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  1. Wow, I can't believe that's going to be the primary court. Awful, just awful.
  2. It's a tragedy that the Bucks are wearing those black uniforms tonight.
  3. Is this what you're referring to? I thought this was the Bears.
  4. Baylor deserves to lose for wearing the grey throwbacks in their biggest game in 70 years.
  5. Do I really have to explain why winning a championship is important?
  6. I don't need to add anything. The Super Bowl determines the NFL champion, which is the highest achievement in the league. Winning a championship eclipses any other accomplishment a team can achieve. That's just how sports work.
  7. If you measure those teams' playoff and championship game wins then the second group of teams is better. Greatness isn't measured in talent or regular season wins.
  8. The super bowl is important because it determines who the NFL champion is for that season, which is objectively more important than who had the best regular season record. That's the whole reason we have a playoff, it's to determine who the best team is.
  9. The players, coaches, front office, and 99.9% of fans care more about the trophy than the regular season. You wouldn't be able to find a single pro athlete that would side with you here. This is such a stupid argument.
  10. IMO something about the white uniform doesn't look right when compared to the others in that set.
  11. Is this logo really from 1919? It looks much more recent.
  12. Looked better in my head. The colors are very unbalanced; a ton of orange on the pants and very little everywhere else. I do like the monochrome orange look though.
  13. I would love to see these orange pants with the white jersey.
  14. Conspiracy theory: the NBA told players to untuck their jerseys during these ASG events so that they appear more like the retail versions as a way to increase sales.
  15. No clue, I actually don't know how to like posts on here.
  16. The Packers, Steelers, and Chargers shades of gold are all extremely similar if not the same. Any of us can find photos that make these teams' gold look like banana yellow, it's just different lighting and cameras.
  17. This graphic is missing the Warriors one-off white 'We Believe' throwback.
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