually they’ll do this style uni but with their primary colors? Could you do a mock up of that? You do great work btw!
  6. Hope it’s a hint to the spring training uni
  7. The bigger question would be, what would the caps look like?
  8. Saw a concept that said the Cleveland Citizens, but their mascot and logo should be something with this guy.
  9. So will OKC reference their fauxback too or just lean into pissing off everyone in seattle?