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  1. I recall seeing an idea on another thread where the hornet and a deer/moose (insert proper term) flanked a coat of arms. That'd be interesting, or maybe something more "illustrated" like Blackpool.
  2. I would try a different font from copperplate. Not sure what I'd recommend though. The hornet on its own would look cool with some tweaks. The hexagon looks too close to Wolves IMO.
  3. Ha! Though the hornets and wasps in Southwestern US do have red and are particularly nasty if you're not careful. Loving these potential new Watford logos though.
  4. Obvious one for me is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Red and blue are both in the main logo
  5. That's really good to hear. The edit part where he’s in stable condition. Not the shooting part.
  6. Still feel the early penalty was...questionable. Set a poor tone early on.
  7. Champions League final! C’mon you Spurs!
  8. I was personally hoping for Leeds, Villa and Norwich. Haven’t watched enough to know if Sheffield U is any good.
  9. Im still new to European football but Villa seems one of the teams that belongs in the Premier League. Glad they’re back in it.
  10. Marseille is going without a sponsor? That’d be cool if true. Looks really nice.
  11. Would the blue shorts/socks be interchangeable with the third?
  12. Looks like Tottenham’s kits have leaked online. Not 100% sure if it’s legit though.
  13. Hey, and they made it back into Bundesliga for next year. Wonder if if she’d like Duisburg for similar reasons.
  14. That looks a lot like Tottenham’s from 16-17.