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  1. And honestly, since the rebrand, the Preds have never had a bad jersey. I may dislike their kit, but they're not objectively bad jerseys. I'm sure they'll be doing up a throwback jersey for the event, as has commonly been tradition in Winter Classics, so I'd expect something similar to this. As for Dallas...I know it'll probably never happen with the current jerseys, but I'd love to see this beauty back on the ice for even one more game.
  2. Speaking of Metro division teams ignoring their 90's identity; I wish the Caps would acknowledge their late 90's rebrand more. I get that you want to keep a brand associated with a Stanley Cup victory and all, but wordmarks should never be your primary logo. Anaheim won their Stanley Cup in a wordmark logo, but they still ditched the wordmark logo eventually. I hope the Caps follow that trend and ditch the wordmark on the jersey for, well, an actual logo. Bring the Screaming Eagle back and tie it into the classic colors to merge both eras of Capitals history into one jersey, that's all I'm gonna say.
  3. I agree that specific logo loses a bit, but I was mainly using it as an example of how cleaning up the linework helps the logo's positive attributes shine more. As it is, I can't see the logo without immediately seeing how crude the linework is nowadays, especially compared to their sister franchise's incredibly clean linework for their primary logo. Philly's logo is so incredibly clean that I think updating it at all would be risking ruining it; Pittsburgh, in my opinion, needs to get to that point before I can feel like leaving their logo alone; and I don't believe they have quite yet. Again, was more referring to the linework there; it's more defined then the previous versions. I'd like the lines to feed into the B, too, but it's an example of modernizing a classic logo without losing the core of what made said logo work. Eh, I disagree that the brand should just be "fine". A brand should strive to look as clean and timeless as it can. It's why Boston, Detroit and Montréal haven't changed their core logos since the 40's and 50's; those logos are exceptionally clean and damn near perfection, IMO. Pittsburgh has the timeless part, but the linework is something that still needs to be improved.
  4. Frankly, I'd hate that, too. I might personally prefer the Robopen, but I think the Skating Penguin could absolutely be a great logo for the Pens; I just think it needs to be revised and made a bit cleaner-looking overall. Something that looks like this is what I want, really, solely in terms of linework. I don't HATE the Skating Penguin at all, but it's a logo that could absolutely do with some cleaning up. It has a solid concept but is just a bit...old-looking. And not really in a timeless manner, like the Flyers, Leafs or Habs logo do, in my own opinion. The Mighty Ducks logo is great because of how clean the lines are. The more dated linework of the current Skating Penguin makes it look more like, say, a junior team logo to me. I know the Robopen's never going to be the main logo (frankly, I'd love it back on a third), and I don't really want them to change too much about the Skating Penguin; just to make it's linework cleaner and less....dated-looking. Other teams that had dated logos have tweaked and modernized them (SJS, TML, BOS) in the same way I'd like Pittsburgh to do it; keep the core, but modernize it a bit.
  5. That'd be a sick third jersey, IMO. It'd combine multiple eras of Penguins history on a jersey, and would work amazingly as an anniversary jersey. I just want the team to do more then just Skating Penguin with occasional blue throwbacks.
  6. I mean, ultimately what is any sports franchise but a corporation? Just because we get attached to a team doesn't make them any less of a corporation. These franchises exist, primarily, to make money, not primarily to please people. And I can turn the argument against you; when I look at the Skating Penguin, I see a goofy cartoon penguin with big angry eyebrows that's skating around and holding a hockey stick with gloves, which is really childish in hindsight. When I look at the Robopen, I see a clean and stylish sports logo. People decry the Mighty Ducks logo for being silly and dumb, but honestly, when was Pittsburgh's skating penguin logo any better? It's grandfathered in, but that doesn't make it great. Besides, 90's nostalgia is in. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Pens roll out a Robopen third or something sooner rather then later, it makes too much sense from a money perspective. The team is doing excellently, there's no real fear anymore. Maybe, but ultimately I feel that it comes off almost as a relic at this point; the linework is dated pretty badly, I feel, and could desparately use an update. But even then, I don't know if I'd prefer it over the Robopen, because it'd still probably retain that same goofy and childish look that I think drags it down. A sports team should look slick and elegant, and I don't think the Skating Penguin quite cuts the mustard anymore without updates. That's the same reason I never got the hate on the Mighty Ducks logo; that was an incredibly slick logo and identity that the current look just...doesn't have. It was a unique color combo that looked gorgeous, the jerseys were sick. It's really not much different then Pittsburgh's logo, in all honesty; it's a thing with hockey stick(s) on a triangle.
  7. Honestly, I'd prefer navy to be their home and make the yellow jersey a third. Navy just looks better as the home jersey for Nashville.
  8. Yeah, don't think the orange CR looks good at all. Navy is definitely the superior option, in my opinion; the all-orange CR is actually hard on the eyes.
  9. There's a reason Canadiens fans would rather cheer for the Bruins, a team they utterly despise, over the Leafs if the Canadiens aren't an option during playoff time; Montréal and Toronto have the oldest and most storied rivalry in the NHL, which is one of the oldest rivalries in all of sports. It definitely bleeds over into other sports, too; the Toronto FC and Montréal Impact, for example, have a spirited rivalry. Even the cities themselves have been rivals for much of their existence, stemming from how they represent both sides of Canada. The two are the San Francisco and Los Angeles of Canada, in my opinion; mostly friendly to each other, but mortal enemies when it comes to sports. If the Expos ever return in the same division as the Jays, you will see the Jays be one of their most heated rivals, because Montreal and Toronto cannot stand each other when it comes to sports; never have and never will. A Montréal fan cheering for a Toronto team is like a Oilers fan cheering for the Flames. It'll never happen.
  10. I'd love to see the tan striping here be the kachina to really marry the team into Arizona as a state, and also wouldn't mind seeing the original logo on that black third to spice it up even more, but this is still a solid Coyotes set.
  11. The logo would be fine, IMO, but I do agree that the main identity shouldn't be red/black/silver. As nice as it looks to me, that scheme is more-or-less done to death in the NHL already, and I'd much prefer them go back to their original color scheme with either a modernized version of their original logo that streamlines it (like ridding of the swooshes around the buffalo since they kinda do nothing but potentially clutter an otherwise nice logo) or a modernized take on the Goathead over going full-on back to a design that is, admittedly, very 90's in design in many of the aged ways (massive swooshy details, sharp stripes). At best, make it a event night uniform or a third. This isn't the Kachina Yotes, Star-Cut Stars or Mighty Ducks where the look is both a unique spin and still has a very classy and elegant appeal (I'll fight anybody who says that the Kachina Yotes jersey isn't one of the most brilliantly creative and still very elegant spins on classic-style striping on a hockey jersey of all time). The Goathead-era jerseys are too 90's radical design aesthetic to work as more then a throwback, even if I do think the logo itself could still work as a primary.
  12. Ah, right, they did. Whoops, I'll take the L on that.
  13. I'd love to see it be a primary, myself, but I'll absolutely take a third from that era. I think the general thing among Sabres fans is "anything from our history but navy or the Slug please" at this point.
  14. If you think what Rigas did is even the worst thing a hockey owner has done, you clearly don't know anything about Harold Ballard. Plus, that era got you to a Stanley Cup Final for the only time in the history of the entire franchise. Like it or not, that identity is permanently tied to the highest point in your entire franchise. This is like saying the Leafs shouldn't eventually throw back to the more angular leaf at some point in the future because it was around when the team was owned by the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan. The team ownership now is not the team ownership from then, and we shouldn't black out nostalgia for a certain era just because the owner wasn't great.
  15. True, but in my opinion, no professional team ever has really needed to throw back to a previous uniform style. Teams are, after all, all about making profit; and what better way to make profit then bank on powerful nostalgia? There are some 90's looks that are just incredibly nice to look at, like Anaheim's or Dallas's, but I don't think anybody's REALLY pining for, like, Pooh Bear or the Burger King to make a comeback. But it's become clear enough that people like the Goathead as much for it's design value over just being new. It's not like the Buffaslug, where basically nobody truly, unironically considers it the best logo the Sabres have had. The red/black is a departure, true, but I think you could definitely still get the Goathead to look good on a more traditionally-colored Buffalo jersey. It's not unsalvageable like the Buffaslug, in my opinion. It is a nicher position, but I feel like people have turned around on the Goathead era a bit, and not just due to 90's nostalgia. It feels kinda like the original looks for Anaheim and Arizona, in a way; a look that used to be completely and utterly reviled that has become beloved and cherished over time. I think modifying the look to really marry both eras of Sabres hockey would be a perfect direction for the team to go in. Goathead logo, original colors is what I'd love to see as the main look of the Buffalo Sabres.
  16. Ah, yes, the infamous No True Scotsman fallacy; "I don't like the Red and Black Goathead look, so anybody who does like it isn't a true fan!". Get outta here with that crap. A team shouldn't ignore a prominent part of their history (and yes, the Goathead look is a prominent part of the team's history since they went to the Cup Finals with that look and it was around for 10 years) just because you personally don't like it when a lot of other people do like it. Don't be a gatekeeper where you only accept one vision of what is "the best" for a team. A fan is not determined by which jersey era they prefer.
  17. They're still the Buffalo Sabres at the end of the day, they have to represent the city name somehow. I'd be fine with the B-Sword coming back as the secondary.
  18. I think it's more just that it came off as really trying to pat themselves on the back after a disappointing playoffs performance. Like they were saying "yeah, we totally blew it in the playoffs, but we were top of the West in the regular season! It's all good, right?". Ultimately, the banner just kinda represents a failure of a season where they were great in the regular season and completely fell apart in the playoffs. It'd be like Tampa hanging a "Regular Season Eastern Conference Champions" banner this coming season even though they got curbstomped in the first round by a team that never even won a playoff series before.
  19. I could see it as a third, maybe. But yeah, I doubt they're going to go full on Goathead, colors and all, as a primary jersey in the future. More likely is them ditching the navy in favor of their original color scheme; I can't see the original Sabres throwback jersey not selling well, given how popular it is among Buffalo fans and how long people have been demanding that scheme become the main color scheme. Goathead would probably be a third or specialty jersey, if anything. It'll be neat to see the Goathead back on the ice, though.
  20. It's become an affectionate nickname, yeah. It's not like the Buffaslug, where the name was coined and is generally still used negatively, people have warmed up to the ol' Goathead. It'd be sick if it could come back as a full-time third next season or something, maybe a specialty jersey. If they are testing the waters for a redesign, there's really only two options I imagine will be extremely popular; the original brighter blue look and the Goathead-era look. Those are the most beloved looks and the ones most often associated with success for this franchise; they made the SCF in the Goathead, after all.
  22. coughnashvillecough Oh wow, where did that coughing come from?
  23. In my opinion; you'd probably enhance the look by swapping the crown and the LA around; make the crown the main logo and the LA the secondary. Otherwise, though, I really like the look; though maybe reduce the amount of white on the gloves to match the jersey and pants more; as it is, they'd look a bit disjointed together on the ice.
  24. I wonder how adding a white stripe along the hem and having a white collar over a red one could look? It'd help balance the colors out a little, as right now the core of the jersey is basically all red and black with not much white aside from the thin arm striping and the lettering, despite how prominent a color it is in the primary logo. And I'm still not a very big fan of bevel, so I'd love to see a version of the jersey with the flat logo instead to compare and contrast both styles of logo.
  25. Detroit and Chicago throwing the biggest curveballs of the first round. Colorado looks scary, and so do the Devils with Subban and Hughes; if Hall is back, Schneider can get back to his old form and Blackwood remains as good as he's been, they're looking very good on making the playoffs. LA and Anaheim looking to have gained quite the spoils from this draft round, too. Panthers got a fine young goaltender in Knight to hopefully finally fix their goaltending troubles, and Montreal gets a fine scorer to boost their offensive threat. Arizona's obviously trying to add some scoring depth and work on the flaws that just barely gimped their playoff hopes last season. Canucks get JT Miller from the Lightning, that'll be a boon. Canes get Marleau from the Leafs, too. The draft has been remarkably unpredictable this year.