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  1. I think focusing on "Canucks" for the primary logo is ultimately the issue causing this circular debate, especially since ultimately multiple NHL teams don't really use logos pertaining to their actual team name as the main logo. Without the historical context, how does a "CH" represent "Canadiens" aside from sharing a letter, for example? What does a star wrapped with the Ohio state flag have to do with "Blue Jackets"? What does a spoked "B" have to do with "Bruins" aside from sharing a letter? With the Habs and Bruins, we can at least say there's a historical reason they'll never change from those logos. If Boston outright dropped the Spoked B from their logos, the fans would probably go ballistic. And you can be damn sure every single person in Montréal would actually start to riot if the Canadiens ever changed from the CH. They've always been at their best in those logos. I think the Orca's approaching that territory of being a logo associated the most with the Canucks' successful periods. It's a contest between the Orca and the Flying Skate, since they went to the Finals in both. The SiR is mostly associated with playoff futility in the 70's, and Johnny is not the optimal option as the primary logo as he stands. Unless you use the Vachon-lite logo as the primary, which I think would be an even worse idea, you'd need to totally redesign Johnny to make him into a suitable primary logo for a brand in 2019. The Bruins' logo ties more into Boston then it does the actual team name, given Boston is often called "The Hub". And the Orca can similarly tie into Vancouver's deep economic ties to the Pacific Ocean, given it's a marine animal found in the Pacific Ocean.
  2. It'll probably never change just due to how long this team has been the "Canucks"; you don't exactly change a name from 1945 lightly. "Vancouver Seawolves" feels like it'd be a pretty good name for them if they felt bold enough to go in such a direction, though; keeps the orca connection with a slightly more imaginative name then "Orcas".
  3. But Vancouver IS a seaport city that prides itself on that natural beauty. Does a lumberjack, who's job it is to cut down the very same beautiful natural surroundings the city is known for, make for a better representation of the city and what it prides itself on in 2019? Besides, when I think of what makes Vancouver "Vancouver", I don't immediately jump to "tree cutters". I think of all the other major industries settling there; animation studios, film studios, game development, aerospace work, biotechnological work; all that is what I would describe as being the essence of modern Vancouver, not lumberjacks. Forestry is still a big part of Vancouver's economy, yes, but there's a lot more to the city of Vancouver then just dudes with beards and plaid in overalls cutting down trees. I think of Vancouver and I think "cultural hub of Western Canada", not "lumberjacks". Maybe it would be a lot better-fitting in 1945 when the PCHL Canucks were founded, but there's way more to 2019 Vancouver then forestry. Hell, 30% of all people in Vancouver have Chinese heritage; so by the logic of "representing the city", the Canucks should have a logo like an Asian dragon that panders to that large Chinese demographic, not a white lumberjack, right? And just because the team is named after a cartoon character does not mean they need that cartoon character as their primary brand. A name is just that; a name. It should not pigeonhole someone into only being able to do one specific look because a small contingent of disgruntled fans dislike a primary logo that is equally representative of what Vancouverites pride themselves on (the natural beauty and seaport nature of the city) as Johnny Canuck. And FYI? All sports logos are corporate. Saying the Orca is "corporate" is literally just saying it's made by a corporation. Which, well, it was. Because it was made by the Vancouver Canucks. The Johnny logo is just as corporate as the Orca, which is just as corporate as the Flying Skate, which is just as corporate as the Stick-in-Rink.
  4. The logo SF posted would be slick. I agree there; I think the Ballard-era leaf is just too angular and rigid. It feels like a overly-"modern" take on the logo and lacks the sort of vintage look that the Leafs should embody. They're among the original NHL franchises, and I feel they look the sharpest with the more jagged-edged leaf. I like the last alternate logo they had a lot, personally. Plus the jagged leaf is what's associated with the cup wins, while the angular Ballard leaf is more often associated with the team being absolute garbage
  5. Same here; I think they're going to roll a navy alternate out to wear at home to try and appease that crowd. That's what would make the most sense to me.
  6. Not gonna lie, that's actually really nice-looking. I figured they'd probably do a fauxback-styled Smilodon logo should they go for a Dixie Flyers-inspired look for the WC, and this one absolutely nails that vintage aesthetic. If the Preds were a O6 or Expansion-era team, I would absolutely see them coming up with something like this for their logo. The script on the hat basically confirms that the WC jersey itself is going to be a Dixie Flyers homage.
  7. Still not a fan of the logo itself (would still much prefer the crown used in it as the main logo), but the extra outline is a good addition.
  8. Given that's what the team used during the 25th celebration party at Disneyland, I would expect that any potential rebranding they do eventually go down would use that combination of colors (eggplant-jade-orange) rather then going full-on Mighty Ducks (eggplant-jade-silver), and probably uses the same version of the logo seen on the 25th jersey with the orange sticks. That way orange is still on the main jerseys and the primary branding, you can still trot out orange thirds to tie towards Orange Country more heavily and you also please the people wanting a return to the eggplant and jade while still keeping that nod to the team's location. It won't happen within the next 2-3 years, but I can definitely see them slowly leaning into that direction over time. The Samuellis are probably gunshy on using Mighty Ducks colors/imagery less for the idea that they're just not interested in the idea of going to that look, and more to avoid the perception of having screwed up the entire rebrand just around a decade after actually rebranding. They don't want to look like the Senators in that department and end up looking for another rebrand so quickly after already rebranding; that makes it look like they messed up pretty badly rather then just a desire for a change in look. Plus the Cup win being in the gold/black/orange doesn't hurt, either.
  9. Not "missing", per sey; but I suppose since we're approaching the beginning of the WHL season, I should note that the Ice are still listed as the Kootenay Ice on the WHL logos page, even though the team has already played preseason games as the Winnipeg Ice. Might be a good idea to touch that up.
  10. Eh, I don't really see "Red Wings" in that look so much. It's more "classic hockey aesthetic" then it is "Wings-lite". The striping on the hem and arms is different between them; Detroit's whites have all red arms with white stripes, not completely white arms and red stripes with a black outline like the Canes jersey. To be honest, I really love them now that we've seen the full kit on the ice. Sure, the 3D helmet decal's a bit weird, but it's overall a pretty minor element of an exceptionally solid uniform. The jersey these replaced was honestly pretty weak in itself; it had a weirdly-proportioned shoulder yoke that was longer in the back then the front, the striping was really generic and it overall just looked pretty bland. This set is a marked improvement for me, especially on the ice; they look so good in play. This jersey also reintroduces the flag striping on the hem, which hasn't been on a Canes jersey since 2013, so that's automatically a point in favor of it.
  11. I agree with that, but again it's why I said the concept was good. Adding some extra contrast in the look is a good idea on paper, but their execution was where things fell apart with it. I've been tinkering with that color scheme to try and build a North Stars set that incorporates black without also adding all of the stupid ideas that came along with them. And to be fair, the North Stars didn't commit the most heinous crime of that era of uniforms...they didn't have white skates. I love the retros a lot, but I don't think adding black by itself is a terrible idea. It can look great, but the modern set completely botches the look. I think the 2000's set looked perfect; it has just the right amount of black in comparison to the red, not enough to become too overpowering, but enough to add some extra punch. Adding too much black is what ruined the jersey, not the idea of black itself, in my opinion.
  12. I think the home jerseys would be infinitely improved by just changing the shoulder yoke to be yellow instead of dark blue, honestly. The dark blue only really works as an accent color, not as the main secondary. This, I disagree with strongly; the North Stars adding black to their jerseys was the best that team ever looked. Kelly green, white and yellow would probably be just as obnoxious on today's cameras as the Oilers' oranges. Adding black tamed the jersey and added some well-needed definition to it. The Flames also look fine with black as long as you eliminate the stupid side striping that they keep for some god-forsaken reason and keep it as a secondary color. Again, it adds some extra definition to the jersey that looks great on the ice, which is important.
  13. Hell yeah, that's what I was hoping the commemorative jersey was going to be and they delivered. So excited for that to be seen on the ice in a modern game just for the nostalgia of it. They've also changed their Twitter icon to the trumpet logo for the occasion.
  14. Looks like the NAHL Kansas City team has filed a trademark for a logo using the Scouts name;
  15. Bump to add another team, this one having sat and been tinkered with for a while; the Ducks. Hopefully this set fixes some of the more prominent issues I've been having with design; With the Ducks came an interesting challenge of merging two disparate identities; I ultimately decided on hybridizing both looks into one combination of eggplant, jade and orange, as seen in the Ducks' anniversary celebrations. I brought the old Mighty Ducks logo back in as the primary logo, while keeping the webbed D as the alternate logo for the shoulders as on the 25th anniversary jersey. Eggplant/jade/orange is a color combination that I think would truly set the Ducks apart from every other team in the NHL, and honestly looks sharp as hell. I wouldn't be surprised if the Ducks eventually go to something like this, color wise. For the dark jersey, I simply swapped colors around; eggplant makes the body while white is now a stripe and letter color. It's a clean look that ties well into the theme I've set of merging the two versions of the team's identity seamlessly. The third is heavily themed around the Ducks being in Orange County, using the colors of the alternate logo to create a exceptionally stark contrast with the main jersey set. The webbed D takes the primary logo position, while the Mighty Ducks emblem goes to the shoulders. This jersey also uses the Ducks' modern font, while the main set obviously uses their original font.