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  1. Wow, that looks like it'd just disappear on the ice. I guess a uniform that makes them utterly invisible is a perfect representation of this team since 1999, but that'll just look so unpleasant from a TV perspective.
  2. Problem there is multiple minor clubs use the name; the Idaho Steelheads of the ECHL and Mississauga Steelheads of the OHL, and it'd be another Vegas situation for the latter. Plus the colors on the official NHL Seattle site are decidedly ill-fitting for a team named the Steelheads. Sockeyes is the obvious choice; it's punable (and thus marketable), simple, fits the established color scheme, rolls well and ties exceptionally well into the PNW, where sockeye are very important fish. Plus silver/gray is used all over in this league; pink is decidedly a unique color for an NHL franchise to use.
  3. Except "seahawk" is literally a nickname for osprey. This isn't a situation where a name has many different applications, "seahawk" is a nickname for osprey flat-out. "Canuck" is not anywhere close to as specific as "seahawk". It's a term for Canadian; the ethnicity, the country, the stuff in it. It's a catch-all term. I don't really think big bearded guy with a plaid shirt is any more descriptive of "Canadian" then an orca. If anything, people these days associate big beards and plaid shirts with hipsters, not Canadians.
  4. Because they're the flipping SEAHAWKS. The term "seahawk" explicitly refers to an osprey, and not an orca. "Canuck" is nowhere NEAR as specific a term as "seahawk", so that argument is flawed. An orca, a beaver, a caribou, a salmon, a nickel, a wolf, a bear and a moose all are just as "Canuck" a logo as a lumberjack. Arguing that the Seahawks using an orca isn't completely wrong is like arguing that the Panthers should use a Persian as their primary since a Persian and a cougar are kinda related to one another. "Seahawk" refers to a specific thing. "Canuck" refers to a ethnicity. Again, "Canuck" isn't anywhere close to so specific that Johnny is an indisputably better option then the Orca. People commonly think a Velociraptor is a big scaly lizard monster, does that mean that a logo depicting it as the more accurate and feathery version of the same creature a bad logo because people don't immediately recognize it? No. But the common perception of Velociraptors is giant scaly lizard monsters. The flying skate is a terribly designed logo. The orca just isn't.
  5. Andrew makes a very good point; the Canucks do a loooot of market research. If Johnny were nearly as overwhelmingly popular with Canucks fans as some on this board think, they'd have definitely noted it and began phasing Johnny in and phasing out the Orca. This new jersey set would have been the perfect time to phase Johnny in as the primary if they saw he was so overwhelmingly popular. But they didn't, they simply took off the wordmark and made the primary logo larger. That, to me, indicates Johnny Canuck isn't as overwhelmingly hugely desired by the fanbase at large as some people make him out to be.
  6. I don't see how an orca is "misrepresenting" the name Canuck. It's a slang term for "Canadian" that can apply to all sorts of logos and identities, as this franchise has proven time and time again. An orca is as Canadian as a lumberjack, speaking as one myself, so it's not "misrepresenting" the name. Port city + iconic marine fauna of the area is a pretty obvious connection, just as obvious as Johnny's. Plus which is more intimidating as a primary logo; a massive whale that can easily and effortlessly rip you limb from limb or a guy in a touque skating around with a hockey stick who's main claim to fame is being a famous comic character? Teams like Toronto, Boston and Montréal can get away with that sort of unintimidating and basic logo design. The Canucks cannot and should not even try to be that. They're not a heritage franchise with a long and proud identity, they're a confused mishmash of all sorts of wacky identities that is as far from "heritage" as you can possibly get. You've got this franchise using blue, red, yellow, green, white, navy, maroon, black all used as main colors throughout the years and some people think this is a heritage franchise? Also, funnily enough, Johnny Canuck, the very symbol Canuck fans keep parading as this amazingly awesome primary logo...was a character depicted as simple-minded and being unintelligent. Is an unintelligent person really the best symbol for Vancouver, one of the biggest hubs for arts, culture and media in Canada?
  7. Late 90's nostalgia is in tho, so it'd at least be topical.
  8. I'd argue the lines above and below the buffalo are also completely unneeded and just muddle the logo further. We can see it's charging, we don't need speed lines. Mine's an unpopular opinion, but I've always preferred the Goathead to the vintage logo precisely due to that reason; it didn't have weird redundant elements.
  9. I think the problem with that is that it would only serve to divide the fanbase even more. They have the Millionares throwback for a super-simple logo, I don't think making their main logo that simple would be a good idea; it looks somewhat college-league. Vancouver has an identity which works with refinement; orca primary, stick in rink secondary, Johnny Canuck third and flying skate throwback. They don't need to change anything else.
  10. These are a definite improvement on the ones before, I'd agree. Just the removal of the useless arched "VANCOUVER" over the logo makes them look so much better, and I'm digging the mostly blue/green third. The collars are about as good as you can do with Adidas' template, unfortunately, but I'll take it.
  11. This is a useless goddamn tirade and you know it. I'm a Canadian too, proud of it...and I'm goddamned elated that the Blues won the Cup. The city, the players, they all DESERVED to win, they've all suffered for far too long for me to be anything but happy for them. I bet you're the kinda dude who keeps ragging on the Southern expansion teams for "taking teams away from Canada", too, when our economy was awful for a while and it's only now rebounding from the complete collapse of the 90's that led to the Jets and Nordiques heading south to begin with. Stop with this petty nationalistic bull already, you're making the rest of this country look bad. Most of the goddamn team is made up of Canadians, that's good enough.
  12. I think it's telling that I literally never heard of Johnny Canuck as a comic character before I got involved in sports logo discussions. And the name "Canucks" isn't even specifically just a Johnny Canuck thing, it's a slang term for Canadians as a whole that dates back to the 1850s; Captain Canuck is a much more prevalent example of the term up here nowadays then Johnny is. And hell, the Maple Leafs don't have an army theme to their uniforms despite being named for the maple leafs on the hats of the CEF during WWI, so why do the Canucks need to be themed after Johnny Canuck as their main brand? Just because a name is after one thing doesn't mean the entire brand should then be that, especially with a slang term as generic-sounding as "Canucks". Johnny is no better then the orca design wise; if anything, he's more cartoonish and silly-looking then the orca. Like, the faux-Haida orca isn't an amazingly glorious logo, but it's the best of the worst when it comes to this team. Johnny as the main would get lampooned by people, because it looks even more like a cartoon character then the Orca does.
  13. The team was named after a common slang term for "Canadian", and Johnny was made to be a visual representation of that term. Orcas are Canadian fauna and culturally prominent in the PNW, just as a lumberjack is a Canadian occupation with a strong foothold in BC. They're not specifically the "Vancouver Lumberjacks" or "Vancouver Timber Kings" or something that would make Johnny the obvious best choice...but nor are they the "Vancouver Seawolves" or "Vancouver Orcas" that'd make the Orca the obvious choice. They're the "Vancouver Canadians", essentially. Anything commonly tied to Canada can work with a name like that; be that an orca, a lumberjack or anything else. I could suggest them become a completely beaver-themed team and could anybody call that an unfitting thing? After all, beavers are one of this country's most famous symbols, so a team named the "Canadians" would totally fit having a beaver identity as much as a lumberjack identity, an orca identity, a flying skate identity or a stick-in-rink identity. That's the issue with this team; the name is so vague that everybody has their own idea of what is "best" for their identity. I think the orca works, VancouverFan is a huge Johnny Canuck proponent, there's flying skate proponents, SiR proponents and even a few Flying V supporters here and there, and these identities are all so disparate that nobody can seem to universally agree on anything, even the team's colors. You see people who want them to go back to the West Coast Express look, you see people who want the 90's scheme, there's people who want the 80's scheme, the 70's scheme...essentially nobody can seem to agree on one basic set that fits the majority because so many people want so many different looks for the same team. This team's identity is a complete goddamn mess already, I don't think it's wise from a marketing or branding perspective to mess with it yet again. No, but they're a franchise with an already-extensive identity crisis that seriously does not need more division in the fanbase as to what the hell their identity is supposed to be. The absolute worst thing a brand can do is change constantly. They have a set which merges the old and current, they've got a distinct and recognizable brand that works. They shouldn't change again unless there's a good reason to beyond "some fans want Johnny Canuck/the Stick in Rink/the Flying Skate to be our primary logo". Otherwise, it's perpetuating the same cycle of constant reinvention for reinventions' sake that got this franchise into this mess in the first place.
  14. "Canuck" is literally just a generic slang term for "Canadian". Anything that lives in or has to do with Canada could fit under the name Canuck; a maple leaf, a beaver, a person, an orca, a moose, a goose, a bear, pretty much anything native to Canada can fit as a logo for a team literally just named "Vancouver Canadians". All are Canadian in some form or fashion, so all fit the term "Canuck". A lumberjack is no more "Canuck" then an orca. I'm fine with them keeping an identity which works and has worked over changing because a small contingent of a larger fanbase wants the logo to change. The brand as it is is perfectly fine and distinct from the rest of the NHL, it doesn't need to become diet Pittsburgh with a cartoony character skating with a hockey stick as the primary logo, and it doesn't need to go to a logo which is outdated as a primary in the modern era either. An identity which is unique and works > Trying to please a small subset of a fanbase.
  15. Not particularly, but I don't believe in changing identities just for the sake of it. This franchise should keep one consistent brand, and I don't see any reason to change this current one once they axe the unnecessary "Vancouver" wordmark on their primary logo like the leaks indicate.